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15 Sep 2015

Sexy Vampires Free for a Limited Time! You Know You Want Some!

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Do you like sexy vampires? I bet you do! Do you like free books? I know you do! My friend Victoria Blisse is the special feature author at her publisher, Totally Bound, this month. She has a new vampire book coming later in the month and as part of the buzz, the publisher has rebranded the rest of the series. What’s especially fun is Totally Bound is giving away the first book in the series until the end of September! So read all about it below, then give yourself a taste of something paranormal, romantic and hot. Her new book comes out the same day mine does, September 22, but you can still expect to see a snippet here.

Sexy Vampires Revamped!

For the month of September Victoria Blisse is the Special Feature Author at Totally Bound. She has recently revamped all three of her Point Vamp books and the next in the series will be out on the 22nd September.

To celebrate these new editions, all the books have sexy new covers and each book has its own special offer. Until the 30th September you can pick up The Point, the first book of the Point Vamp series completely free of charge from Totally Bound.


Series Blurb:

What is The Point? It is the hottest club in town for both Vampires and humans alike. It has a large dance floor and a bar like any other club but once you disappear behind the VIP only door you find out what makes The Point so unique. Sex, blood and lust all behind closed doors and only accessed by the chosen ones.

Now, you become a chosen one and get to see the sexy world behind that door.

Welcome to The Point.

The Point Blurb:

Love conquers all, that is the point but can it bridge the differences between a vampire and a woman?

Hugh is twenty eight. He has been twenty eight for nearly one hundred years. Hugh is a vampire. He owns a club called The Point and he pays girls to have sex with him. He then counts to ten as he sucks their blood to semi-satisfy his lust.

Elizabeth is a doctor. She loves her job but likes to escape into the countryside now and then. When she twists her ankle Hugh comes to her aid. He carries her curvy form all the way back to his home. He takes care of her ankle and the rest of her body too but he goes too far and sucks her perfectly intoxicating blood.

How can these two lovers have any kind of relationship? They don’t know. Only time will reveal the answers.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of blood shed.

Publisher’s Note: This book has previously been published under the same title by Totally Bound. It has been expanded, revised and re-edited for re-release.

General Release Date: 1st September 2015

Pick up your free copy of The Point at Totally Bound now!


She was a beautiful thing, this girl, all rosy and bright and full of the kind of curves a man could enjoy getting lost in. She would taste fabulous, he could tell. She had a lot of life in her, and if he were to drain her, he’d not need another meal for a month. But no, he must not even think like that. His brows wrinkled as he mentally scolded himself. He did not feed on random girls. No, he only sucked those who wanted to be sucked at the club. No one else, nowhere else. It was the rules. His rules and he would not break them.

He opened the wardrobe and took a moment to steady himself. All of his mother’s clothes hung there, as pristine as they’d always been with only the dust of ages to sully them. He pulled out the first that came to hand, shook it then laid it across his arm. His mother would not mind him using her clothes. She had always been a charitable soul. Thinking about his mother made his heart ache, so he shook his head and purposefully strode down the landing to the stairs.

When he walked back into the warm sitting room, the girl did not look immediately to him. He walked closer and realised as he glanced down that she was sleeping. Her face was peaceful, and he wished he could leave her like that, but she was still a little damp and a lot cold. He would have to disturb her.

“Erm, hello?” he called, and her eyes fluttered open.

“Oh, yes, sorry. I must have dozed off.” She smiled in her disorientation then took the towel he proffered for her use.

“I’m sorry I had to wake you, dear lady, but I do not want you to catch your death of cold.”

He laid the dress down over a single chair close to the fire and went to help her with the towel.

“Oh, gosh, I couldn’t possibly wear that, I mean, it’s antique, isn’t it? It’s like that beautiful dress in the portrait, and I really don’t think I’d fit in it anyway.” She flustered, waving her hands, her cheeks flushed red.

“It will fit you perfectly,” he replied, “and you could not wear any clothes of mine. This is all I have in the way of suitable clothing for a lady. Now we need to get you out of those wet things.” He knelt at her feet and started to untie the one trainer she still had on.

“I can undress myself,” she screeched.

“I know you can, dear woman, but you have a twisted ankle. You cannot do this without aid today. Do not worry for I will not force myself upon you. I will aid you and nothing more.”

“I know,” she sighed. “I know. I’m a little sensitive about anyone seeing me, you know, unclothed. I’m not particularly beautiful with my clothes on, and with them off, I look considerably worse.”

“I cannot believe that is true,” he said. “You are more than pretty as you are.”

He put the trainer to one side and delicately plucked off her sock, gently smoothing his hands down her soft skin. “Do you need help with your top?”

Before she could answer, he stood and reached down to her waist. Her hand hovered just around her stomach for a moment then she raised her arms. Hugh lifted the clinging, damp material up and over her head.

“What’s your name?” she blurted out. “I mean, you’re undressing me, and I don’t even know who you are.”

“I am Hugh Jacobson,” he replied then picked up the towel and draped it around her shoulders, his gaze concentrated on the luscious mounds of her breasts as he did so. They were like scoops of cold, tempting ice cream in their lacy shells.

“And I’m Elizabeth Chapman,” she said. “Doctor Elizabeth Chapman.”

“A pleasure to meet you,” he said as he rubbed the towel up and down her arms. “Although, I am sorry our meeting was under such circumstances.”

victoriablissepenAVVictoria Blisse is a mother, wife, Christian, Manchester United fan and award winning erotica author.
She is also the editor of several Bigger Briefs collections, and the co-editor of the fabulous Smut
Alfresco, Smut in the City and Smut by the Sea Anthologies.
Victoria is also one of the brains behind the fabulous Smut events, days and nights dedicated to
erotica, fun and prizes. Check out http://ilovesmut.uk for more details.

She is equally at home behind a laptop or a cooker and she loves to create stories, poems, cakes and
biscuits that make people happy. She was born near Manchester, England and her northern English
quirkiness shows through in all of her stories.

Passion, love and laughter fill her works, just as they fill her busy life.

You can find often find Victoria procrastinating on Facebook http://facebook.com/victoriablisse ,
Twitter http://twitter.com/victoriablisse and Pinterest http://pinterest.com/victoriablisse
To find out more check out http://victoriablisse.co.uk

14 Sep 2015

A taste of something very naughty from CP Mandara’s The Ties That Bind

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Don’t read this at the office unless you’re self-employed. And if you are, prepare to be very distracted!


It’s FINALLY here – the naughtiness that happens in Albrecht Stables finally comes to a climatic end. (18+ Audience Only)


Will Mark Matthews accept Redcliff’s terms for his daughter’s release, surrendering both body and mind to the enemy? Petal’s sanity depends upon the fact, for in the sixth and final book of the Pony Tales she is to discover that the fate in store for her at Albrecht is not a pretty one.

Shipped off to Leyland Forbes in a steel cage, the pony-girl will have to endure all sorts of imaginative bondage and BDSM at his palatial manor, as her body is photographed intimately by several of the world’s top photographers. As the day progresses she will find herself taken out to dinner in chains, before being cleverly and expertly divested of her virginity.

Trouble awaits when she returns to the stables, however. One of the trainers has taken a monstrous dislike to her and intends to prove his superiority, both in the dungeon and beyond.

Escape for Jenny is beginning to seem like an impossible dream…





If you want me to utter that safe word, you’re going the wrong way about it,” breathed Jenny, who was still struggling to rub her body against his.

He barked out a laugh. “Oh you’ll utter your naughty little word before the night is out,” whispered Mark, nuzzling his lips against her neck, “but at the moment, I want to lick, bite, nibble, pinch, tweak and chew every inch of you. She made a face at him and he shook his head, amused. “Relax, you’ll enjoy it.” She narrowed her eyes at that. “OK,” he amended, “you’ll enjoy most of it.”

Whatever Jenny’s reply to his comment might have been was lost, for his mouth descended quickly upon her sex and employed every trick in the book to get her to panting level in record time. When she’d reached the ‘ten-seconds-to-blast-off’ point, he abruptly stopped and moved on to other ‘less sensitive’ body parts. She made lots of funny gurgling noises, and some interesting Kung Fu moves against his knot-work, but ultimately, she just had to wait and endure. He planned to cover her entire body with his tongue-work and lips, and he started high, tracing the delicate lines of her cheekbones, the ridge of her lips, the line of her nose, and the arch of her neck. Nipping at the tightly pointed buds of her nipples and palpating the soft flesh of her abdomen, he then moved to bite the tender inner flesh of her thighs and tongue a wavy line of worship down to her ankles. He sucked toes, pretty little red-tipped toes that were stretched high in the air, and then he got down low and traced a path around her plugs with his tongue. Under her arms, over her shoulders, down to her tight little waist, he suckled, blew, kissed and even hummed tunes against her skin. She smelled divine. She tasted better. It was a shame she was not edible, for he could have eaten her whole. When he had covered her body from top to bottom at least twice, only then did he return to his shot glass.

With his long fingers, he gently pried the glass loose from the tight confines of her pussy, not able to contain his smile of satisfaction when she groaned at its removal. “You like being filled.” It was a statement, not a question, which was just as well, because he didn’t get an answer. “Do you like being stretched, I wonder?” Inserting the middle and index finger of his right hand into her dripping wet channel, he began to stretch the soft, wet walls of her sex. There was another groan. “I guess I’ll take that as a yes,” he murmured. Making slow scissor motions with his fingers, he began to stretch the tight flesh of her pussy, opening her up. “Can you guess what I’m going to do next?” With his fingers still slipping and sliding inside her, he held up his shot glass and twirled the remaining liquid around. “You only get one guess, Princess.”

“Oh God, please tell me you’re not,” said Jenny, who spoke thickly and with stilted pauses. His fingers appeared to be quite the distraction.

“Oh,” breathed Mark happily, “I’m afraid I am.” Tilting the glass to a forty-five degree angle he let it hover for just a second, and as soon as Jenny grimaced and closed her eyes, he slowly began to pour.

“It’s still warm,” she whimpered in a pained voice.

“It’ll be nothing compared to the temperature I’m about to rocket you up to, given a couple of a minutes.”


“How are you going to get that out again? You can suck it out, surely?” Jenny opened one eye at him and gave him a nasty look.

“We’ll have to hope, for your sake, that I can. Otherwise I’ll be searching the apartment up and down for a straw, and then I might get distracted and feel the need to blow bubbles.”

She gave a horrified shudder beneath him, but then his mouth was upon her and it was all about pleasure. He flipped the stereo on with his spare hand and the shuffle function found the ‘Flower duet,’ from the opera ‘Lakmé’ which usually reminded him of the British Airways commercial, but tonight he had other things on his mind. It was a strangely appropriate piece, but he hadn’t the time to consider the intricacies of opera at the moment. He was focused. He had his goal in sight and he was nothing if not an overachiever.

He suckled, tongued, stroked and slurped. Light trickles of Sambuca ran into his mouth, flavoured with her unique, spicy essence that made the subtle hint of elderflower and the strong tang of liquorice seem like nectar from the Gods. Speaking of Gods, she tasted heavenly. Earthy, musky, flowery, and there was a hint of sweetness he couldn’t quite put his finger on. She seemed to have a particular scent and taste that drove him wild, and tonight, he intended to indulge himself. She wouldn’t be getting a sip of this particular vintage. This was all for him and he savoured each drop. When her thighs began trembling beneath his hands, he increased the suction of his mouth and captured her clit. In a few artful flicks, he had her screaming and then he could wait no longer. He was inside her. With long, tortured thrusts of urgency, he finally found solace within her body. She squeezed him tightly, somehow remembering what she had been taught and as he ran his fingers up and down her body, caressing and stroking her arms, breasts and thighs, he lost himself. One moment he was a sensible, control-freak style dominant and in the next he was a rutting beast. He needed to pull himself back and rein it in, or this session would not end as planned.

Pulling out of Jennifer Redcliff’s body was one of the hardest things he had ever done. Considering how long it had taken him to immerse himself inside it, it was hardly surprising. Breathing hard, he withdrew his aching cock, and it was clear she felt the same way for her body tried desperately hard to hold on to him. “They’ve taught you well, I see,” he said with a sardonic smile, as he finally gathered his breath back.

“Oh God,” she moaned.

“I’m that good, huh?”

Get Your Copy of THE TIES THAT BIND here.


So what’s new in the latest instalment of Pony Tales?

Imaginative Bondage – Jenny is about to find herself centre stage in Leyland Forbes palatial mansion as he works to entertain his guests in what will be the BDSM party of the century. She will find herself sprayed up in body paint and forming part of a moving exhibition – a carousel – before being dipped several feet underwater for experimental underwater games.

Marianna and the ‘No Panties’ rule –
What happened to Marianna after we left her in Atlantisse? Well, she’s about to feature as a human dessert plate for the entertainment of Mark Matthews and a few others, besides. Then, when she arrives back at the office, she will have to face her ‘no panties’ punishment – which involves her walking around the office with… yes, you’ve guessed it… her panties around her ankles.

Mark and Jenny – Finally some alone time for Mark and Jenny! Lots of shocking, naughty games ensue and she’ll have a rather intimate experience with a shot glass. A safe word will be chosen and Mark will do all he can to make sure that it is uttered before the evening comes to a close.

Redcliff – This man wants to watch Mark squirm, and preferably at his feet. The tactics he will employ to make sure that will happen are going to make your eyes water!


And Finally… a little Rafflecopter to play around with and some prizes!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you’d like a taste of what Pony Tales has to offer, download your very own free ebook copy of ‘Named and Shamed’ by clicking on the picture below (available in PDF, ePub and Mobi for Kindle):


A little bit about Christina Mandara:

aa112Christina Mandara was born in the UK, but has spent most of her life travelling the world. She speaks three languages and has been chiefly employed in the fields of finance and travel. Her favourite city is Sydney and her favourite holiday destination is the south of France.

She loves keeping fit and enjoys running, cycling and water sports. No, not those kinds of water sports; think surfing or sailing. That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t enjoy BDSM in all of its glorious forms, be that pony girls, bondage, edge play, orgasm denial or a damn good spanking. Her favourite item in the toy closet (a box simply isn’t big enough) is her riding crop.

In her spare time she’s usually cuddled up with a good book, exploring the countryside or baking in the kitchen. In fact, she loves her kitchen so much she’s one of few woman who wouldn’t mind being tied to it! Her first and foremost love is writing, however, and more often than not you’ll find her on a laptop spinning tales of romance, erotica or dark, paranormal fantasies.

If anyone would like more information, I can be stalked here:

FB: https://www.facebook.com/CPMandara
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cpmandara
Blog: http://christinamandara.wordpress.com/
GoodReads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7113521.C_P_Mandara
Amazon Author Page: http://author.to/CPMandara
C.P. Mandara’s Sexy Sizzler Newsletter Sign Up: http://bit.ly/1MVubkR

12 Sep 2015

My Sexy Saturday blog hop: a glimpse of Rita (Thrill-Kinky) through Drax’s eyes

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This week, I’m taking part in the My Sexy Saturday blog hop, in which writers post 7 words, sentences or paragraphs centered on a sexy theme. This week’s theme is “My Sexy Girlfriend,” and I’m offering you a glimpse of Rita, the human heroine of my science fiction romance Thrill-Kinky (Chronicles of the Malcolm 1), through the eyes of her new lover Drax, a winged Banjali alien.

Next week I’ll have something from Bad Kitty, the second book in the series, which comes out 9/22.

But this week, enjoy, and be sure to visit all the other participants on the hop.

Book Cover for Thrill-Kinky: embracing heterosexual cover with an overlay of starsDrax was impressed.

He’d thought at first that the chance-met Rita Anteres was just a compassionate trash recycler. An attractive human, certainly, with big green eyes, short, tousled dark hair, and a slim, strong body, but a random person who’d help him out of the trash bin and be on her way.

He didn’t expect her to be so persistent in helping him, or so clever. Most strangers would have run off when they realized he was in all kinds of dangerous trouble. Hell, many strangers would have turned him over to the surprisingly pleasant police officer once they realized he was “wanted”.

Which might not have been the worst thing, if Rita hadn’t been around to help. At least the police might have a lead on the troublesome Blemondians. They’d give him medical attention at the police station. Not to mention clothes, though not his own, with his high-limit credit chit and a variety of handy tools in various handy hidden pockets.

But Rita got right into the spirit of the thing. Whisking him away. Going along with it when he insisted he couldn’t go to the hospital. Letting him kiss her for cover.

And then letting him bury his worries, his fears, his pain in her tantalizing little body. Although “letting him” was too mild a way of putting it. Rita didn’t just go along with him craving sex, but reveled in it, despite the rough-and-tumble setting, or maybe because of it. While he’d been the one who actually initiated the action, he suspected she’d only held back from making a pass at him because she didn’t know how quickly his people healed, or how “flying” through sex would restore his bruised spirits and shattered nerves almost as much as actual flight would.

Of course sex on the wing would be better yet. And pin-feathers, he wanted to fly with Rita in his arms, his cock in Rita’s wet, gripping sex. Not something he’d normally want to do with a chance-encountered lady of another species. Too romantic, too significant from a Banjali point of view. But something about Rita made him forget she didn’t have wings of her own.

# # #


Sexual freefall is like a game of chicken: except the first one to let go wins.

Chronicles of the Malcolm, Book 1

Humans may have expanded to the stars, but they still have the annoying need to work for a living. Which is why Rita, crew member of the space freighter Malcolm, is stuck collecting recyclable slag rather than attending her favorite festival celebrating love and sexuality.

Things go from boring to interesting when she discovers a badly injured man who’s been thrown into a recycling bin to die. The catch, he’s gorgeous, winged, and naked.

Drax Jalricki, reformed (mostly) art thief and reluctant covert operative, is on an undercover mission to protect three planets when someone in his own government brands him a traitor. By virtue of association, Rita and her crew are going down with him.

From their first, hide-in-plain-sight quickie, the erotic spark between Rita and Drax is fueled by danger and adrenaline. But their growing suspicion that there’s more to their connection than lust may not matter if they don’t live through the night.

Warning: Hero and heroine who straddle the line of criminal behavior—and definitely violate public indecency statutes. Exhibitionist, dangerous sex. Dark, sordid pasts. Wild risk-taking. Giggly cat-girl sidekick who’s not just another pretty…tail. And the greatest risk of all: true love.

Buy Links: Samhain / Amazon / B&N / Kobo /All Romance eBooks / iBooks (iTunes)


25 Aug 2015

Countdown for the Tease to Please Launch Party

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tease 2 please party banner

We’re just two days away from the Tease To Please Facebook party! Just in case you haven’t heard yet, Tease To Please is a 50-author anthology filled with extraordinary excerpts from New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon best-sellers, and award-winning authors.

Tease to Please 3-D transparent

All romance, including contemporary, erotic, fantasy, historical, LGBT, paranormal, science fiction, time travel– the list goes on! Whatever you fancy, we’ve got something for your discriminating taste buds. Join the party to meet and chat with some of the authors, win prizes, ask them questions, play games, and just have a great time. The party runs Thursday 8/27 through Saturday 8/29, and who doesn’t love a party you can attend in your PJs, your grubby gardening clothes…or maybe nothing at all?

I’ll stop talking now so you can…

Enter the Rafflecopter Below

a Rafflecopter giveaway

16 Aug 2015

Meredith O’Reilly visits with HIS CAPTIVE’S HEART (a kinky M/M romance)

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Author Meredith O’Reilly is joining us today with some sweet and spicy M/M kink.

Book cover for His Captive's Heart--two hunky white men embracing in a rumpled bedHere’s a snippet from Meredith’s latest release, His Captive’s Heart. In this snippet, Marcus has just come and Dmitri takes care of everything.

When I finally finished, it felt like my body had turned to jello. I would have slid to the ground if it hadn’t been for Dimitri supporting my weight.

He sat down on the table, then lifted me onto his lap.

“Excellent job, Marcus. I’m proud of you for not coming when you wanted to. You made me very pleased.”

“Thank you, sir,” I whispered, not having the strength to lift my head up to look at him.

“You’re welcome. Why don’t you close your eyes for a bit? I’ll clean you up and then I think a nap before lunch would be a smart idea.”

I nodded, content to let him take care of everything.


His Captive’s Heart Blurb:

Twenty-nine-year-old lawyer Marcus Bradberry has fantasized for years about finding a firm-handed man who would not hesitate to provide both guidance and discipline while also bringing him the kind of fulfillment he’s only dreamed about. When he meets Dimitri Anderson, the owner of a local kink club, Marcus takes a chance and shares the wildest fantasy he’s ever had with him.

Though he confesses to Dimitri that nothing excites him more than the idea of a being overpowered, kidnapped, and mastered completely by a strong, handsome man, Marcus is nonetheless shocked when Dimitri takes it upon himself to bring this fantasy to life. When Dimitri surprises him after work on a Friday, Marcus soon finds himself blindfolded, handcuffed, and driven away to an unknown place.

It quickly becomes clear that Dimitri knows exactly what his captive sub needs and is more than ready to give it to him, but as the weekend progresses, Marcus realizes that trusting his new master is at times much harder than he expected. Will he surrender to his most secret desires or will his fears drive him away from his master’s loving arms?

Publisher’s Note: His Captive’s Heart is an erotic romance novel that contains spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Buy Links


Barnes and Noble Buy Link – http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/his-captives-heart-meredith-oreilly/1122528440?ean=2940151149396

Kobo Buy Link – https://store.kobobooks.com/search?Query=His+Captive%27s+Heart


Author Bio

Meredith O’Reilly cannot believe that she has four books published! It was a little over a year ago that she had her first book published with Stormy Night Publications. She began writing age play stories, but has since branched out to new sub-genres of romance.

In her spare time, Meredith goes to school, watches a little too much Netflix, and experiments with learning how to cook new things in the kitchen. Mostly she tries to balance her life between school work and author work. That’s a task that is easier said than done, most times.

Contact Links





Meredith’s Amazon Page

Meredith’s Blog


Little Samantha’s Choice, Meredith’s first book is–along with three other amazing books from Stormy Night Publications–on sale for 50% off! You don’t want to miss that deal!

Samantha Briggs always had a suspicion that her husband, Jackson was hiding something from her. When he’s away on a business trip, Samantha finds out her husband’s secret: he wants her to act as his little girl on the weekends. Deciding to give it a try, Samantha falls in love with being Jackson’s little girl. But when she slips up and embarrasses herself by behaving childishly during a stressful morning at work, she reconsiders their new relationship. Will she give up the lifestyle she’s grown to love so much, or can she come to accept that there is nothing wrong with choosing to be her daddy’s little girl?



15 Aug 2015

Cover Reveal: ROUGH SUBMISSION by Dawn White and Paige Matthews

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Raven’s Seduction Press, Dawn White and Paige Matthews are pleased to announce the cover reveal for …ROUGH SUBMISSION.

Sexy woman playing with macho mans abs closeup black and white



I wasn’t looking for love. No, I had made a decision – one to help those that needed it; to try and save a life. I thought joining the pen pal program would be something to keep me distracted while I adjusted to my new life. I never thought I’d fall in love with a soldier…


I wasn’t looking for love. I had everything I needed; my platoon, my career, my focus. When it came to women, I got what I needed when I needed it- nothing more, nothing less. Until I received that first letter. She changed that, but as I walk down the aisle she still doesn’t know the secret I keep hidden. I never thought I’d fall in love with an angel. How can I bring her into my world?

Pre-Order Link: $.99 until Release!

About the Authors

Paige Matthews grew up in a small town in Western Connecticut. After receiving a BA and MA in Literature and writing, Paige began to focus on writing her own style of fiction. Paige focuses on the emotional aspects of the D/s relationship and writes primarily BDSM fiction. In 2015, Paige signed with Raven’s Seduction Press.When Paige is not writing, or working her full time job, she can be found watching hockey, reading and enjoying time with her family. Paige currently lives in Western CT with her husband, two children and dog.

Dawn White resides in Southern WV with her husband and three daughters. She has always been an avid reader and seems to live a busy life as a wife and mother. One thing that keeps Dawn sane is her writing. She will always strive to give you the best of her busy mind.

Stalk the Authors






13 Aug 2015

A quick update: Rafflecopter!

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TeasetoPlease3D.jpg large

I have an unreasonable fondness for the sound of that word. Rafflecopter. Rafflecopter. Rafflecopter. If it hadn’t already been claimed as a giveaway mechanism, I have love to invent the rafflecopter for my Chronicles of the Malcolm science fiction world. Perhaps it’s powered by quarks and charms by a means so complicated that people who aren’t quantum physicists shrug and figure it might as well be magic and chance.

But anyway, I’m here to announce a Rafflecopter giveaway in conjunction with the launch of Tease to Please. A chance to win goodies is almost as much fun as a flying vehicle powered by mysterious quantum mechanics… OK, more fun, because it actually exists.

(I’ll be back shortly with a meatier update. It’s been an interesting summer in both good ways and bad.)



a Rafflecopter giveaway

9 Aug 2015

It’s another #ScintillatingSunday

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Clickable logo for Scintillating Sunday blog hop




animated; vivacious; effervescent:

a scintillating personality.


witty; brilliantly clever:

a scintillating conversationalist; a play full of scintillating dialogue.

My friends at Mile High Muses have started Scintillating Sundays, a blog hop designed to entertain readers as they chill at home on a lazy Sunday. It’s a simple premise: each participating author posts 8 paragraphs we feel embody the word “scintillating” and you get to hop from blog to blog, reading them all. Since we tend to be the sort of writers who put the “sin” in “scintillating”, you’re likely to find screen-melting sexy moments, as well as clever flirting full of innuendo and double-entendre.

As I did last week, I’m offering you a snippet of my September 22 science fiction romance release Bad Kitty. Just to set the scene, both Xia and Rahal are felinoids, aliens who look very much like humanoid cats–and act a bit like it too.

cover for the science fiction romance Bad Kitty: sexy cat-girl against a background of stars

Rahal took a deep breath, drinking in Xia’s personal perfume, the flavor of her skin and blood. The young woman, probably ten years his junior, was an aphrodisiac. If he could bottle her scent, the nuances of her blood, he could make enough credits to repair all the damage to Siantana and get started on the rest of this poor, beat-up planet, while treating himself to a first-class vacation somewhere that didn’t smell like burning.

No, just the scent of her skin, delectable as that was, wouldn’t be enough. He’d need to capture the grace of her tail, the charm of her posture—meltingly sensual, yet alert to the danger around her and ready for action—the blooded velvet power of her hands, the exact cock of her ears and especially the left ear’s one adorable white tip.

If they’d been alone, he’d be halfway to seducing her by now. Maybe farther along than that because she smelled of heat, of need, as well as all the other delicious things that were permanent parts of who she was. She might already be as wet under her short skirt as he was hard in his pants. She might be willing to hit the ground on hands and knees and cock her pretty tail for him right now, then talk later.

And there would be talk, once the first urgency passed, because everything about her screamed there was far more to Xia Suarez than her undeniable tawny beauty. Intelligence, passion, danger.

If he believed the old granny-and-grandpa tales of knowing your mate at first sight, he’d think she was fated to be his. Stars, he half believed it anyway, or at least wanted to believe it.

Then something processed in a brain so drunk on hormones he was thinking about as clearly as an adolescent. Suarez. She shared a last name with the dark, very human captain and his huge, humorless (but handsome, in a big, beefy, heavily decorated Furagi style) husband. She pronounced her name like a human would.

She’d obviously been adopted off-planet as a kitten. Even if she was his mate, she might not know about mating, how it overcame all rationality and better judgment—not that their species had a lot of either on an ordinary day.

He’d just have to make sure she fell for him fast and hard, and explain the rest later.

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2 Aug 2015

#ScintillatingSunday Excerpt from Bad Kitty

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Clickable logo for Scintillating Sunday blog hop




animated; vivacious; effervescent:

a scintillating personality.


witty; brilliantly clever:

a scintillating conversationalist; a play full of scintillating dialogue.
Check out dictionary.com for word origins and other fun factoids.

My friends at Mile High Muses have started Scintillating Sundays, a blog hop designed to entertain readers as they chill at home on a lazy Sunday. It’s a simple premise: each participating author posts 8 paragraphs we feel embody the word “scintillating” and you get to hop from blog to blog, reading them all.

cover for the science fiction romance Bad Kitty: sexy cat-girl against a background of stars

My selection is from Bad Kitty, the second book in my Chronicles of the Malcolm science-fiction romance series, due out 9/22. Enjoy! And when you’re done, please visit the other authors:

The flyer’s door opened. Two heavily armed people who looked like bodyguards stepped out—one a human, the other a Xylac, obvious from his horns. Body armor, Mae-90 personal power laser guns, the works.

In contrast, the person who exited the flyer next was unarmored and unarmed.

Make that the person who slinked out like a holo star. Most people looked awkward getting out of a flyer. This one led with his pelvis and his long, lean, leather-clad legs, then unfolded and opened his arms. “Drax Jalfricki!” he exclaimed. “Welcome to my hellish little paradise. Don’t mind the idiots with explosives. Eventually they’ll learn better. Either that or they’ll die. Entertaining either way.”

“Rahal, you’re right on time and right up to your ear tips in trouble, as usual.”

“Of course I’m on time. I wouldn’t want to keep my brother waiting. As for the trouble…” He shrugged, a lovely motion that set the muscles in his broad, bare chest rippling.

“It runs in the family.” Both men laughed.

Xia drew in a sharp breath.

This guy wasn’t Drax’s actual-factual brother, though he was even more spectacularly good-looking than the Banjali. A woman might die from all the excess of masculine beauty. (A quick glance suggested Mik and Gan might also be in danger. They were devoted to each other, but they weren’t blind.)

Rahal, Drax’s “brother”, was a felinoid.

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30 Jul 2015

Cover Reveal: Bad Kitty

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I suppose I’ve “unofficially” revealed the cover for my September 22 release Bad Kitty (Chronicles of the Malcolm, book 2). It’s on my home page, and since it appears on Amazon and Samhain, it pops up whenever I share a book link. But it’s high time I made a big deal over my beautiful cover and told you a little about the book.

cover for the science fiction romance Bad Kitty: sexy cat-girl against a background of stars

This is Xia, my cat-girl assassin heroine. Isn’t she lovely? For some reason, there isn’t a lot of stock photography of sexy aliens, so my talented cover artist Kanaxa and I went back and forth a few times to get her just right. I love Kanaxa. She did the cover for Thrill-Kinky as well, and I hope she’ll do the covers for the rest of the series. My only regret was that we couldn’t put Cal (aka Karn–he’s incognito for much of the book) and Rahal on the cover, but for some reason we couldn’t get this guy to pose as Cal.


Alexander Skarsgard… yeah, one of my heroes looks a bit like this.

And Rahal looks like a Japanese manga artist (make that a hentai artist–that’s the sexy stuff) imagined the love child of Johnny Depp and a black panther. Talk about hard to find stock photos!

The book is up for pre-order at all the major sites except for Samhain. It’s featured on Samhain’s site, but you can’t actually pre-order there until August 22. Oh well…impatient folks can go elsewhere to pre-order!


When you make the Devil’s bargain, be prepared to take the heat. A lot of heat.

Most of Xia’s early memories are repressed, thank the Great Cat Mother. But her body remembers how to kill.

The longer she and her fellow Malcolm crewmates are holed up on Cibari hiding from assassins, the twitchier she gets—until the planet’s insanely sexy warlord, Rahal Mizyar, borrows her skills to take out slavers.

Rahal suspects Xia is his mate, but the human-raised female never learned the finer points of felinoid rituals. The solution: make her fall hard and fast for him, even if it means playing dirty.

Hired to determine if Xia is the long-missing granddaughter of the felinoid prime minister, Cal Janssen has finally tracked her down. Getting past Rahal, though, is a problem—until he’s mistaken for a notorious arms dealer and playboy. And he finds himself the object of both Rahal’s and Xia’s seduction.

When their first mission brings Xia’s memories bulleting back to the surface, she realizes she’s fallen for two men who don’t exist. Running away, however, could be her deadliest mistake.

Warning: Contains an assassin with a swiss cheese memory, a badass warlord who’s getting tired of his own con, and a freelance lawman. Secrets, lies, and hot sex with no rules.

Buy Links: Samhain / Amazon US / Amazon UK /Kobo / Barnes and Noble / All Romance Ebooks

30 Jul 2015

A Pleasing Tease for Tease to Please

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Tease to Please



50 NYT, USA Today & Amazon

Bestselling Authors

Releasing August 2015




All Our Fans

TeasetoPlease3D.jpg large

This book is dedicated to all our loyal fans and readers who give our work purpose…….and it will be our dirty little secret…

Naughty is as naughty does. And if there is any virtue seeking its own reward, it will not be found here. What will be found is a collection of awesome author excerpts, a box of saucy, delectable samples, a tasty bounty of tantalizing teasers. And there is no reward quite like self-indulgence; virtue be damned.

This catalog of excerpts from bestselling wonderful writers with their acclaimed and award-winning novels is offered to our fans as a small token of our appreciation for your loyal support and unfaltering encouragement. It is a free download. While we are at it,permit us to introduce you to some of our long-standing salacious author friends, who we feel are equally deserving of your prurient partnership and support.

© Muffy Wilson (our fearless organizer; please check her out as a thank you for her hard work)

Contributing Award-Winning Authors

Christina Mandara          Dariel Raye                       Muffy Wilson               Siobhan Daiko

Erzabet Bishop               Airicka Phoenix                 Lucy Felthouse            Travis Luedke

Gale Stanley                 Bernard Foong                  Chloe Thurlow            Kiki Howell

Jaye Peaches                 Chantel Rhondeau             LaVerne Thompson   Pablo Michaels

Kayla Stonor                 Charity Parkerson               Leonore Elliott            Kd Grace

Cora Blu                       Lola StVil                             A.K. Michaels

Normandie Alleman       P.T. Macias                        Paige Matthews

Jake Malden                 Marissa Farrar                    Mary J Mccoy-Dressel

AR Von                        Jacqueline George             Athena Marie

Jacintha Topaz             Blak Rayne                        Tabitha Rayne

Jordan K. Rose             Debra Andrews                   Scarlett Flame

CaroleGill                     Ashen White                      Kim Carmichael

Lily Harlem                  Ju Ephraime                        Teresa Noelle Roberts

Arla Dahl                      Sky Purington                     Jade West

Shyla Colt                    Natasha Knight                  Heather Cole


Coming in August

…wait for it…

Your comments encouraged.

Feel free to share! The more teasing anticipation, the better.

14 Jul 2015

The Vikings Have Landed!

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Cover of the anthology CONQUESTS. Shirtless, buff man (only torso shows), tattooed with traditional Nordic design. He holds a sword and shield. Got Vikings? How about thirteen of them, all well researched as well as (ahem) well hung, all sexy as hell, and all ready to entertain you this summer?

If this sounds enticing, check out the newly released anthology , edited by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Delilah Devlin. At only $0.99, it’s definitely easy to “plunder” (and it’s free if you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber.) Best of all from my point of view, the Vikings of this collection aren’t just pillaging coastal villages. They’re exploring, acting as mercenaries and merchants and sometimes just going about their lives on shore. Here’s the official description:

Vikings. Fierce warriors who terrified all in their path as they raided and marauded, enslaved and murdered during Europe’s Dark Ages.

But these rough men from a rugged land were also sailors, explorers, craftsmen, and highly sought after mercenaries.

Conquests: An Anthology of Smoldering Viking Romance will transport you to the realm of fantasy where such fearsome and loyal men are relentless potent lovers. Whether the lady of the keep demands a few stolen hours of pleasure with a captured Viking warrior or the handsome Northman is the one seducing his captive, you will find plenty of lusty adventures in settings as far-flung as Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Byzantium, Moorish Spain and the New World.

Let your fantasies run wild to a time when men wearing bearskin shirts and shining iron helms could capture a fierce maiden’s heart!

The Captive by Lizzie Ashworth – A captive turns captor when the lady of an English keep commands a few stolen hours of pleasure with a captured Viking warrior

Ásgeirr and the Tree of Life by Mina Murray – Danger and desire collide when a wounded Viking warrior washes ashore on a remote Irish island

A Varangian Guest by Melissa Fuchs – When her brother returns to Constantinople in the company of a warrior from the far north, a widow finds herself drawn to him with irresistible desire

How to Train Your Skjaldmaer by Delilah Devlin – A Viking jarl tricked into marrying a shieldmaiden sets out to tame his fiery bride

The Viking’s Prize by Emma Jay – Treachery and desire greet a Viking warrior who travels to the coast of Newfoundland to broker peace with the indigenous tribes

There for the Taking by Nym Nix – A captive is seduced by her Viking captor as he couples with an amorous shieldmaiden whilst she is left to watch

Sweet Silk by Megan Mitcham – A Viking returns to Persia years after saving a merchant from certain death to retrieve the child-bride awarded him–yet never claimed

Little Warrior by Evey Brett – A woman braves a pair of daunting shieldmaidens and her father’s wrath in order to take her sister’s place as bride to a Viking warrior

Protecting Her by Regina Kammer – A Byzantine noblewoman seeking refuge in a monastery loses her heart to an invader when Constantinople is sacked by the Rus

Enslaved by Elle James – A conquering Viking vows to tame his sassy Celtic slave–if she doesn’t kill him first

The Oak and the Ale by Beatrix Ellroy – A businesswoman trying to secure trade routes for her family instead finds love with a crippled warrior

New Words by Teresa Noelle Roberts – An Andalusian Arab poet learns that her new Northman husband is more than just a handsome barbarian

The Needle and the Strap by Bibi Rizer – A young man hasn’t lived up to the Viking standards of his brave and ruthless kinsmen–until he rescues a wild and wicked shieldmaiden from a burning ship


hot viking1


Buy the book; you know you want to
Check out our Viking-themed Pinterest board (history and shirtless warriors!)
Join our Facebook Group for fans of Viking romance.

6 Jul 2015

My flogger may still be golden…

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The finalists for the Golden Flogger Award have been announced…and Out of Control didn’t make the cut. Disappointing, but not a surprise. It was a solid field, and several authors I adore didn’t make the finals either. On the other hand, my TBR list grew again, since I have to check out the ones who made the grade.

But wait! I’m still in the running for a mini Golden Flogger. Three of the four finalist anthologies contain one of my stories. The award will go to the editor of these fine books (and I’m happy to let DL King or Alison Tyler take the credit, since editing a fine anthology is much more work than writing one good story). But I’ll still know I contributed a bit to the book’s success.

That may not call for Veuve Clicquot.

Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Beauty Image

But I’ll certainly raise a glass of something tasty and bubbly in my editor’s honor if we win. Alas, I’ll be on my back deck, not in Venice. But my back deck, next to the fire pit, is a wonderful place to be on a summer night.

Raising a glass of Aperol spritz in a bar by a Venetian canal

Cheers! in Venice

29 Jun 2015

Excerpts and Space Sushi for the SFR Brigade Blog Hop

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SFR Brigade Summer cafe logoWelcome to the Summer Cafe blog hop, brought to you by the Science Fiction Romance Brigade. This week’s theme is Supernova Hot, so expect spicy excerpts from sexy books. Please click the picture above for more information on all the lovely posts (many with recipes!) And read on for an excerpt from my new science fiction romance Thrill-Kinky (Chronicles of the Malcolm, book 1).

Book Cover for Thrill-Kinky: embracing heterosexual cover with an overlay of stars

There isn’t a lot of food talk in Thrill-Kinky. It’s a fast and furious outer-space spy caper. As soon as the human heroine, space-freighter mechanic Rita, finds the gorgeous, winged Drax Jalricki–a covert operative whose mission was compromised–injured in a waste bin, things swirl out of control quickly. Rather than enjoying lovely meals (or even grabbing mediocre ones on the go), they’re experiencing flyer chases between tall buildings, evasive tactics in the middle of a crowded alien “festival of love and desire”, daring escapades and dangerous villains.

And having crazy, hide-in-plain-sight sex. Their first kiss might be a way of blending in with the crowd–at a festival that celebrates sexuality, a little snogging makes you inconspicuous–but Rita and Drax discover they have a quirk in common. They’re both adrenaline junkies, “thrill-kinky” in 26th-century slang. Only in their case, it turns out to be an actual kink for sex in risky situations, not just a fondness for crazy flying and fast zipbikes.

But in keeping with the “cafe” theme, I’m going to give you a snippet of a quieter moment, when, at rare moment when no one’s shooting at them, Rita and Drax try to have an actual date and deal with whether or not they actually have a future together:

“As much as you’d grace the dining room in that dress, we could get room service. I made you promises the other day that I’d very much like to keep, if you’re still interested. The ceiling’s not that high, but the grav-control is excellent.”

“Interested, yes. Convinced it’s a good idea, no.” She stretched up and kissed him, not on the lips, but on the cheek that still felt like it bore a faint imprint of her hand. “So we’ll eat in the restaurant and you tell me your story. Then we’ll see about those other promises.”


The restaurant might have been the most brilliant one on New Tokyo—certainly it was fancier than anywhere Rita would normally eat—but it was hard to pay attention to the food when simply watching Drax’s mouth move was so fascinating. She ate. She even took a few notes on her com-pad so she could tell Mik about the meal later; he’d teased her when she’d let him know she’d be eating with Drax instead of joining the crew’s celebratory dinner that her meal couldn’t possibly be as good as the one they’d be enjoying, “but her company was tasty enough to make up for it”. She knew the fish was incredibly fresh, and real, not synth-fish, which might be chemically identical, but didn’t have the same texture no matter what they did in the lab. She recognized the preparations and presentation were upscale and refined. She knew the restaurant’s décor was elegant and she realized, because there was something about it on the menu, that it reflected the traditions of the area of Old Earth where the ancestors of most New Tokyo residents originated.

Yet, none of that mattered. Not with Drax sitting across the table from her, holding her hand whenever he could.

Not with the story he unfolded.

I’m not going to share more of Drax’s story. That gives away too much of the plot. But I am going to give you a bit of the hot stuff…

He stopped her words with a kiss that came close to stopping her brain as well. His wings and hands caressed her breasts. She gave herself up to the kiss.

She traced the lines and ridges of his muscled back. So different from anyone else she’d been with, because of the wings. So right. She’d only seen him fly for a few minutes, and that awkwardly, dragged down by injury, but those muscles told the story. The muscles and the wings, all those soft yet surprisingly stiff feathers covering still more muscle. He was so strong. He would be magnificent in flight. And soon, she’d be flying with him.

She made a strangled noise into his mouth as their tongues explored each other’s mouths. No, not explored, ravaged, like early explorers pillaging a virgin planet, but with finesse rather than ignorance. Those wonderfully textured and surprisingly agile wingtips danced over her breasts. She couldn’t remember the last time her nipples had felt like this, like tiny nubs of living fire.

She could remember the last time she felt this alive, but that was because it wasn’t long ago. That awful, wonderful, nearly fatal but definitely magical day and night on San’bal. Only this was better because the odds were good it would happen again.

She hated to stop touching the wonder that was Drax’s back. But there was so much more she wanted to explore. Wanted to find the hardness of his cock. Stroke it. Taste it. Guide it inside her. What size would he give her tonight? Not that it mattered, because he’d make it good. Perfect.

His hands moved off her breasts, but she barely had time to register disappointment. Drax raised her skirt to stroke her thighs and ass but not stroke her aching clit or fill her cunt, which was starting to feel as lonely as the vast emptiness of space.



This is where I confess that while I’m a good cook who makes ambitious meals on a regular basis, I haven’t made much Japanese food. Sushi, in particular, is as much art as food and as such I find it daunting. I can make delicious meals, but elegant-looking ones? Not so much. I lack the patience for elaborate presentation.

On the other hand, I have made this pretty and refreshing Scattered Sushi Rice Salad (recipe by Mollie Katzen, originally in the cookbook Still Life with Menu)Still Life with Menu suggests, “Serve this special dish to someone you love. The message will be clear.” I can imagine Drax, who’s more sophisticated than Rita, recognizing this dish and ordering for her for that reason.

On New Tokyo, I’m sure some of the vegetables would be exotic ones native to that planet, unknown on Old Earth. But the local chefs will still use ginger and proper sushi rice. I can’t imagine the original settlers leaving Old Earth without these important ingredients.

2 cups uncooked white rice (I’ve made it both with sushi rice and supermarket long grain rice. It’s good either way)
2 1/2 cups water
2 to 3 tablespoons mirin (Japanese rice wine) or sherry
6 tablespoons unseasoned rice vinegar or cider vinegar
1/2 cup sugar (more or less, to taste–I prefer less)
1 1/4 teaspoons salt
6 tablespoons peanut or canola oil
1 egg
1 medium carrot, minced
1 small cucumber, peeled, seeded, and minced
2 scallions, minced (whites and greens)
1 to 2 cups fresh or frozen green peas (lightly steamed, if fresh. Just defrosted if frozen)
A few green beans, in 1/2-inch pieces and lightly steamed
A few snow peas, in half-inch pieces (note from TNR: I’ve always used snap peas because I grow them)
1 small yellow summer squash, minced and lightly steamed
3 to 4 tablespoons minced sushi ginger (available in Asian groceries)
3 tablespoons sesame seeds, lightly toasted
  1. Rinse the rice in a strainer and put in a saucepan with the water and mirin or sherry. Bring to a boil, cover, lower heat to a simmer, and cook undisturbed until tender (10 to 12 minutes).
  2. Remove rice from heat, uncover, and let stand another 10 minutes. Meanwhile, combine vinegar, sugar, and salt in a small bowl and stir until sugar dissolves. (Easier if you heat the vinegar first.)
  3. Spread the rice in a long, shallow pan (like a 9 X 13-inch pan) and fluff it with a fork. Pour in the vinegar solution and mix gently. To help cool it down, you can fan it with a newspaper or a magazine.
  4. Meanwhile, scramble the egg in a little of the oil. Add a splash more sherry if you like. Remove the egg to a plate, and cut into small pieces. Alternately, make the egg into a thin omelet, then slice into thin strips.
  5. Add the egg, plus all remaining ingredients, to the rice and mix gently but thoroughly. Transfer to a serving bowl, and serve at room temperature or cold.

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21 Jun 2015

Heat Wave Giveaway! Caution: Contains Incendiary Excerpts (Might Set Work Computers Ablaze)

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New Heat Wave Giveaway Hop Banner

It’s the first day of summer if you’re north of the equator–the perfect time to think about heat waves and of course really hot books that are perfect for sultry beach reading. And if you’re below the equator, winter is starting, so friends in Australia, New Zealand and such climes might want some “warming” reading of the sort that leads one to snuggle up to one’s partner and get into some sweaty, fun trouble.

If you’re looking for hot, you’ve coming to the right place! All week, June 21-28, the Heat Wave Giveaway blog hop will feature naughty romance excerpts and better yet, each participating author will be giving away fun prizes to commenters.

Be sure to visit all the participants for more romantic and sexy reads and more fun prizes. There’s a full list with links at the bottom of this post.

Because the Summer Solstice is also our wedding anniversary, I’m feeling especially generous. One lucky commenter will receive my latest release, erotic science fiction romance Thrill Kinky, and also Rain at Midsummer, a fantasy romance featuring seasonal sex magic.

Want to know more about the books? Of course you do! And comment if you want to win ebook versions of them both!

Book Cover for Thrill-Kinky: embracing heterosexual couple with an overlay of stars


Sexual freefall is like a game of chicken, except the first one to let go wins.

Humans may have expanded to the stars, but they still have the annoying need to work for a living. Which is why Rita, crew member of the space freighter Malcolm, is stuck collecting recyclable slag rather than attending her favorite festival celebrating love and sexuality.

Things go from boring to interesting when she discovers a badly injured man who’s been thrown into a recycling bin to die. The catch, he’s gorgeous, winged, and naked.

Drax Jalricki, reformed (mostly) art thief and reluctant covert operative, is on an undercover mission to protect three planets when someone in his own government brands him a traitor. By virtue of association, Rita and her crew are going down with him.

From their first, hide-in-plain-sight quickie, the erotic spark between Rita and Drax is fueled by danger and adrenaline. But their growing suspicion that there’s more to their connection than lust may not matter if they don’t live through the night.

Warning: Hero and heroine who straddle the line of criminal behavior—and definitely violate public indecency statutes. Exhibitionist, dangerous sex. Dark, sordid pasts. Wild risk-taking. Giggly cat-girl sidekick who’s not just another pretty…tail. And the greatest risk of all: true love


Definitely something in the danger-as-aphrodisiac theory, because in a fetid alley, with the law and outlaws both after them and her no doubt out of both a job and a home when the guys found out she’d dumped the slag and abandoned the floater, Rita was getting more turned on than she ever remembered being. She’d been excitable to start with, from the kiss, and from simply being around Drax’s dangerous good looks, but now she could feel herself getting slick, hot, ready for the cock that she could now feel all too well against her bare skin.

And his wings—marling stars, she’d never felt anything like the soft, sensual caress of all those feathers against her back, her ass. So good. His hands gripped and kneaded, and his wings stroked and soothed, and all the while he was kissing her, exploring her mouth with his tongue, sending sparks down the connections from her lips to the mouth of her sex. Her common sense told her they needed to move, couldn’t take the time to play there when the overpriced thugs in the Fiero might show up at any second.

Her common sense lost the argument with her libido.

Did they pump pheromones in the air for Kenu Aram, or was Drax just that good?

Maybe she was more thrill-kinky than she’d ever guessed, or possibly just that horny. She didn’t want to calculate how long her most recent dry spell had lasted. Things were depressing enough with people shooting at them and the Malcolm’s best contract in ages turning out to be some kind of complicated larceny that would leave them as the obvious suspects for the theft or worse if they weren’t careful and broke if they were.

Maybe it wasn’t so illogical to be tempted to give in to pleasure in a world gone radioactive even by the high standards set by life on board the Malcolm.

She squirmed against him, wanting more, needing more. Begging for more with little, inarticulate noises breathed into his mouth because she didn’t want to stop kissing him long enough to speak.

With all Drax’s injuries, she was afraid to touch him other than with her lips, afraid to cause him further pain, until he moved one of her hands to his nipple. Already a taut little peak, it stiffened further under her touch as she caressed with light strokes, then, when he seemed ready, with firmer ones, rolling it between her fingers.

Not all of him had been hurt. At least one area was fine, one she’d dearly love to touch. Her other hand traced down his chest, skimming lightly in deference to his injuries. Skin like hot silk—real biosilk, not synthsilk, because they did feel different even if they were supposed to be chemically identical—covering steel. No, over something more valuable and beautiful than steel, something like that gold alloy they made on Xylac, a precious metal harder than titanium.

But when she reached his cock, she knew she’d found something more precious yet. It had looked promising while soft, but like just about everyone in the galaxy who liked to fuck penis-endowed people, she’d been disappointed that way before.

Not this time.


Buy Links: Samhain / Amazon / B&N / Kobo /All Romance eBooks / iBooks (iTunes)

cover of Rain at Midsummer (het couple kissing in orchard)


An escaped slave daunted by freedom. A nobleman fighting his destined birthright. Their love defies logic, but when the spirits of the land speak, you’d better listen.

Nikos curses the day his brother died and left him as Lord of Thermanae. What’s an educated man to do in a place so backward his tenants expect the Lord and Lady of the estate to bring rain through sex-magic? Jaenna, a runaway Kulchu slave, curses the fate that forced her to flee a murderous master to the neighboring Soranian Empire. Freedom means frightening choices for a woman whose entire life has been spent serving men’s sexual whims, and she can’t communicate with the spirits of the land enough to work the healing magic that might earn her a respectable place here.

The forbidden desire that burns between Nikos and Jaenna could save them both, if they see beyond what they think they know. But it takes desperate need—and advice from a madwoman who may be crazy like a fox—for Nikos to see that magic isn’t merely a metaphor and Jaenna to learn that love is the most powerful magic of all.


Nikos sighed contentedly and ducked his head under the water, using his fingers to loosen the dust and sweat.

He popped back up, tossed the wet hair out of his eyes—and found himself staring at Jaenna.

Who was naked, and looked just as good that way as he’d imagined.

Better, even.

Her big, dark nipples begged to be touched. Her legs seemed to go on forever, but they didn’t. They soared up to round, voluptuous hips, the kind a man could hold onto forever. And between those long legs?

Between her legs she was bare, not a hair to be seen.

If he’d thought about it, he’d have said it would make a grown woman look like a little girl who’d blundered into his bath time and was gawking at naked Lord Nikos before she squealed an apology and ran off. Definitely a joy-killer.

Instead, it was delicious, revealing dark rose, pouting sex lips that certainly weren’t a girl’s. Definitely a woman’s, and an aroused woman’s at that, puffy and slick-looking, as if she’d been having erotic thoughts. Her clit peeked out between them.

It was all he could do not to jump out of the tub so he would press his face there and lick and suckle until she screamed.

No…she was clearly offering an invitation, but that would still be a little abrupt. A civilized man at least said hello first, even during the festivals, when you were expected to have sex with anyone who caught your fancy.

“Master would like his back washed?” the Kulchu woman said, her voice deferential and cautious, but throaty, promising untold delights in addition to the simple pleasure of having his back scrubbed.

Those delights would have to remain untold, he informed himself sternly, for all sorts of good reasons. That didn’t mean, though, that he couldn’t enjoy the more innocent pleasure of having a bath-servant for once.

He was a grown man. He could control himself, at least until Jaenna was gone and he could let his own hands and imagination do what he couldn’t, in good conscience, let Jaenna do.

“Please. That would be lovely,” he said. He leaned forward, exposing more of his back. “The soap’s…over there.”

She’d just climbed into the tub with him. Her legs brushed his as she settled down near him. “If Master would turn?” she said, putting one hand on his shoulder. Her breasts brushed his back.

“Nikos…” he said, hoping he wasn’t squeaking like a boy getting his first taste of female flesh and doubting he was ready for it. “Call me Nikos.”

Buy Links: Amazon / Phaze / B&N

Remember, comment before June 28 for a chance to win!

26 May 2015

Guest Post: Cover Reveal for S.A. Hoag’s BACKLASH

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Backlash is the prequel novella to The Wildblood series by S. A. Hoag. Set on a near-future Earth mostly devoid of humans, this reveals some of the harsh realities facing people of The Vista, and how Team Three began.


Before Team Three became Team Three, there was The Blackout.

Vista Security is used to the feral bands of humans wandering the landscape since a brief and devastating war wiped away civilization. Sixteen years later, they’ve adapted to dealing with the challenges facing their safe haven.

That is, until a new threat appears, one they never expected and one they have little defense against. Security throws in everything they can muster; it quickly takes a toll. Their advantage – an untested team of officers barely more than children themselves; officers with dark secrets and a hidden agenda.

In a free-for-all battle to preserve one of the last sanctuaries of man, Team Three discovers their secrets are their strength and that their future will take them far beyond what they’ve ever known.

Action, a bit of romance and a good splash of sci-fi set the scene for Backlash, the prequel novella of The Wildblood series.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Shannon,” her radio crackled static, snapping her out of a restless sleep. It was Wade on his private channel.

“Go ahead,” she answered groggily. Her watch read 9:30 pm and she was supposed to go on duty at 2:00 am. An hour – she’d been asleep an hour.

“Gear up. I’ll be there in five minutes to get you.”

“What’s going on?” she wondered, rubbing her eyes.

“Don’t ask, just do.”

He didn’t sound like they might be playing wargames. Shan moved.

Her mother was in the kitchen. Deirdre Allen was five foot three, with pale blond
hair, hazel eyes, and was one of The Vista’s actual doctors. She’d been twenty-nine when civilization ended. “The hospital just called me in,” she announced. “Are you on-call?”

“I am now. Wade didn’t tell me why.”

War games?

“No,” Shan told her. “Not this time. I know you don’t like carrying, but I think this is serious. Take a sidearm, Mom, please.”

Deirdre nodded. “For your peace of mind I will.” She knew how to use it; she’d been forced to in the past and hoped she never would again. “Whatever it is, be careful.”

“I am, and Wade wouldn’t let me get away with anything else.”

She hugged her. “I mean it.”

“I’ll see you in the morning,” Shan said, hearing a car. “That’s Wade. If he tells me it’s practice, I’ll let you know.” She didn’t think it was likely, but he’d fooled her before.

The moment she dropped into the passenger seat, she knew it was real. “Can you tell me now?” She’d dressed in winter camos with body armor, both Sigs and a boot gun, clips in all her pockets, plus an array of knives. Her pack held spare ammo, food rations and various bits of survival equipment.

He glanced sideways at her, heading towards Station Two with a purpose. “We lost a Scout at Wisdom about an hour ago.”

“Lost?” she repeated, not expecting it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Book cover for SA Hoag's Backlash

S. A. Hoag is an author, lapidary artist, very amateur astronomer (“I just look at the stars, I can’t name ’em.”), and accidental desert-dweller. Born in the middle of Colorado, more specifically Salida, she has lived in a number of cities in a number of states before crash-landing in the New Mexico desert. Not Roswell, however. Science Fiction has always been her first interest in reading and writing; many other genres sneak into the novels and that’s alright with her.

Where to find her –

The Vista on Amazon

18 May 2015

It’s Smut by the Sea Time Again.

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I wish I lived in the UK–or at least that we aren’t about to get a new furnace installed, which had pretty much eaten away my travel budget. (We’re going on vacation this year only because it was booked before the furnace became moribund.) If you know me at all, you know smut and the sea are two of my favorite things. So this combination sounds made for me! The adorably raunchy Victoria Blisse has asked me to share this with you all. UK/EU residents and writers on my side of the pond who want to make their trip to England tax-deductible, check this out! And if you go, tell me all about it.

promo poster for Smut by the Sea--author photos and retro sexy BBW in bathing suit



This year will be the third Smut by the Sea at Scarborough (UK) Library and it’s bigger and better than ever before with a schedule filled with sexy, seaside shenanigans. This year’s event is sponsored by Sexhibition, the brand new and innovative Sex expo to be held in Manchester this August. Smut UK will be there, you should be too!

On the 23rd May 2015 Smut UK will take over the upstairs of Scarborough library from 9am -5pm with workshops, performances and more to delight you. All day you will be able to indulge in the delights of the erotic market place. Get your homemade gifts and treats from Bella Settarra, and Cara Sutra will be giving away goody bags and selling sexy treats including DVDs, bondage gear and lube. Pick up a book from the Smutty book stall, check out Steph’s Ann Summers table and of course you must have a go on the world famous Erotic Tombola, you never know what you might win.

There will be two reading slams filled with top quality authors, make sure you come and listen to Cara SutraJanine AshblessKiki DeLovely, Charlie J Forrest , Bella SettarraAnna Sky, Slave Nano, Cameryn Moore, Helen J Perry, Ashe Barker, Jacqueline Brocker, Ashley R Lister, Lisabet Sarai, and Victoria Blisse as they read 5 minute excerpts for your aural pleasure.

Three diverse workshops will take place though out the day, Jennifer Denys will be leading one on researching and writing Werewolf stories, Slave Nano will be Kinking up the Past in his historical and sexy workshop and Cameryn Moore, professional potty mouth will be talking dirty to filth up your fiction or steam up your sex life.

And as if that’s not enough there will be performances from the Enchanting Bea Noir and the sensual Blue Belle and those brave enough can pick up a Free Spanking from Mistress Cara Sutra!

Tickets are still available including a VIP package that includes a sexy goody bag filled with treats, your lunch and priority seating in all workshops, performances and slams.

17 May 2015

THRILL-KINKY–a decidedly NSFW excerpt for Masturbation Monday

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Book Cover for Thrill-Kinky: embracing heterosexual cover with an overlay of stars

Danger. Exhibitionistic thrills. And did I mention a hero with wings? My latest book, Thrill-Kinky, is sexy science fiction romance. In this scene, our alien hero and huamn heroine get into a clinch to divert the attention of the villains who are gunning for them. After all, there’s a raunchy erotic festival going on around them; they’ll be less conspicuous pretending to be lovers than they will be running. But their fake passion soon turns real.


“I wish I could fly with you,” Drax whispered as he turned her around so she could brace against the wall. “This will have to do for the moment.”

As the plumlike head of his thick cock nudged against her pussy, parting her lips, pushing inside her, all Rita could think was that they’d be flying just fine, there in the trash-littered alley, her hands pressed into coarse, graffiti-laced blocks. Flying on lust, on danger, on each other’s need.

He folded his wings around her, braced himself on the wall, used his wings to play with her nipples. The wingtips were as articulated as long fingers, but the sensation was very different. Silky and animalistic and kinky and so good. And as he played, he worked his cock in and out with a gentle motion of his hips, teasing her with the head rather than pushing in. An alluring torture, one she’d be glad to continue for a good long time. Years, even.

Except that in the distance, she could hear the distinct angry purr of a Fiero’s engine.

“They’re coming,” she whispered, surprised by the breathy urgency in her voice. “And I want to come first. Give it to me now.” Damn, they should be moving…

But given that San’bal was sex-party central at the moment, they’d look less suspicious fucking than they would running.

And if that theory didn’t work, at least they’d have some fun before everything went to slag and marl and then turned completely radioactive. If she had to die, there were worse ways to go than fucking a sexy, winged man.

Drax made a strangled noise deep in his throat and pushed inside her. As much as she craved it, the size and the suddenness almost hurt. Then her out-of-practice cunt relaxed, accepted him, embraced him, and the edge of almost-too-much transmuted itself into just enough. Stuffed, but sweetly stuffed.

For a second, if that, they held still, getting used to the feel of each other. Then he began to pound into her, and she worked back with each hard thrust, using thighs and hips and ass muscles, rolling her hips, contracting her inner muscles as best she could around his huge, sweet shaft.

What was up with the alley filling with stars? No, her eyes were closed. It was just sparks from screwing her lids so tightly as her whole body started to clench.

One agile wingtip flicked between her legs, stiff yet silky feathers brushing her engorged clit, and she flew into space with Drax’s strong wings supporting her.

He cried out something she couldn’t understand, thrust even deeper a few times, and filled her with his come. It seemed hotter than a human’s, just like his skin was, or maybe it only felt that way because he’d made her so nuclear. In any case, his explosion triggered more contractions, more waves of insane pleasure.

What brought her back to herself was the sound of the Fiero passing the alley by. She slumped against the wall, half in relief, half in pure boneless exhaustion, and Drax slumped with her.

“That,” he whispered, “may have been the craziest daredevil stunt I’ve ever pulled in a long career of crazy daredevil stunts. And I don’t regret it for a second.”



Blurb: As Rita and the crew of the space freighter Malcolm collect recyclable slag, things go from boring to interesting when she discovers a badly injured man—a gorgeous, winged, naked man—who’s been thrown into a recycling bin to die.

Drax, an undercover operative, has been branded a traitor by someone in his own government. By unlucky association, Rita and her crew are going down with him. From their first, hide-in-plain-sight quickie, danger and adrenaline fuel their erotic spark. But none of that will matter if they don’t live through the night.

Warning: Hero and heroine who straddle the line of criminal behavior—and definitely violate public indecency statutes. Exhibitionist, dangerous sex. Dark, sordid pasts. Wild risk-taking. Giggly cat-girl sidekick who’s not just another pretty…tail. And the greatest risk of all: true love.

Buy links: Samhain / Amazon / B&N / Kobo /All Romance eBooks / iBooks (iTunes)

This post is part of the Masturbation Monday blog hop. Click here to get the links to other sexy, explicit excerpts. Be aware you’ll also get some visuals that are definitely NSFW. Aren’t particularly safe for home either, because they’re so hot your monitor might catch fire.


Reads "Masturbation Monday: where getting off is half the fun"

12 May 2015

THRILL-KINKY: The gestation process of a series

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Book Cover for Thrill-Kinky: embracing heterosexual cover with an overlay of stars

Today, Thrill-Kinky, my first science-fiction romance, soars into space on very sexy wings. (Drax, my alien bad-boy hero, has glorious wings that come in handy for both love and larceny. His heroine Rita is an adrenaline junkie who decides that death-defying capers make great foreplay for lovemaking in flight.) While I’m celebrating and publicizing the release, I’m also reviewing final line edits for the second book in the Chronicles of the Malcolm series, Bad Kitty. That one’s coming out 9/22. And I really need to get started on book 3, which I’m tentatively calling Buck, Naked.

When I started writing Thrill-Kinky, though, I had no intention of writing a series. In fact, I didn’t plan to write a full-length book at all.

Many years ago, I spotted a call for submissions for an anthology of Valentine-related romance shorts. The call said they could be any romance subgenre, and my twisted brain thought it might be fun to do something futuristic with the theme. I started with the image of meeting a handsome alien–winged like a very adult take on Cupid–during an alien festival that resembled Valentine’s Day. Only as I started to write, I decided the alien was injured and needed the heroine’s help.  A complicated caper had gone wrong. Art thief? Spy? I wasn’t sure yet, but I knew he was dangerous and thrilling and just what my heroine, a spacer stuck doing a dull job, would crave. There was no way this plot would resolve itself in 6,000 to 8,000 words! I set the idea aside for later and got to work on a simpler story for the anthology. (In the interest of full transparency, I never got that story to work either, probably because my heart was with my alien bad boy.)

“Later” was years in coming. Like most writers, I have a huge file of ideas, stories that popped into my head at a time when I could give them only a couple of pages and some notes. When I turned in Witches’ Waves, the last book of the Duals and Donovans series, I needed a mental palate-cleanser. Witches’ Waves, with its blind heroine and themes of abuse, recovery and redemption, was heavy and painful to write in places. I knew then it was time to go back to that science-fiction romance idea. What could be a better contrast than a futuristic, funny, sexy cops-and-robbers story?

Thrill-Kinky Teaser 1

Of course, as I started to write it, I realized that Rita the thrill-seeking mechanic wasn’t the only member of the crew of the tramp space-freighter Malcolm who deserved a book. Cat-girl Xia, who started out as a comic sidekick, turned out to have a dark, intriguing past that she hid behind her kittenish antics. (I swear I didn’t even mean to write it that way. She seemed to take over, like cat-girls do.) She was going to need a hero, or maybe two, who could keep up with both sides of her. (That’s the book for which I’m reviewing edits.) Poor Buck, who’d never even gotten to finish school because his planet was invaded, deserved a heroine who’d love him scars, PTSD, educational gaps and all, though they’d probably acquire more trauma getting to their HEA. And the captain and his husband must have some kind of wild and romantic backstory. A would-be swashbuckler who likes to free slaves and an ex-priest with a dangerous temper wouldn’t be set up for a coffee-date by mutual friends and take it quietly from there.

Thus, a series was born. And my editor rejoiced, because she thought it sounded like a fun concept. She also laughed at me for being crazy.

Did I mention I proposed another series to her in the same email and I’ve been writing two series at once ever since? Stay tuned for more details on the second series, which will be kinky contemporaries with elements of romantic suspense. Apparently I just can’t keep things simple.

Rita and Drax would understand. Complications are so much more exciting!


Sexual freefall is like a game of chicken, except the first one to let go wins

Chronicles of the Malcolm, Book 1

Humans may have expanded to the stars, but they still have the annoying need to work for a living. Which is why Rita, crew member of the space freighter Malcolm, is stuck collecting recyclable slag rather than attending her favorite festival celebrating love and sexuality.

Things go from boring to interesting when she discovers a badly injured man who’s been thrown into a recycling bin to die. The catch, he’s gorgeous, winged, and naked.

Drax Jalricki, reformed (mostly) art thief and reluctant covert operative, is on an undercover mission to protect three planets when someone in his own government brands him a traitor. By virtue of association, Rita and her crew are going down with him.

From their first, hide-in-plain-sight quickie, the erotic spark between Rita and Drax is fueled by danger and adrenaline. But their growing suspicion that there’s more to their connection than lust may not matter if they don’t live through the night.

Warning: Hero and heroine who straddle the line of criminal behavior—and definitely violate public indecency statutes. Exhibitionist, dangerous sex. Dark, sordid pasts. Wild risk-taking. Giggly cat-girl sidekick who’s not just another pretty…tail. And the greatest risk of all: true love.

Buy Links: Samhain / Amazon / B&N / Kobo /All Romance eBooks / iBooks (iTunes)


11 May 2015

Interview with Muffy Wilson, author of The Para-Portage of Emily

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Emily Cover

Could you reveal any personal juicy stories about yourself?

Thank you, so much, for opening your cyber-home to me. It is a pleasure to be here with you, my dear friend. Well, I was raised in a military family so there are plenty of stories about men in uniform. Who doesn’t love that?! My father was a USAF Colonel whose work took us to all points from Alaska to France. We moved every two or three years, so I don’t have what most would refer to as a traditional childhood, more like Leave it to Beaver meets the Jetsons. Many of my ‘firsts’ were in France as my formative years developing were north of Paris. So, my first kiss, my first taste of escargot, my first hot dog on a French baguette was at the top of the Eiffel Tower, my first bikini (I was thirteen) was on the French Riviera and I fell in love with a thirty-something lifeguard named Aldo. I thought my father was going straight to an early grave. My mother thought it charming and funny since I wound up looking like a blistered, crying lobster with the worst sunburn ever. No need to worry about Aldo. A few years later, my mother and I were shopping in Paris; it was the day she bought me an alligator handbag, a small one, with a bright red leather interior. I still have it. We were on the Champs Elysees on a corner and everyone was wailing and crying. It was 22 November 1963 and I was 14 years old. It was the day John F Kennedy was assassinated and I witnessed as the world was crushed and Camelot fell. I think I grew up a lot that day. We had to hurry home, 90 miles north. The Base was on lock-down and red alert. It was a day the world stood still yet was fiercely frantic beneath the surface.

You are a mother. Could you tell us about your role as a mom?

I met my husband in California, on a day that I was none too happy with men. I was thirty-five and working in San Francisco as a Sales Manager for Honeywell and my father had a heart attack in Georgia. I wanted to explore the possibilities of transferring to Georgia to be closer to the first man I ever loved, my dad. “The Silver Fox,” as my boss at the time was fond of being called, made a pass at me and told me ‘why bother, as my dad wasn’t going to live forever?’ I was stunned and profoundly moved by a myriad of feelings. Funny that I should meet the two most important men in my life from that day forward on a day like that – my husband and his youngest son, then 13. It was the greatest gift. We got married three months later and the three of us honeymooned in Niagara Falls. My husband is from Buffalo, NY, and had been married twice before (his first wife died and the second, to VJr’s mother, ended in divorce when he was just 6). I had never been married, so they were my first. When I was very young, and in college, I fell in love and got pregnant. He was my first, not my first love but my first lover, and for all my worldly experience, I was still pretty naïve – even in the ‘70s. Clearly, there is a whole lot more to this story but suffice it to say that decisions you make in your youth affect one’s entire life. I had an abortion and dropped out of college. The gift of my husband and his son, who fast became my own son, I felt, was God’s way of forgiving me. So, my role as a mom is one I cherish, given it was my second chance and my redemption. Life has been good to me because of them. He has enriched my life beyond measure.

 You have a very long list of projects consuming your time, but I would like to offer you the chance to show off and promote your writing career. You may include any exotic stories of your life if you wish.

I released The Para-Portage of Emily on March 24, 2015 to a warm reception and wonderful reviews. It was released in ebook format and will be released in print in June. I have two more books that will be released by Summer 2015. If I am lucky, they will all be available at once and cause a wonderful stir among fans of literotica. Beyond that, I have a control list of about fifteen projects which will be concluded throughout 2015-16 and 25-30 projects that will require my attention for 2016-17. Only another Virgo will appreciate how organized I am about my work. Some refer to it as being obsessive compulsive—anal, even. I can role with that

When did you decide to write? And what genre and style did you prefer when you first started? What style and genre do you prefer to write currently?

 I have been in sales and marketing my entire business career. Writing was a necessity and I was good at presenting technical detail. English was always a love and focus of mine throughout my education, but I only wrote proposals, presentations, technical material and project material. In private I wrote poetry as a developing young woman. I really never thought about writing personally’ until I met up with an old school chum, an old boyfriend. It was never a calling to me as it is for some writers. He wrote and it spurred me on. I slipped into the world of Erotica, not by choice or design, but quite by accident…and I loved it. Turns out I was pretty good at it, too, or so people commented. But, my style has changed, developed a lot since then. What I wrote in the beginning was raw and erotic. Now, I like to think I am more of a literoticist in that I write erotic romance. The plot drives the story, the story drives the characters and the erotic romance is really an extension of the developing relationships. I don’t write groin-grinders, although they have a place in our genre.

 What genre, books, and authors do you like to read?

I love crime, thrillers, edge-of-your-seat whodunits. I also love period pieces, non-fiction, poetry and autobiographies. When I was very young and we lived in France, there was no television, at least not in English or in our house. The only television available to us was in the local pub. I will never forget seeing Steve McQueen say, “Sur la route”, in French on his Wanted! Dead or Alive series! I believe I giggled until I had cramps! Anyway, I read everything, absolutely everything almost insatiably. I wanted to be a criminologist or a medical examiner. Or a veterinarian. As well an actress and Ella Fitzgerald! It was not until I was in high school that I wanted to become a law enforcement officer—a Homicide Detective! But, I do love to read good literotica. I am not a fan of jump-and-pump but a love story with great, eloquently involved sex is a real page turner for me.

Do you have a person, real or fantasy, you would like to be?

Barbra Streisand. I always wanted to sing. My aunt sang torch songs and played piano in smoke filled supper clubs and piano bars. Isn‘t that romantic, a la Billie Holiday? I always wanted to do that. When I was ten or so, I was a little pudgette and my mother wanted to send be to dance classes; I wanted singing lessons. We settled on a set of bongo drums. Many years later, we were out schmoozing together at a piano bar and I took the mike with My Funny Valentine. Now, I just sounded like me, but she dropped her jaw. It took her four more martini’s to recover. She admitted I should have had singing lessons. We laughed our asses off, but of course, that was the four more martinis!

You have experienced many adventures in your life and have lots of energy, but what would you like to do if you had any free time?

 I would love to learn to play piano, learn Spanish and brush up on my French. But I am enjoying my life now. I work in Real Estate in SW Florida and try to find time to straighten my office. There’s that Virgo nag again.

Could you tell us about your new book, The Para-Portage of Emily, and the story behind it? You may include a brief synopsis and an excerpt. What or who inspired you to write your story?

My first book, Memories & Kisses, released last year in September 2014. It was about love lost and regained decades later. Do you have memories of a love that once was?…of a love that was lost?…of, perhaps, a rekindled love that survived decades of longing? I think we all have longings, not regrets so much as just simple, what if’s? and that caused me to think in terms of a stronger longing not over decades but centuries. I started Emily in 2010, but I really did not know where she was going to take me until I really got into Memories. Within a month, Emily was done.

It is a haunting love story about a Great Lakes seafaring captain that marries finally in his thirties to the daughter of one of his suppliers on the St. Lawrence Seaway whom he has watched blossom and grow into a beautiful woman since she was very young. He marries her and starts a life he has planned with her on a small Island in Lake Michigan at his estate, Mariner’s Maiden. The story is as much about them as it is about the young woman who comes to settle her uncle’s estate, Mariner’s Maiden, after his death. I love this story.



Emily Macque, a young, beautiful junior partner in her father’s law firm, is but a heartbeat away from love or destiny. Duty brings Emily to a frozen island estate two hundred and fifty miles north of Chicago. Devotion requires she delve into the property history to settle an estate probate. Death lures her into the arms of the shadows seduction created by the flickering light and dark shadows.

What flames the timeless passions spanning the decades? Love, desire or obsession?

Colin Jorgenson, once a Great Lakes mariner, is a strong man haunted by love and loss. How long will he return each night, gripped by desire, hoping to find the woman he has loved for a century?

Beneath the pristine Island beauty, passions hungered, lingered in the ardent darkness. His passions, fueled by decades of loneliness and longing, could no longer be denied. Will they face eternity together or love in secret as dark things are to be loved between the shadows and the soul?

 Where can we purchase The Para-Portage of Emily?

You are so kind to ask. Thank you, I would be honored. If readers are interested, they can buy my work at the following retailers or on my website:


Amazon US    All Romance eBooks     Yellow Silk Dreams     Barnes & Noble     Ganxy    XinXii    Kobo     iTune

Do you have future writing projects you plan to publish?

Yes, so many! I am releasing Moonbeams of Unintended Consequences in May 2015 and Cheerleaders in Heat this summer. My brain explodes with ideas and always when I don’t have a pen or paper handy!


Please share your recent publications.

Released March 2015

The Para-Portage of Emily Buy Link at Amazon

Night ocean with moon and moonlight reflection on water. Solitude.


Released September 2014:


Memories & Kisses has three stories of old loves remembered; a grieving woman rescued from the sea, two childhood friends growing old friendship into passionate loving, and two long separated teenagers finding that time has mellowed them both and maturity has brought a passionate intensity they had never imagined. All three stories are of rekindled love that survived decades of longing and is now ready to burst into flame.

What do you think? Is she thinking about memories of love lost? Perhaps the memories made trying to forget a lost love? Even old memories revisited by old friends, united in a kiss that rekindles flames, passions and desire, too. Old memories are like old red wine – all the richer for time passed. And the kisses taste sweeter too. Three romantic and very sexy stories take us back to things as they once were, and forward to the wonderful times to come. Buy Link at Amazon

Released October 2014:

Also featuring Muffy’s work in this anthology of of adult Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Once Upon a Menage: An Anthology of Fairy Tale Threesomes edited by Rachel Kenley (Ravenous Romance), Muffy has two erotic adaptations, “The Prince, The Mermaid and The Siren” (‘The Little Mermaid’) and “The Prurient Puss” (‘Puss and Boots’). They are sexy, just a little naughty and best of all, they are threesomes!! Buy Link at Amazon







Released Christmas 2014

The Naughty List features six Yellow Silk Dreams authors, including Muffy Wilson plus guest writer Nina Pierce, got together to compile a sparkling ezine in celebration of Christmas. Or any other day of the year you feel you need to dip into a good read.
Offered here to our followers – sign up for the Yellow Silk Dreams newsletter and start reading immediately. Free Download










Previously Published:

Oysters & Chocolate, Decadent Publishing, Secret Cravings, Ravenous Romance, Yellow Silk Dreams

 Author Profile:

Muffy, author of erotic, romantic stories about love, sex, hope and passion, was born in San Antonio, Texas, to traditional parents. With two older brothers, she was the youngest, the family “princess,” indulged and pampered. She adored her older brothers, following them everywhere and was surrounded by love, stimulation, and pets. Her father was a career Colonel and pilot in the U.S. Air Force which required the family to travel extensively. The family lived in most points between Alaska and France. Muffy spent her formative years in Europe and came of age in France.

Returning from France with her family, Muffy finished high school in Northern California and attended the University of California, Davis, and majored in Business Management. Muffy entered the work force, independent with a fierce work ethic reaching the pinnacle of her success when, at 36, she became the Mid-West Regional Director in the Real Estate and Construction Division for IBM and retired at 39. She and her husband moved to a small island in northern Wisconsin where they owned a historic tavern, restaurant and resort business which they since have sold. They now live a charmed life by the water in SW Florida. Muffy pretends to be a serious real estate business person but, in real life, indulges her private interest in writing sexy short stories and sensual literotica. ~ Live, Laugh, Love with Passion is her fondest belief.

How may your fans contact you? Tell us the many links where you can find Muffy Wilson?


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Thank you, for hosting this wonderful interview. It was very kind and generous of you. I appreciate the time your fans and readers have spent with me, sharing my life, my family and work, as well as my inspirations and life. It has been a pleasure and an honor.