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19 Nov 2013

New “Best” Anthology

Posted by Teresa Noelle Roberts. 2 Comments


Just a quick update here: I’m thrilled to report that my story “Suffer for Me”, an unusual-for-me fem-domme story, will appear in The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 12, edited by Maxim Jakubowski. The book is currently available through Amazon UK. It won’t be released in the US until January 2014, but is available for pre-order from Amazon.com.

Life is crazy for me. I just started working part-time as a virtual administrative assistant. I’m revising Witches’ Waves (or whatever the latest Duals and Donovans will end up being called. What do you think of Otter’s Orgasm?) Dayle is even now putting the finishing touches on a collection of holiday erotica featuring works by Andrea Dale, me, and Sophie Mouette, a.k.a.  Dayle and me alone and together. We’re wrapping up a couple of Sophie Mouette novels. I have a proof to review for the print edition of Cougar’s Courage. You think that would be easy, since it’s out as an e-book already, but a few things always either slip through or get screwed up in conversion. I have a short story due 12/1, and several guest blog posts to turn in this week. And we’re going to visit my mom in the Land of Apples Thursday-Sunday for an early Thanksgiving, so we can also share Thanksgiving with our friends A&D in Providence. So I’m signing off now to get to work. More later!

9 Nov 2013

New Sophie Mouette story: Dyeing for Her

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dyeing for her cover web


How do you seduce your latest crush, the smoldering sexy chorale member with a voice like an angel and legs that would lead any woman into temptation? Offer to dye her hair, give her a scalp massage that leaves her purring, and then work your way down….

Sophie Mouette turns on the heat with this erotic lesbian short story that’s guaranteed to leave you wet. Find out why erotica-readers.com calls this “Dyeing for Her” “a gloriously contemporary piece of fiction”!
Purchase the ebook at
 | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Smashwords
(And remember, Sophie has her own site now, www.sophiemouette.com.)

28 Oct 2013

A bit of silliness

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that’s vaguely related to Cougar’s Courage.

Cougar’s Courage features a number of Warner Brothers/Looney Toons references, since shamanic magic, in the Duals and Donovans world, has a certain cartoonish quality: no fatalities, but a lot of instructive–and funny–mayhem.

And Coyote, as in the Trickster figure, is a prominent character in the book. He likes watching his hapless cartoon namesake. And he’s a dirty old man who flirts without regard to species or gender. Or even being alive in the usual sense of the word:

To Cara’s surprise, Gramps leaned forward and patted Grand-mère’s arm. “Love makes everyone stupid. One time Coyote fell in love with a rock with a hole in it.” Coyote covered his snout with his paws in what looked like genuine embarrassment.
That got Cara’s curiosity going. “Please tell me it was a magic rock?”
Gramps laughed wheezily. “Nope. Just an ordinary piece of granite.”


I think he’d approve this cartoon.


25 Oct 2013

Blog Tour and Giveaway!

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To celebrate the release of Cougar’s Courage, I’m doing a blog tour. But that’s not very celebratory, so I’m giving away a copy of the ebook and a print copy of the first Duals and Donovans book, Lions’ Pride. (Or an ebook if you’re outside the US.) Comment below or on the various places I’ll be blogging about the book, and you’re entered to win. Comment at more than one location, get entered more than once. It’s that simple!

Blog tour:

October 25: Janine Ashbless (I’ll accept late comments there since I didn’t get this set up on time)
October 29: Sommer Marsden
October 29: Dayle Dermatis
October 30: Christine Ashworth
November 1: Justine Elyot
November 4: Delilah Devlin
November 18: KD Grace

Thanks to all my wonderful hosts for letting me come blather on their blogs.


16 Oct 2013

Another Cougar’s Courage Excerpt

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This one follows right on the heels of the last one, but things get a lot racier…


If she was gasoline, Jack was a match.
He kissed and nipped his way down her body, bringing her nipples to life with his lips and tongue and questing, pinching fingers. Forceful, riding the line between perfect and too much, and right now, that was exactly where she wanted to be.
The wind howled outside, or maybe it was her blood.
Her jeans were already gone when she woke. Damp from collapsing in the snow, she assumed, and Jack had gotten her out of them while she was unconscious, leaving her thermals in place. He cupped her through the thermals, stroking her throbbing sex. Pushing, pushing. The lamps flared alarmingly, their flames rainbow-striped.
Jack interrupted what he was doing just long enough to glare at the lamps and growl, sternly, “No.” They returned to normal.
Then he slipped his hand inside the elastic waist of her thermals. His fingers burned on her belly as they worked their way down.
Jack raised his eyebrows and smiled appreciatively as he stroked the soft, sleek curls on her mound. Then he discovered her clit and went to work.
Her body tensed. She saw a meteor shower on a snowy night as the roof of the cabin opened, heard distant laughter that she swore emanated from somewhere in that impossible sky.
She came hard, bucking and shuddering, tears welling in her eyes from the painful intensity of the pleasure. She’d had plenty of good sex in her life, but this was ridiculous in its speed and intensity.
The craziest thing was that it didn’t take the edge off her desire, but pushed it higher.
Cara had never been so glad she’d indulged in the ridiculously adorable leopard-print thermals, or so glad to get out of them as he helped her wiggle free. They’d need to be washed anyway; they smelled like twofer Tuesday at a whorehouse.
She grabbed the ragged edges of his shirt and yanked. The remaining fabric yielded with a satisfying ripping sound, and a few buttons popped onto the floor.
His body was as beautiful as she’d dreamed, and she couldn’t seem to stop touching it. Lean, strong, not bulked up like a guy who spent time working out in a gym, but all muscle. His skin looked smooth and felt like sueded silk under her hands. Living silk, warm and supple and so delicious.
His jeans wouldn’t rip away. She had to unzip. He had to wriggle. Conscious thought was definitely involved. But most of the thought was simply, Naked. Need naked.
She said the only words she’d managed to get out since the first kiss. “My God, your cock is gorgeous.” Not the kind of thing she usually thought, let alone blurted out, but his was so big and thick and delicious that she couldn’t help herself.
Jack threw his head back and laughed. “Thanks, but I know the truth. Even the best cock’s funny looking.” Then his voice dropped into smoky intensity. “It’s what you do with them that makes them beautiful.”
“Show me, then. Now.” She heard the words from across the universe, on some level knowing they were right, as if she was being guided. Though if she was being guided
right now, it was by the spirit of Marilyn Monroe or Mata Hari or some dead porn star who’d really liked her work.

Amazon US/Amazon UK/Kobo (we’re all a bit annoyed with them but Kobo owners need books too)/Barnes & Noble Nook/Samhain

9 Oct 2013

Sexy But Not Explicit Excerpt: Cougar’s Courage

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This sexy bit falls shortly after Jack, Cara, and another shapeshifting shaman fought off mysterious creatures that turned out to be loups-garous: sorcerers possessing wolves through a particularly nasty form of magic. Jack and Cara are both in shock.

Jack had dropped the blanket when he bolted for the door. Technically, he was dressed—at least, all the most interesting bits were covered—but the shredded jeans and exploded shirt exposed a lot of velvety bronze skin and sculpted muscle.
Cara tried to look away.
He gently but firmly pushed her face back toward him. “If you want to stare, stare. Lesson number two: denying harmless impulses makes good chaos turn bad.”
“The trick is figuring out which impulses are harmless.”
His hand was burning her face. She’d have a print of Jack’s hand on her jaw before long, from the heat of his touch.
She moved his hand away with her own, the one where she still wore her engagement ring. She tried to focus on the ring. Phil had been dead less than six months. Her body might be ready to jump into something, but it was too soon. Wasn’t it?
The contact surged through her like a jolt of electricity—a cliché, but it seemed appropriate. Every cell in Cara’s body went on alert. She heard distant music. Not angels singing, more like the bom-chicka-bom-bom soundtrack of a vintage porn movie, but it fit the erotic promise in that simple touch that, she suspected, hadn’t been intended to convey more than generic, instinctive flirting.
Moisture gushed between her legs. Her nipples perked painfully.
Her willpower and morals were out drinking whisky until their panties melted, and the pale memory of a dead man looked at the big, handsome, vividly alive man in her company and decided to join willpower and morals at the bar.
“Oh Powers,” Jack whispered, no trace of teasing in his voice now. “Did you feel that too?”
Before she could answer—before she could deny what she certainly shouldn’t be feeling, manage a last-ditch effort not to do something dumb—they were kissing.
Cara was doomed.


Cougar’s Courage will be released on October 29, but you can pre-order from all your favorite e-book vendors. And you know authors love it when you pre-order!

Amazon/Kobo/Barnes & Noble Nook/Samhain

27 Sep 2013

First teaser: Cougar’s Courage

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Cougar’s Courage releases October 29 (just on time for Halloween!), so I wanted to start sharing a few tastes of the book. Here’s the opening, where we meet Cara, a Toronto cop who’s recovering from personal tragedy-and either having a life breakthrough of the magical kind or finally losing it from stress.


“Officer Mackenzie?” The voice sounded like her captain’s, but Bell wasn’t known for his stealthy tread. Had Cara been that lost in thought?

Cara jumped a little and looked up from the incident report she was struggling with, the words dancing behind a rising headache and the pervading sense of anger and uselessness she’d been fighting since Phil’s death five months ago. She expected to see her captain’s bulky, blue-clad form looming over her with that awkward no, I’m not checking up on you expression that was way more annoying than open concern would be—and open concern had gotten annoying sometime before her fiancé’s grave was filled in.

Instead, she saw a totally unexpected person, a tiny, wiry old woman with long white braids, no taller than most ten-year-olds, who bristled with energy.

Cara’s rational brain took in a few things. Normally, civilians didn’t get into the squad room without an escort, but the elderly lady was alone. Maybe someone had dropped her off, said something about why she was there, and then left? If that were the case, that was bad even for the mess Cara had been for the past five months.

The visitor wore a pale buckskin dress ornamented with beads and porcupine quills, not a fashion statement but traditional Native clothing, and no coat despite the frigid February weather. Her silvery braids were fastened with rawhide strips. Not something you saw every day in Toronto. Maybe the old lady figured serious business like a visit to the police station merited her version of a weddings-and-funerals suit or dress uniform.

“May I help you, ma’am?” The unusual visitor had roused her curiosity, which could only be good.

“No, but I can help you, Cara.”

How did she know Cara’s first name? Her name plate just said Mackenzie.

The elderly woman extended a small, bony hand, and Cara instinctively took it. She expected it to be icy. Instead, it was hot. As soon as they touched, Cara felt like she was focusing properly on the other woman for the first time. She blinked and recognized her visitor at last. “Grand-mère? Is that you?”

It couldn’t be. Cara had been ten the last time she’d seen the elder of her mother’s village, and the old lady must have been over eighty[S1] [TNR2] then. But the woman nodded and smiled. It was an odd smile, like a tree smiling, serene in a way that you didn’t normally see on a human face. “Of course it is, silly. Who else would I be? It’s time to come home, Cara. Come to Couguar-Caché before it’s too late.”

Couguar-Caché—“hidden cougar” in French—her mother’s ancestral village. A place so remote Cara had never been able to find it on a map, even though she knew she’d been there as a little girl. Yeah, just where she wanted to visit in the depths of winter.

As the old woman spoke, the room closed in, leaving only Cara and Grand-mère. The rest of the squad room was still out there—Cara could hear voices, a ringing cell phone—but they were hidden somehow, masked by a fog. Grand-mère had been seated, but suddenly, with no transition Cara noticed, she was standing in an archway made of snow-weighted evergreen boughs. Behind her, where Cara should have seen Dalhousie’s chaotic desk and the captain’s neat one, was forest and snow, woodland twilight and the corner of a log cabin. A cold, bracing wind blew through the archway, smelling of snow and pine and wood smoke. Somewhere in the background, she could make out a tall man with long dark hair. He turned and looked through the weird portal straight at her with intense amber eyes. He was movie-star gorgeous.

That proved it. She’d dozed off at her desk—it wouldn’t be the first time since Phil had been killed, seeing that the busy squad room felt safer and less lonely than her empty bed—and was having a particularly vivid dream. It had to be a dream, right? Because no one else in the squad room was even glancing at her unusual visitor, when normally, on a quiet, snowy afternoon, Goulding, who was a wolf dual, would have been literally sniffing the air and the others would be leaning in, hoping for something interesting. It was the first time Grand-mère had joined the cast of beloved dead people who romped through Cara’s mind whenever she closed her eyes, but unlike the others, Grand-mère was cheerful. And she’d brought a very decorative man with her.

But Cara shouldn’t be dreaming about handsome imaginary men. In some ways, that was more disturbing than dreaming about bloody dead ones. The involuntary surge of interest reminded her of the real man she’d lost.


You can pre-order the book from all the usual suspects. And you know authors love it when you pre-order!

Amazon/Kobo/Barnes & Noble Nook/Samhain

20 Sep 2013

Tag and Akane answer the musical question “What does the fox say?”

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You’ve probably seen this oddly compelling video by now. I posted it here before, in fact, because I’m just a little obsessed with humanoid foxes.

Real foxes chuff or bark; I’ve researched this. But fox duals have far more to say, and I think those wacky Norwegian boys in Ylvis would be interested to know foxes can be gorgeous men and beautiful women who say things like this:

“Come to bed. I’m going to make you stop thinking so damn much.” (Tag, Foxes’ Den)

“Ancient evil? You say the sweetest things.” (Akane, Foxes’ Den)

“Undress and bend over. Hands on the bed. You know how I like it when I get like this.” (Tag, Foxes’ Den)

All right, calling it a plan might be overly generous, but kitsune work best on the fly.” (Akane, Foxes’ Den)

“The man I love and a beautiful, sated woman, one on either side of me. That’s all the magic a fox from Tennessee needs” (Tag, Foxes’ Den)

“Whore? Nonsense. I never lost my amateur status.”  (Akane, Foxes’ Den)

“I’ve been known to be a man-ho, but I usually wait to learn someone’s name before I ask him out. Or her, or, in at least one case, zir.” (Tag, Fox’s Folly)

“That’s okay, pretty boy. You handle the magic. I’ll handle the violence and the cunning.” (Tag, Fox’s Folly)

By the way, those crazy foxes and their witch husband will make cameos in the Duals and Donovans book that’s now in progress. Stay tuned for more sexy, snarky goodness, more chaos, and more of sweet, serious Paul trying to figure out what his partners have done now.

19 Sep 2013

Guest Post: Welcome Kelly Moran, author of The Dysfunctional Test

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Today, please welcome Kelly Moran to the blog. Her first release with Samhain Publishing, The Dysfunctional Test, comes out September 24, 2013. She’s here to tell you all about this contemporary romance—and to give away a copy to a lucky commenter.

The Dysfunctional Test is your first book with Samhain–congratulations! Do you have any other books available or is this your first publication?
The Drake House (romantic suspense) and Summer’s Road (contemporary romance) are my two previous books, both with Wild Rose Press.

What prompted you to write The Dysfunctional Test?
My dad’s side of the family is Serbian, and I thought it was long past time to write a quirky romance about a crazy Serbian family. Hope I pulled it off, LOL.

Have you always wanted to be a writer or did the itch to write come later in life?
Always wanted to. Or rather, always had the insane writer brain with stories in my head.

The Dysfunctional Test plays on two popular romance tropes, the fake date that turns into a real romance, and the old friend who becomes a lover. What other romance tropes are favorites of yours?
Both are hard to write too because one is cliched, so you have to be fresh, and the other needs stronger than the norm conflict to pull it off. Friends to lovers has always been my favorite. There’s just something about learning someone pines for you that just does it for me. I’m pretty open to anything with romance, except maybe the have-to-marry-for-money plots. The only authors I’ve read who’ve done it fresh are Amy Lillard or Catherine Bybee.

You manage to make your heroine Cam’s initial dilemma both touching and funny. She’s suddenly single, right before her sister’s wedding, and dreads the ruckus that her solitary state will provoke among her romantic (and interfering) family–and that’s just the start of her problems. Could you talk about striking a balance between heart and humor in this book?
The balance came with her internal. She has these scenarios in her head she envisions to keep herself from crying. Ironically, I do the same thing. For me, that was an easy write. Think one thing, say another. Someone says or does something hurtful–it still hurts, but picture something else. Add in the nut case family, well..you have a wild emotional ride.

Your hero Troy is described as “Playgirl material” and he knows it. He’s also an old friend of Cam’s brother. But this handsome man has a painful past. Can you tell us more about him, and his connection to Cam’s family?
Troy was Cam’s foster brother, and remained close to the family–specifically Cam’s brother, Fisher. He’s good looking, charming, and funny. He also knows it, but doesn’t use it or flaunt it. Very sexy. He came from abuse and a broken home. All he ever wanted was family. He still has that innate fear of being abandoned.

Cam’s family sounds unique in some ways, yet also typical of large, close-knit clans. Are you from a large family yourself–and if so, how much trouble will you be in at Thanksgiving once everyone’s read the book? :-)
Yes, pretty large family on one side, small on the other. LOL. Um, no comment. I’ll just stuff the turkey with Prozac and call it a day. (Good luck with that, Kelly. You can come to our house instead if you’d like.)

And now for a few purely silly questions:

Mountains or ocean for a vacation spot?

Dark or milk chocolate for indulgence?

Cats or dogs for pets–or do you fancy some more exotic critters such as ferrets or pygmy goats?
Dogs, but I like cats too. My sons want a turtle. Does that count?

Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, Roger Moore or Daniel Craig for the best James Bond?
Pierce all the way!

Thanks so much for having me on the blog today, Teresa. I’ll give away one eBook to a commenter.

7 Sep 2013

And now for something surreal

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Have you read Fox’s Folly or Foxes’ Den? If so, you’ll get this. If not, just watch the video and enjoy the sensation of your brain cells melting.

Tag approves this video.
Akane takes one look, squeals something about “getting the girls together for a party in Norway” and vanishes into an extra-dimensional rift.
And Paul is still staring at the computer hours later, a whiskey in his hand, saying “What the fuck have I just seen?”and wondering about the people he married.

3 Sep 2013

Summer Retrospective, Part 2

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Actually a picture from last fall--the beach in summer is less photogenic due to the crowds


This summer, I actually have a tan. Since I’m extremely fair, you might not recognize it as such unless you know me well (or saw me naked–but that usually presupposes knowing me well, or at least being in a dance studio locker room with me). Trust me, though: I’m tan.

Part of the reason is the garden. I’ve been out there nearly every day, at least to harvest vegetables. The vegetables will get a separate post, I think. Short version: we’ve already frozen, canned, and dehydrated enough veggies that we’ll hardly have to buy anything over the winter. Lettuce, at least once ours is buried in snow, potatoes, onions, and carrots. Everything else is pretty much covered unless we get a fierce craving for something like an avocado.

We’ve also gone to the beach a lot.

I make no secret of how much I love the ocean, but in the past, we’ve rarely gone to the beach in high summer. Parking is expensive in Ogunquit on summer weekends and the beach gets so crowded it’s no longer pleasant. But thanks to unemployment and a husband with a lot of accumulated vacation time, we’ve been able to head up on week days, when it’s much less of a mob scene. I can’t say I’ve had my fill of salt air, sand, and body surfing–I’m not sure that’s even possible–but I feel like an empty well has been refilled by time near and in the water, as well as time in the garden.

In fact, I realized tonight that “refilling the well” has been the theme of this summer. I’ve been writing steadily, but not as devotedly and doggedly as a full-time writer normally would. I’ve produced a great deal, but again, not as much as I figured I might when I made the decision not to rush back to a full-time outside job.

Tonight I acknowledged I left my last job so completely crisp and dry that it’s taken many months to recover fully on the creative and spiritual levels. Even on our beach vacation last year, I was stressed, unable to relax. I did better in New Orleans, but came back and quickly misplaced any magic I might have accumulated in that city of jazz and sultry nights. I’d been dealing with my mother’s ill-health for several years, unable to do much, but constantly worried. (FYI on that front: I’m delighted to say she’s turned a corner and the last time I visited, we were able to go out and do fun things together, albeit slowly and in small doses.) I was constantly exhausted.

And it’s taken me far too long to lose all that baggage. Luckily, nature was glad to conspire with me in helping me “misplace” it all.

Much as I need to write, I think I’ve needed to get my hands in the dirt, needed to grow and cook food, needed to pick flowers. Needed to immerse myself in the power of the ocean. Needed to walk in the woods. Needed to find a spiritual center again.

And I think this summer has done it. Although it’s after Labor Day and the air holds a hint of cooler weather to come even at its most steamy, it’s still summer for a few more weeks, and the celebration of Mabon, the autumn equinox, will make a turn in my personal year as well. I feel healthier than I have in years. Now it’s time to get some real work done, without losing the internal glow I’m enjoying now.

3 Sep 2013

Summer Retrospective, Part I

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I haven’t blogged since early June, with a promise that I’d be back soon to post pictures from our trip to Little Diamond Island, Maine. The picture above epitomizes the vacation: while we visited the Portland Art Museum, Portland Head Light, and a delightful Shaker village, it was mostly about being on an island in Casco Bay, spending time with our friends, eating good food, drinking win, and watching the world go by.

It was a lovely, restful week. The only downside was that it was quite chilly until our last day on the island. (Of course it gets warm when you’re trying to drag all your stuff in carts to the ferry dock because there are not only no cars on the island, there are no roads to speak of, just your choice of gravel or grass paths.) All too soon, we were home to a wild-grown garden and novels to write. Luckily I love both writing and gardening, so it wasn’t a comedown.

I definitely missed looking out over the water every day, but I have to admit: I’ve always dreamed of living on a little island, but after this experience, I’m not so sure. Portland is a brief, inexpensive ferry ride away, which was grand for a vacation–but the island doesn’t have any stores or other resources. There’s a lobsterman (lobsterwoman, actually), but she hadn’t put her traps in yet when we were there, since so few people were on-island yet. (Only a handful of people live there year-round.) I’m sure I could adjust, and I’d certainly get a lot of work done, especially in poor weather, but needing to get on a ferry–which run only a few times a day–if you realize you’re out of milk or aspirin is a pretty big inconvenience for someone spoiled by being in walking or quick driving distance of shops. Perhaps a slightly bigger island, one with few distractions, but with a general store.


5 Jul 2013

Another Sophie Mouette Release

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Honestly, I’ve got some non-promo posts planned: about the garden, and our trip to Maine (over a month ago now!) and my love for fireworks. But life is busy and new releases are motivating.

Kathleen’s deepest, darkest sexual fantasies sprang from her Catholic upbringing, and they were too kinky to confess…until her husband Ted teases them out of her in the ruins of a Welsh monastery. How far will Ted go to bring Kathleen’s perverse needs from fantasy to orgasm-wrenching reality? Scorchingly hot short story “Sacred Places” is Sophie Mouette at her best!
Includes BONUS! story “Don’t Move.” Warning (or is this a recommendation?): Contains explicit sex, bondage, fantasies, and more. 

“Sacred Places” originally appeared in Sweet Confessions: Erotic Fantasies for Couples (Cleis Press, 2011).

From a review of its original appearance: “The concept is fantastically holy and fantastically wrong, which is why I found this one exciting.” – Books a la Mode

25 Jun 2013

Another Sophie Mouette release: Hidden Treasure

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Little Kisses Press has just released another one of our Sophie Mouette backlist titles, “Hidden Treasure.” (I must remember to post about topics other than Sophie one of these days, but I’m excited about getting Sophie’s work out there in a new format.)  It’s a hot tale about a snowy night. And isn’t the cover gorgeous?

Blurb: A museum in a Victorian castle. A sexy female curator and a gorgeous male security guard. A snowstorm trapping them both overnight. It would be a recipe for smoking-hot sex, if it weren’t for the bumbling thieves looking for hidden treasure. Never fear, for our heroine and hero won’t let the blackout, the thieves, or anything else stand in the way of their desire. “Hidden Treasure” is another feather in the cap of talented erotic romance author Sophie Mouette! Warning: Contains explicit sex.

“Hidden Treasure” originally appeared in Bedding Down (Avon Red, 2008).(I always consider such a “warning” a recommendation. Don’t you?)

This sexy novella is available at your favorite e-book retailers.

Buy Links

20 Jun 2013

Get Kinky with Sophie: Don’t Move by Sophie Mouette now available

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His greatest fantasy: His wife, Emily, tied down and helpless and writhing in arousal as he teases her. But Emily’s issues with being trapped prevent her from fulfilling that fantasy. Until he gets a dirty idea…and discovers Emily doesn’t need ropes and cuffs to be helpless and submissive. “Don’t Move” is a sexy short story of erotic restraint by popular author Sophie Mouette. Includes BONUS! story “Sacred Places.” Warning: Contains explicit sex, bondage, fantasies, and more.
“Don’t Move” originally appeared in H is for Hardcore (Cleis Press, 2007).
Available in a variety of electronic formats:
AmazonBarnes & NobleSmashwordsKobo

10 Jun 2013

The return of Cat Scratch Fever

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Sophie Mouette is delighted to announce the re-release of Cat Scratch Fever, Sophie’s first novel, from Little Kisses Press.  (Actually, I’m delighted to announce it, as Sophie is the pseudonym my talented friend Dayle Dermatis and I use for our collaborations.) It was originally published by Black Lace Books in 2005 and was well reviewed, including a 4-star review from Romantic Times. Now it’s back, with a sexy yet light-hearted cover that perfectly suits the mood of the book, which combines hot erotica, mystery, and a dash of humor.

The blurb and other inportant info:
What development coordinator Felicia DuBois at the Southern California Cat Sanctuary needs: Sex with something other than her vibrator. Gender and number of participants optional.
What Felicia doesn’t need: Someone sabotaging the make-or-break benefit that could mean the future of the sanctuary. She especially doesn’t need ultra-sexy Gabe Sullivan from the Zoological Association sniffing around, wielding the authority to close the cash-strapped exotic cat breeding facility.
But damn his smoking hotness!
Felicia’s in a race against time to find both sexual fulfillment and the saboteur before the Sanctuary’s future becomes as endangered as the felines it houses.
Available in print and a variety of electronic formats:

31 May 2013

Another Sophie Mouette title released into the wild

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Dayle and I are pleased to announce the release of “Under a Double Rainbow” by Sophie Mouette from Little Kisses Press.

The blurb says it best:

When Iris, the goddess of the rainbow, is invoked during a women’s pagan festival, she manifests in different guises to different attendees, gently guiding each woman find the courage to explore what she truly needs when it comes to sex, romance, and relationships. Erotic and tender in equal measure, sexy lesbian short story “Under a Double Rainbow” weaves multiple plot lines around a core thread of spiritual empowerment. This is author Sophie Mouette at her best!

“Under a Double Rainbow” originally appeared in the Pagan Anthology of Short Fiction: 13 Prize Winning Tales (Llewellyn Publications, 2008).

It’s available from all the usual ebook vendors. Check it out!

Amazon/Barnes & Noble/Smashwords/Kobo

PS: While the shorthand description is a lesbian story, pansexual might be more accurate. All the partnered sex is between women, but some of the characters are a bit more complicated than that.



22 May 2013

Kinky Anthology Update

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One might think I might be a bit of a pervert, based on this post. And one might, in fact, be correct. “Write about what one knows” indeed!

Completely forgot to report I’d gotten contributors’ copies of The Big Book of Bondage and Serving Him: Sexy Stories of Submission. Aren’t they pretty, especially on the leather chair?

Also, I just received official word that my story “Bridle Party” will appear in the female-sub anthology Slave Girls, edited by D.L King, coming from Cleis. No cover or pub date yet, but the Table of Contents is below, and it boasts some impressive names:

Noise by Evan Mora

Out of Sight by Rachel Kramer Bussel

Cubed by Alison Tyler

Serving Mr. Baldwin by Veronica Wilde

Press My Buttons by Nina Fairweather

Breathe by Sommer Marsden

What’s Not to Like by D. L. King

Hell Bent for Leather by Victoria Behn  (sorry, Victoria, but I couldn’t find your Website)

Passing the Final by Donna George Storey

Bridle Party by Teresa Noelle Roberts (hey, that’s me!)

The Red Envelope by Erzabet Bishop

Greens’ by Lisette Ashton

Breaking Fiona by Cecilia Duvalle

Muse by Lisabet Sarai

Postcards From Paris by Giselle Renarde

Flight by Cela Winter (sorry–couldn’t find your site either)

Savoring Little One by Graydancer

Day Job by Deborah Castellano

Stand Here by Nym Nix

Dirty Pictures by Thomas Roche

My Master’s Mark by Lydia Hill (aka Lise Horton, when she’s writing slightly less naughty stuff)


22 May 2013

Cover Reveal for Cougar’s Courage

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I have a cover for Cougar’s Courage and it’s gorgeous! Kim Killion of Hot Damn Designs/The Killion Group is the cover artist. Rick Mora is the handsome guy portraying my hero Jack Long-Claw. I love that he’s not a kid and has a bit of weather on his face and experience in his eyes, because Jack, though only in his early thirties, has mileage (being both a shifter and a shaman means he’s had an interesting life) and acquires a lot more in the course of the book.  I don’t know who the blond model is, but she works well for Cara, who’s a tough, competent cop and no wilting flower, but is also a bit vulnerable because I’m a mean, mean author and piled troubles on the poor woman, including Jack, who could paraphrase Tony Stark in Iron Man 3: “You’re involved with me, you’re never going to be ‘all right.’ ” Except, of course, they’ll be fine… in their own special way.



16 May 2013

Garden and Beach, or What I Did Today Instead of Writing

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Today I decided to eat my breakfast on the back deck, listening to the birds in the backyard trees and watching the world go by. And that decision made this a non-productive, but wonderful day. I decided I couldn’t bear to go inside and spent a couple of hours in the garden, planting out a few tomato seedlings and putting others into bigger pots, repotting a viola, planting more lettuce seeds, and weeding.

By the time I was done, I had just enough time to shower and get to my dental appointment. Not a lot of fun, of course, but it went well. Look Mom, no cavities!

Being in the dentist’s chair gave me time to think. I’ve been a bit stressed out of late, mostly due to worrying about my mom (she’s doing better, but the Mother’s Day trip back to the Land of Apples just proved “better” is relative. Mom is eighty. I worry. I can’t help it.) On Tuesday, Jeff had suggested a trip to the beach might do me good, but I had too much to do, I thought–and besides, Tuesday was cold. Today, on the other hand, was beautiful. While I certainly had a lot to do, I figure that one of the benefits of being self-employed is being able to play hookey and make it up later.

So I did.

Horseneck Beach in Westport, MA, is not my favorite beach. It’s rocky. It attracts a lot of college students from nearby UMass Dartmouth, and a lot of teenagers from nearby Fall River and New Bedford, so on a classic beach day, it can be packed and loud. Luckily, today was warm, but windy, so it wasn’t over-crowded.

And it was gorgeous. Just what my soul needed. I feel a bit physically tired, but mentally and spiritually refreshed.

Which is good, because I came home to a print proof for the re-release of Cat Scratch Fever as well as a book to revise, one to finish–and at two stories, possibly three, I’d like to get out for June 1.

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