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16 Apr 2015

Minor Independence Days update

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Buff, shirtless man on a lawn tractorLate yesterday afternoon, just when I thought I could sit down and write until our dinner guests arrived, I heard an odd noise through the open back door. It was the sound of my shallot and Kalette seedlings blowing off the steps where they were taking the air and landing upside down on the patio. So in addition to everything else I planted yesterday, I had to scramble to get the poor, crumpled seedlings into the ground. It was a few days early for the shallots, as they hadn’t had enough time to harden off properly, and very premature for the Kalettes. Those were supposed to be transplanted in mid-May to ensure a fall harvest! Since they’d grown to transplant size much faster than I’d anticipated, I may just start another batch and have two harvests of one of my favorite vegetables.

And while I was in a transplanting frenzy, I got the first batch of parsley into a half-barrel on the patio, where I can easily cover it if need be.

Needless to say, no writing was accomplished, no words were accomplished.

Soon I’ll go out and check how the “babies” are doing. Many of the seedlings, especially the leggy Kalettes, looked dubiously viable after their faceplant.

15 Apr 2015

Independence Days: It’s Finally Spring Edition

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After a ghastly winter of Gronk-deep snow, spring has finally arrived in southeastern Massachusetts. I’m in my garden again, and it feels so good. Spring bulbs are blooming, rhubarb is starting to sprout, the grass is greening, and my two baby fruit trees survived the bitter winter. That means it’s time for semi-regular Independence Days Challenge updates to log my garden progress. Let’s see if this year I can keep up with them! I have a habit of starting strong and falling off in mid-summer, when the harvest’s coming so fast it’s all I can do to keep up with it, let alone log it.

The blogger from whom I learned about the challenge is Sharon Astyk. Go read Sharon’s blog archives if you’re interested in food systems, climate change, farming, or the joys and challenges of foster parenting. She’s one of my heroes. Due to a combination of parenting and moving, she hasn’t been blogging regularly, but the archives are worth exploring if you share my passions.

Here are the challenge categories, in Sharon’s words:

Plant something: A lot of us were trained to think of planting as done once a year, but if you start seeds, do season extension and succession plant, you’ll get much, much more out of your garden, so I try and plant something every day from February into September.

Harvest something: Everything counts – from the milk and eggs you get from your animals to the first dandelions from your yard to 50 bushels of tomatoes – it all counts.

Preserve something: Again, I find preserving is most productive if I try and do a little every day that there is anything, from the first dried raspberry leaves and jarred rhubarb to the last squashes at the end of the season.

Waste not: Reducing food waste, composting everything or feeding it to animals, reducing your use of disposables and creation of garbage, reusing things that would otherwise go to waste, making sure your preserved and stored foods are kept in good shape – all of these count.

Want Not: Adding to your food storage or stash of goods for emergencies, building up resources that will be useful in the long term.

Eat the Food: Making full and good use of what you have, making sure that you are getting everything you can from your food, trying new recipes and new cooking ideas, eating out of your storage!

Build community food systems: What have you done to help other people have better food access or to make your local food system more resilient?

Skill up:  What did you learn this week that will help you in the future – could be as simple as fixing the faucet or as hard as building a shed, as simple as a new way of keeping records or as complicated as making shoes.  Whatever you are learning, you get a merit badge for it – this is important stuff.


Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl" meme, farm style. Ryan is in a flannel shirt, looking soulful abd handsome. Caption "Hey girl, let's spread out seed catalogs on thed and circle stuff we want...all night long."

The traditional first Independence-Days picture: Farmer-Style Ryan Gosling.

And here are my current results:

Plant something: Today so far: Amish Blushing Bibb lettuce, radishes (second planting), scallions (second planting), Space spinach (second spinach planting) and calendula (old seeds scattered in the flower garden. I’m not expecting much.) Already  started inside: parsley, leaf celery, many tomatoes, sweet peppers, eggplant, basil, marjoram, Kalettes (a kale/Brussel sprout cross), and shallots. Also, a flat of mixed mesclun greens to tide us over a bit until the garden’s ready. Already in the ground and starting to emerge: peas, spinach, various lettuces, Osaka purple mustard, arugula, radishes, scallions, tatsoi & another Chinese cabbage. I’ll probably update this later with more planting!

Harvest something: So far, only mesclun and the occasional bit of parsley or basil when it needs thinning. Oh, and dandelion greens to add to tonight’s salad.

Preserve something: Nothing lately, other than stock.

Waste not: Composting and remembering to eat leftovers–nothing exciting.

Want not: Stocked up on grains, local NYS cheeses and some lovely apples while visiting Mom last weekend.

Eat the food: Eating freezer and canned foods regularly. We even brought stock and frozen rhubarb to my mom’s to add to her birthday dinner!

Build community food systems: We’ve been going to the farmer’s market over the winter, and (see above) bought local-to-Mom apples and cheese, for far less money than local-to-us versions cost.

Skill up: I’ve been reading a lot about gardening and local food systems. We’re pondering chickens and more fruit trees and doing some research on these topics, though I missed the chicken workshop that recently took place in my area.

5 Apr 2015

OUT OF CONTROL comes out in print 4/7/15

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Out of Control books 2

My Golden Flogger- and Readers’ Choice Award-nominated BDSM romance, Out of Control, releases in paperback on Tuesday, April 7. In honor of that and of the Masturbation Monday blog hop, I thought I’d post a seriously racy excerpt. (Warning: clicking on that link will, not surprisingly, pull up a page with some images that are even less safe for work than my words are. Do check out the page when you can; there will be links to other fun, sexy posts by other authors and you really out to check them out, but not when it’s going to get you fired!)

Jen had waited so long to touch Drake Matthews. Waited forever, it seemed, even though she’d known him such a short time. Drake’s skin was hot, as if he burned inside, and that heat and his hard cock belied the distance in his gray eyes. It was their color, she decided. He couldn’t help looking cool and far-off with eyes of that shade, but the intensity in them, the grip of his big hands—one on her hip the other grasping the knot of rope at her back—was anything but remote. When she brushed her hands over his nipples, he gasped as if he held back a louder sound. She lingered there, watching his control waver, reveling in it until he hissed, “Enough!”

She explored down from there in wonderful retaliation. The ridges of his abs looked like sculpture, but they were flesh. Suede skin over improbably toned muscle, sure, but flesh nonetheless. They yielded under her fingers. They’d be warm and slightly salty if she licked, but when she tried to duck down, Drake tugged up on the rope harness, keeping her in place. Her hands could move, though, and they did, down to that glorious cock. One hand cupped his balls, rolling them gently, enjoying their heft and the way they changed as she touched them. The other circled his cock. She stroked up the length firmly, passed over the smooth head.

All the while she looked, not down at Drake’s cock, tempting as it was, but up at his face. At the way that mask of remoteness and control cracked. His eyes were closed now, and without their gray, acute gaze, he looked…different. Not softer but less distant. The chiseled planes of his face didn’t do soft and his muscles, if anything, seemed more defined as he struggled to maintain his composure. He was losing. His face was darker, flushed with arousal. His head was thrown back. The muscles in his neck stood out.

Then he shook himself. “Enough,” he barked. He almost sounded angry, but the way he touched her as he guided her to lie on the futon bed didn’t feel angry.

He kissed her and slipped the blindfold on while she was still savoring his lips.

Jen fought down a flash of panic at the darkness, lost without the anchor of vision. A sliver of light peeked under the bottom of the blindfold, though, despite the fleece. It didn’t let her see anything, but still it reassured her, let her go on breathing normally.

Once she could relax, she realized without the lush distraction of vision, her other senses fed her more information. The rope around her torso and breasts became simultaneously more confining and more embracing. More sensual, as if it hadn’t been sensual enough to start with. She was aware not only of Drake’s hands on her, but his breath playing on his skin, his clean, yet musky scent. He positioned her on the bed, pulled the ends of the rope wrap on her torso to either side. He wrapped the ropes around her wrists, making quick, simple loops.

Her breath quavered in her throat as he then did something that immobilized her wrists to either side. It wasn’t stringent. She could still move a little, but she found she didn’t really want to.

Drake moved down the bed, keeping one hand lightly on her body. She supposed it was so she’d know where he was and not feel abandoned, but she would have known anyway, aware now of the movement of air, the sound of his bare feet on the wooden floor, though he moved quietly for such a big man.

She couldn’t help jumping as Drake fastened something—a leather cuff, she thought—on her ankle. The cuff was lined with something soft, like the blindfold, but with a leather border that felt cool and decisive on her skin. Unfamiliar, but a good unfamiliar. He moved her leg farther out, spreading her even wider. A small snick that she placed as a carbineer attaching to one of the D-rings on the frame only when she realized she couldn’t move that leg, and by then Drake had moved on, repeating the process on the other side. She wasn’t spread wide enough to be uncomfortable but enough to feel pleasant tension in her thighs. The air kissed her pussy, accenting how very wet she was.

He drew back once he finished, now not touching her. Jen felt the weight of his presence at the foot of the bed, felt him looking at her spread-eagled, appreciating the view and his handwork, the crimson ropes on her fair skin. “Bondage suits you. His voice stroked her skin, warm and seductive, and then he fell silent. Was he touching himself? She thought she heard slight movement, but it could be anything.

And since it could be anything, she pictured him stroking along the length of his big cock, hard and needy already but making himself more so for her. For them both. This was going to be a quickie, after all. The ropes, the confinement, had her wet and ready enough she’d go off fast, but Drake struck her as the kind of guy who was so used to holding back to make sure his partner went crazy that he might need encouragement to let go.

What a lovely “problem” to have.


Reads "Masturbation Monday: where getting off is half the fun"

He’s got her tied up, but she’s got him out of control.

Glass artist Jen Kessler has hit the jackpot—a cheap apartment in a charming Victorian house, complete with a sexy, intense, buttoned-down landlord…who may or may not have a riding crop in his bedroom.

She’s not looking for a lover, but when her innocent, impulsive hug sparks kisses as hot a molten glass, it leads to bondage, spankings, and more naughtiness that, up to now, she had only tasted.

His new tenant may have wild, dyed hair and an unconventional job, but Cornell math professor Drake Matthews admires the work ethic that got her out of debt. Then he’s stunned at how quickly she destroys decades of his carefully cultivated self control.

Soon their sexual and emotional passions push them to the edge—and beyond. But it’s not all good, dirty fun. As Drake takes more and more control of Jen in the bedroom, her deeply ingrained independent streak pushes back. And it’ll take more than a shared penchant for ropes, paddling, and coffee to overcome pasts that could unravel their relationship before it begins.

Warning: Contains kinky sex, molten glass, geeky higher mathematics, family secrets, and irresponsible consumption of coffee.

Tactile paper: Samhain / Amazon / B&N

Convenient ebook: Samhain / Amazon  / Amazon UK / B&N / Kobo

OOC spanking teaser


25 Mar 2015

Cover Reveal for Dark Shadows of the Past (The Greek Isles Series, book 4) by Angel Sefer

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Book cover for Dark Shadows of the Past

I seem to be on a run with guest posts and cover reveals lately, but so many of my friends have fantastic new releases and I want to spread the word. If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know I love to travel. So how could I resist sharing the cover reveal for Dark Shadows of the Past, part of a series set in the beautiful Greek Isles? They make me want to book a ticket. No, two tickets. Any place that romantic, I’m going with my Cat-Herder!

Picture of author Angel Sefer


A deadly conspiracy…
Stunning jewelry designer Christina Connors wakes up laying on a freezing hard surface surrounded by spine-chilling darkness. Realizing she is dumped in an alley next to a dead body, she searches her mind for answers of how she got there but it’s terrifyingly blank. As the fog lifts, memories of dreadful events come crashing down on her.

A secret identity…
Christina finds herself caught in a deadly game of conspiracy, murder, and vengeance. She must discover how to play the game while concealing her real identity as Sophia Rosetti, the daughter of Mafia lord Paolo Rosetti.

Love or betrayal…
Seductively handsome police detective Dan Mallory takes over Christina’s case and vows to protect the feisty enchantress. But when her real identity is revealed, the betrayal is mind blowing. Who is Christina really? Is she the innocent victim running for her life, or is she a deceitful charmer who stole his heart and led him into a conspiracy that could cost him not only his job but also his life.

About the Author:

Angel Sefer was born in Athens, Greece, and has studied and worked on both sides of the Atlantic. She holds a degree in Economics and divides her time between the corporate world and her true passion: reading and writing mystery romance novels, full of heart-racing action, suspense, twists and turns, and breathtaking romance.

Angel is an award-winning, bestselling author, a blogger, and a member of ASMSG, WLC, and several other writers groups.

 She lives in Athens, Greece, with the two loves of her life—her son and her husband.

The Greek islands—alluring destinations that cast a spell on the visitor from the very first moment—are among her favorite settings. She has written a whole series of standalone mystery romance novels—The Greek Isles Series—each taking place on a different island.

In this series, dark mysteries mingle with sizzling romances, while the reader enjoys the virtual experience of visiting some of the most enchanting Greek islands. The impeccable beauty of those islands—where nature exists lavishly in hundred shades of green and blue, and centuries of Greek tradition coexist harmoniously with cosmopolitan activity—will steal the reader’s heart away.

Award-winning, bestseller Spellbound in His Arms is the first novel published in The Greek Isles Series. In this suspenseful tale of murder, deceit, and political cover-up, sexy investigative reporter Jackie ignites the fury and stirs the passion of mysterious police detective Michael. The action unfolds on majestic Corfu in the dazzling aquamarine waters of the Ionian Sea.

Bestseller Deadly Secrets is the second novel published in The Greek Isles Series. Stunning Helena and seductive Captain Dimitris confront each other—and make sparks—in this suspenseful tale of murder, deceit, embezzlement, and treachery. The action unfolds on picturesque Mykonos—one of the most beautiful islands in the sparkling sapphire waters of the Aegean Sea—and is supported by a steamy story of forbidden love.

The Heiress of Santorini is the third novel published in The Greek Isles Series. The startling truth about her billionaire client drives breathtaking insurance manager Alexandra over the edge but cannot quell her desire for sinfully handsome and off-limits Mark. This tale of non-stop action, suspense, deceit, and murder unfolds in Atlanta, New York, and on the awe-inspiring island of Santorini—a precious gem in the Aegean Sea that is still an active volcano with spectacular rock formations, impressive lunar landscapes, and breathtaking red and black sand beaches.

Dark Shadows of The Past is the fourth novel in The Greek Isles Series. Dazzling Christina is caught in a deadly game of conspiracy, murder, treachery, and vengeance while desperately trying to conceal her real identity. Seductively handsome police detective Dan puts his job and life on the line to protect this feisty enchantress from the threat hovering over her. The non-stop action and steamy romance unfolds in Atlanta, the Blue Ridge Mountains of Northern Georgia, and the island of —the fascinating setting of “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” in the amazing aquamarine waters of the Ionian Sea. Dark Shadows of The Past will be available Spring 2015.

Assos village, Cephalonia

Links for Angel Sefer:

Website: http://www.angelsefer.co

Blog: http://www.angelsefer.blogspot.com

Facebook: http://on.fb.me/Vq75eu

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AngelSefer

Google+ Page: http://bit.ly/1xau2CE

Google+: http://bit.ly/13Fa6aU

Amazon Author’s page: http://author.to/AngelSefer

Goodreads Profile: http://bit.ly/15ePyoE

E-mail: angelsefer@ymail.com




24 Mar 2015

Christine Ashworth Has a New Release Today

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and I can’t wait to read it!


Christine Ashworth is my friend, so I may be a bit biased, but she’s a terrific romance writer. I really enjoyed Christmas Star, the first in the Star Tide series. That was a novella. This one’s a juicy full-length novel with a female rocker, a PI, danger and love.

To celebrate the new release, we’re giving away a copy of Guarded Star. Leave a comment below and one random winner will get lucky with Evie and Jake.

Book cover for Guarded Star by Christine Ashworth





Everyone leaves twenty-five-year-old Evie Marcherand, but with her naturally husky voice and musical talent she’s done okay, and her star is rising. Her songs and her guitar? Those she can count on. She’s just booked her first three-city tour. Too bad someone else wants to stop her music. Permanently.

Jake Wells. 39. Private investigator. Tall and lanky, with brown hair that’s going silver at his temples. What does he want? To go on vacation. But with four younger sisters, “protective” doesn’t begin to describe him, so a promise to a dead man means he’ll play bodyguard instead. Threats of violence against an up-and-coming singer/songwriter have been escalating, and there’s just no way that’s going to happen. But after he gets a taste of Evie Marcherand’s music—and lips—there’s no saying what will.

An excerpt from the book

Need tightened Jake’s every muscle. They waited, silent, for the elevator. He desperately wanted to know what she was thinking but had nothing to say to her that wouldn’t sound like a come-on. Tomorrow was a big night for her. He didn’t want to do anything to screw that up, so he’d just better hang on to his control and take a damned cold shower.

Or two.

Whatever would get him through the night.

The elevator finally arrived and he ushered her in. He hit the button for their floor and leaned back against the mirrored wall, gripping the bar that ran around the inside edge of the elevator, and made the mistake of taking a deep breath.

She’d worn a different perfume tonight, something exotic that went along with the makeup she’d used to great effect. She looked less like a beach girl and much more like a wanton siren, luring men and ships to a rocky death.

Jake tightened his grip as Evie sidled closer to him.

“What’s wrong?” Her smoky-sweet voice sliced through his pretense.

“Nothing.” The heat from her body tempted. The daydream he’d had in the club didn’t help. Her closeness, that dress, the perfume all pulled at his resolve to keep his hands off her.

She leaned back against the bar, her hip resting next to his hand. If he turned his palm up, he’d be able to cup her ass. He gave a silent thanks as the elevator slid to a stop and the doors opened.

But Evie didn’t move, so he pinched her behind and she jumped ahead with a little squeal. She turned to shoot him a dirty look, but he just hustled her out of the elevator to where he could breathe a little easier.

That lasted until they stopped in front of her room. “Will you come in?” Evie had opened the door and now stood, holding it wide for him. “Please?”

“Evie.” Oh God. Why did turning her down feel so wrong? “Your first big show is tomorrow night. Nothing else between us has changed. You should get some sleep.”

He expected something dramatic from her. Tears, maybe. Scorn. A tantrum. Something.

Instead, she just looked at him steadily, the door open, leaving the decision up to him. No demands made, other than her need, so clear on her face.

It killed him. She looked so vulnerable. His heart in his throat, he moved in, kissed her on the cheek and took the doorknob in his hand. “I’m right on the other side of the connecting door if you need me for anything. Sleep well. I’ll join you for breakfast in the morning, okay?” With a step backward, he pulled the door shut between them. “Throw the privacy lock on, Evie. Please.” He waited until he heard the lock click home before moving into his own room, feeling as though he had just missed out on the biggest adventure of his life.


Author Christine Ashworth at a book signing.

20 Mar 2015


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Starting Seeds on the First Day of Spring


Peat pots and earth cover

The kitchen table. Our seeds have arrived.

Here in the warm house, we plant summer’s promise

Of fruit and bloom. Already, peppers,

Two-leafed, struggling seedlings,

Adorn the window ledge.

Tonight is the vernal equinox,

And snow still swirls over the garden.

Winter still grips us, but this rite reminds us:

Bulbs pulse green and waiting in the frozen earth,

And fall’s dead rot to life in the compost heap.

Before this month is out, we will nestle

Peas in the cool, moist earth, gather

The first daffodils and tulips.

This is our Easter, of root and leaf.

We plant hope in the darkest time knowing

It will rise again in the light.


I wrote this poem when I still lived in the Finger Lakes, many years ago. There, it wasn’t unusual to have snow on the ground and more falling on the vernal equinox. It’s less common here, south of Boston. Often I’ve planted peas already, a celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day or a defiance of it, a little earth ritual on the feast day of the man who purportedly Christianized Ireland. This year, though I can see the garden fence again, and a bit of a couple of beds, we’re still weeks off from planting outdoors. But I have seeds started under lights, and last night I planted still more, thinking of this poem.



Lettuce from another spring. Fresh food is coming, I promise!

18 Mar 2015

Seasonally Sexy: Lady Sun Has Risen and Naughty Spring Traditions

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LadySun medium

North of the equator, we’re counting down to the first day of spring. I live outside Boston, which broke an all-time record for snowfall this winter, so there isn’t much green to be seen. Even so, there are fresh shoots popping up where the snow has melted, and today I picked a daffodil near a south-facing brick wall. (Granted, I picked it because we’re expecting freezing rain soon, but that brave little yellow flower was still a promising sign!) It’s almost time to enjoy all the wonders of the vernal equinox: flowers, birdsong, sunshine, bunnies, green grass, and of course, sex with attractive strangers, and maybe a spanking or two–all in the name of religion.

What? Your springtime traditions aren’t that erotically charged? You’re bucking tradition, my friend.

A still from "Spring Equninox" by Tereza Bušková, which depicts traditional Moravian spring rituals. Find out more about her work at http://www.terezabuskova.co.uk/section615482_225584.html

A still from “Spring Equninox” by Tereza Bušková, which depicts traditional Moravian spring rituals. Find out more about her work at http://www.terezabuskova.co.uk/section615482_225584.html

Apparently spring festivals in ancient times were often wild and sexy parties. Maybe it was surviving the long winter. Maybe it was all that new life burgeoning all around, from lambs to bunnies to plants. And keep in mind that until fairly recently, late winter and early spring were lean times, when stored food was gone and the new season’s crops were just getting planted. Those dandelions we yank out of the lawn as part of our modern springtime ritual? Those were food, eagerly welcomed because they, along with lambs’-quarters and other so-called weeds, and the first new leaves on the overwintered kale, were likely the first fresh edibles in months. And they were extra delicious with the first eggs available since fall. (Did you know chickens don’t like to lay eggs when the days are short, so for much of history, eggs were a seasonal product? I didn’t either, until recently.)

When people live that close to the bone, they seize the opportunity to celebrate life, and to give thanks for the return of light, warmth, and food. In my imaginary Soranian Empire, the setting for Lady Sun Has Risen and the rest of the Seasons of Sorania Cycle, the inhabitants believe spring comes because their god and goddess are finally reunited after a long winter apart. And how better to honor that passionate reunion than to do what lovers who’ve been apart for awhile like to do? (Hint: it’s what all those bunnies and birds are also doing–which, in a more primitive world, no doubt led humans to happy thoughts of rabbit stew and pigeon pie down the road. Wild creatures might be charming, but they were also tasty.)



In the settled parts of Sorania, the spring festival has become an excuse to party and hook up with what would normally be inappropriate people–all in the guise of religion. But in the wilder places, where life is harder and humans feel closer to the gods, the old rites are taken more seriously. And the spring festival involves a bit of kink to help the goddess and the god reconcile after their separation.

As chance-met travelers Miryea and Adimir discover, sometimes the gods use these these wild rites to bring together people who are meant for each other.

Oh, lovely. You are so sweet, little rabbit. So hot and sweet.” While she was still trembling from aftershock, Adimir helped her ease down to the grass.

“As Lady Sun offered herself so the Lord of Grain might grow once more, so does Miryea offer herself to me,” Adimir intoned, the words clearly ritualistic. “We honor Lady Sun and the Lord of Grain, and I honor Miryea, who yields and is greater for it, not lesser.”

He sat down then, leaning against a tree, and pulled her into his lap, rump in the air and face among the softly fragrant flowers of Lady’s Message.

She braced herself for a blow, but instead felt Adimir’s hand flowing along the line of her back, the curve of her cheeks, then slipping under her belly to cup her mound. “Lovely,” he said, “and still dripping. Rain to nourish the land.” He caressed, stroking at her, dipping into her overflowing sex with his fingers as he pressed against her clit with his palm, arousing her again until she felt like lava was flowing between her legs.

Then, and only, then, did he begin to spank her. To her surprise, the first few smacks weren’t even as hard as the ones he’d delivered when she was harvesting bonestrength. More firm, affectionate pats than swats, they made her already heated blood flow faster. No pain, just warmth, and the wonderful male smell of Adimir’s body blending with honey-sweet flowers, crushed young grass, and the musk of her own arousal. When she started arching her back, pushing back to invite the next swat, he began to stroke once again at her juicy sex.

The sunlight dazzled in front of her eyes, and her breath caught in her throat.

He was still caressing, when he delivered the next swat to her upraised bottom. It was a little harder, a little more stingy–but with Adimir’s hand circling her eager clit and stroking the slick, sensitized mouth of her sex, and her tender nipples brushing the soft new grass, the stinging transformed itself into yet another source of stimulation.

“More,” she gasped, amazing herself, and when he complied, “Oh, please, more!”

A flurry of lightly stinging blows set both her asscheeks and her pussy on her fire. All the colors of the spring glade seemed brighter, unnaturally vivid, and she could hear her blood rushing in her veins, and she was poised on the edge of coming, but Adimir was skillfully holding on that edge, making the delicious tension build more and more, but not letting her fall.

“Please,” she sobbed as the bright morning washed red with her desire. “Please.” She wasn’t sure if she meant “Please fuck me,” or “Please spank me some more,” or “Please let me come,” or simply, “Please don’t stop,” but it didn’t really matter. His hand, his cock, whatever he wanted to give her–it was all fine.

Amazon / Phaze / All Romance Ebooks /Barnes and Noble

9 Mar 2015

Cover Reveal: Bad Boys Next Door

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Bad Boys Next Door Box Set — Available March 16, 2015


There’s just something about a bad boy… It could be that neighbor you’ve had the hots for forever. Or maybe the guy in the cabin or office next door. It might even be a guy you meet on vacation or one you’ve known since you were a kid.


Twelve prolific authors, including New York Times Bestseller and USA Today Bestseller, Selena Kitt, and USA Today Bestseller, Jenny Trout writing as Abigail Barnette, present a sizzling collection of erotic romance sure to bring you to your knees and make you believe in love again – or, at least, lust at first sight!


Set also includes: Gwendolyn Cease, Bronwyn Green, Tilly Greene, Elise Hepner, Jessica Jarman, Sommer Marsden, Kris Norris, Paige Prince, Charlotte Stein, and Alison Tyler.


Abigail Barnette (Jenny Trout) – Bad Boy, Good Man


Newly independent real-life adult Ellie McCormack loves everything about her first apartment…except her neighbor. His bi-weekly sex fests keep her up at night in more ways than one as she wonders about the man who’s making all the noise—and what he’s doing to make his women so damn loud.


But even her wildest fantasies couldn’t conjure up a man like Antony DeLuca. When she works up the nerve to confront him, she’s expecting a player, but there’s more to Antony than his carefree sexual escapades. One hot night with him helps Ellie see through the man who drives women wild, to the good guy beneath it all. A guy that she just might be able to fall for…


Gwendolyn Cease – No Strings


All Kaitlin O’Neal wants to do is fix her sink. She’s intelligent and resourceful. Plus, she’s got her own tools. How hard could it be? Apparently, extremely hard, since her attempt left the sink in an unusable condition. When her next-door neighbor, Cameron Sinclair, offers to help her fix the mess and renovate the rest of the kitchen, she jumps at the chance. She’d be a fool not to, right? Cameron, though, is hotter than hot and makes her an offer she can’t refuse.


Cameron has wanted Kaitlin since she moved next door. So what if she’s older than him? She’s beautiful, sexy, and he wants to get to know her better. He offers her a no strings affair—one he hopes will keep her coming back to his bed. Between home improvements and steamy sex, Cameron realizes that their no strings fling will never be enough, but can he convince Kaitlin he’s worth the risk?


Bronwyn Green – Drawn That Way


Tristan Weaver, accountant for a successful video game company, is in way over her head. Honestly answering a company-wide survey and criticizing the sexist stereotypes used in the company’s games was enough to catch her boss’ attention. But speculating on his sex life within his earshot has unexpected consequences when her hot, but nerdy, boss invites her to model for him.


Owner, artist and lead developer of Brecken Games, Rory Brecken, has a strict no fraternizing with employees rule. However, when he overhears Tristan’s conversation with her friend about his rumored kinks and begins to suspect her curiosity in the submissive side of sex, he’s more than a little tempted. When her interest is undeniably confirmed, he suggests a onetime only, colleagues with benefits hook-up.


Though neither want a relationship, once isn’t enough for either one of them. As their encounters become more intense, Rory makes a huge mistake that may cost him the woman he’s coming to love.


Tilly Greene – Her Wicked Ride


Mike Mulligan co-owns a garage and fixes cars. He rides a Harley, is covered in tattoos and has spent time in jail. Since being released he’s tried to live a clean life, but he’s a bad boy with women, very bad and terribly sexy. Bondage, domination, and so much more, are his preferences when playing with the ladies, and there have been a variety until the last one.


For the first time, he had to work for a yes. All summer, they’ve had fabulously wild no-holds-barred sex, but one morning everything changes. With chaos in the garage, a cup of coffee in hand, and a half-naked Sherry Gonzales in his lap, his eyes are opened to wanting more than sex with her. Mike’s solution is to go on a date, their first date.


The night starts out fine. But things get wicked on the back of his bike before taking a turn, but for the good or bad?


Elise Hepner – A Marriage of Inconvenience


When Izzy Thorton’s mother falls ill and is given a terminal diagnosis the last thing Izzy anticipates is a proposal from her best friend, Sebastian Leery, to fulfill her mother’s dying wish. Only one snafu keeps Izzy from saying yes—she’s in love with him. But before she can say much of anything to his proposal, Bash takes the reins by telling her mother the good news.


Unable to fight her undeniable attraction to her playboy best friend—Izzy goes through with the best and worst mistake of her life. No sooner are the rings exchanged when they both realize their friendship can only bridge so many gaps. Sebastian has no hope of keeping his skeletons in the closet and Izzy doesn’t know how much longer she can keep her heart out of the equation.


Together they fumble through the darkness of their past to a future that might just be a little more clear–if they can fight their chemistry long enough to talk.


Jessica Jarman – London Bound


After losing her husband six years ago, Meg Stevens has focused on the day-to-day and being a mother, not sparing a thought for anything beyond—no dates, no excitement, no life other than what she already had. A six-week vacation to London, all but forced on her by her two children, changes all of that. Meg meets the man of her dreams—gorgeous, dominant, and completely on board with a short-term fling—despite the fact he’s far too young for her.


Nathan Harris is more than a bit curious about the beautiful woman renting the upstairs flat, and once he talks to her, curiosity is quickly replaced by arousal and desire. It doesn’t take long before it’s clear she longs to experience sexual submission, and Nathan finds himself desperate to be the one she submits to.


Her days spent exploring the city, her nights exploring Nathan and the pleasure submitting to him brings, Meg discovers the trip she’d taken out of obligation has turned into something she doesn’t want to walk away from. However, the life she left behind beckons, and there’s no room there for dreaming of something she can never have.


Selena Kitt – Working for the Weigands


Lloyd “Boone” Goodhart has been working for the Weigands since he was in high school, mowing their ornamental lawn, shoveling their long, winding driveway and skimming their enormous in-ground pool for extra cash, much of which he gives to his mom, a single-mother who has worked in the Wal-Mart bakery for twenty years. Boone, more apathetic cynic than true slacker, is also attending community college, bagging groceries at a local supermarket, and rebuilding his dead-beat dad’s old Harley.


His second summer after high school graduation starts out just as mundane and routine as the first, but Boone’s world turns upside down when Mrs. Weigand tells him her husband has left her, and her daughter has returned from boarding school in Europe, where Danielle “Ellie” Weigand has spent the past five years.


Before he knows which way is up, Mrs. Weigand starts requesting extra services of Boone—in more ways than one—while her daughter, Ellie, teases him mercilessly, just like she did in junior high. He soon finds himself immersed in a desperate, passionate affair, with not just one woman, but two.


Will the attention of both mother and daughter be more than he can handle, or will his growing feelings for them be more than he can bear?


Sommer Marsden – The Anniversary Party


Kylie Walker is cracking under the stress of hosting a thirtieth anniversary party for her parents and trying to keep up with her freelance writing deadlines. With a new house, a well-meaning but useless sister, and roughly forty people about to descend on her home, she doesn’t think it can get much worse. Until her mother’s friend, Mrs. Sinclair, calls to ask if they might bring one more person. Her son, Wade. The man who up and left Kylie eight years before.


Wade Sinclair has come back to town with one hope—to make things right with his high school sweetheart. Still hopelessly in love with Kylie, Wade knows he must come clean about why he left her all those years ago so he can finally set about reclaiming what he never should have let go of in the first place—her love.


Can they put their past behind them and look toward the future? Or will the anniversary party be the end of them altogether?


Kris Norris – Force of Nature


Love—an unparalleled force of nature.


Conservation Officer, Finley McKay, isn’t a stranger to criticism. Taking risks to protect delicate ecosystems doesn’t impress most people—including the doctor renting the cabin beside hers. The man’s arrogant, opinionated and far too sexy in his faded jeans and tees. She already knows he’s an ass—she just wished it mattered enough to make her keep her distance.


Dr. Coen Brady isn’t looking to fit in. Having recently retired from the military, he’s hoping to spend a few months hiding from the world in a small, out-of-the-way town in northern Washington.


But just his luck, he has the misfortune of running into his next-door neighbor. A girl who seems determined to get herself killed before his time there is up. She’s reckless, stubborn and slowly driving him insane.


When anger morphs into angry sex, Coen knows taking her to bed is a calculated risk—one he might regret when her investigation turns deadly, leaving Finley’s life hanging in the balance. Breaking a few rules to keep her in the game doesn’t seem that dangerous, until it becomes painfully obvious she won’t stop until justice is served—even if the price is her life.


Paige Prince – Lost Treasure


Danielle Almasi-Epperson’s parents were killed in a tragic car accident when she was eight years old, leaving her world famous, Egyptologist grandfather to raise her in their stead. While she had the pleasure of growing up on archaeological digs, he never believed that the field was a woman’s place. All she’s ever dreamed of is adventure and the kind of love her parents had.


Jareth Riley was the boy in the tent next door to Danielle’s at every dig she could remember while growing up. Her grandfather and his father labeled him a troublemaker from day one. So, when Danielle and Jareth fall in love and lose their virginity to each other, it takes no time at all for her grandfather to ship her off to Harvard.


Ten years later, she’s working as a curator at a museum and he’s a treasure hunter. When he shows up on her doorstep asking for help to find a lost artifact with supposed mystical powers, she can’t help but say yes. In no time at all, they’re on the run from mad men with guns and rekindling the romance that had never quite died. Will they be able to restore the lost treasure to the rightful owners, or will they destroy their chance at happiness or lose their lives in the attempt?


Charlotte Stein – Curveball


When Judy Myers is offered a relaxing vacation to get away from her latest heartbreak, she can’t say no. A cruise on her brother’s yacht sounds like heaven…until she realizes her brother’s best friend has been invited along for the ride.


Steven Stark is big, he’s loud, and he’s obviously not interested in the plump, plain little sister he used to tease unmercifully. In fact, he’s still quite happy to tease her – until she turns the tables on him. Now, Steven can’t seem to keep his thoughts, or his hands, to himself. And worse, Judy’s not sure she can resist the attraction she’s kept buried for so many years.


Being trapped on a boat isn’t the best place to be, when you’re suddenly thrown a hunky curveball.


Alison Tyler – The Spanking House


The Spanking House is a fantastical tale of a writer struggling against the beast known as “writer’s block.” Mia Rogers rents a cozy cottage in a small town in hopes of jumpstarting the novel she can’t seem to finish. When she meets Tripp Johnson, she becomes motivated in ways she previously hadn’t thought possible.

6 Mar 2015

Cover Reveal: Playing by His Rules by Glenda Horsfall

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Playing by His Rules – Book 2 in the ‘Playing’ series will be released on 7th April 2015.

Front Cover

Front Cover

Back Cover

Back Cover

Releasing on 7th April – Pre Order on Amazon.


He pointed to the floor between himself and the spanking stool. “On your knees.”

She folded herself gracefully into position and he clenched his teeth as he struggled to contain his impulse to haul her onto his lap and impale her on his erection. His cock surged, the blood pounding through him in strong steady beats, as he surveyed her down bent head. He needed to maintain control; he had to think of something other than enveloping himself inside her. His mind scrabbled to come up with anything other than her, and then he remembered her curiosity at the cabinet.

“You were looking in the cabinet.” He reached out and wrapped her hair around his hand. He pulled her head back and looked into her eyes. “Which of my toys did you like best?” His voice was no louder than a harsh whisper and he mentally berated himself for letting her get to him.

“I didn’t really choose a favorite.” Her words were stilted and low.

“But something in the cabinet interested you.” He watched as her shoulders tensed. “What was it?”

“I wouldn’t say it interested me.” She lifted her head and looked warily at him. “I just wasn’t sure what it was.”

“Describe it to me.”

She briefly described the shape and color of the object that had drawn her attention, and he smiled inwardly.

“Do you know which toy I mean?”

“I do.” He smiled broadly, as he relished the prospect of introducing her to the toy. “I think you’ll enjoy it.”

“But what is it for?”

“I think perhaps it is better that I show you.” She tensed and looked slightly apprehensive, but did not object.

“Now, however, it is time for your punishment.” He indicated the sloping stool in front of her. “Climb aboard.”

When she didn’t move, he repeated his command. “Now, Chloe! I do not want to have to repeat myself again tonight. Is that clear?”

“Yes, sir.” She gingerly moved toward the stool. He snagged an arm around her waist and lifted her onto the stool shaped in an inverted ‘v’ position. Her top half lay on the cushion-padded slope and she had to stretch out her arms to reach the handholds at the bottom of the slope to help her maintain her balance. Her legs relaxed against the opposite slope as her behind rested on the well-padded apex. He bent and swiftly cuffed her ankles to the sides of the stool and awaited her objections. When none were forthcoming, he walked around and manacled her wrists to the front of the frame.

He ran his fingers around and under the restraints. “Comfortable?”

“Yes, sir.” She sounded excited and he struggled to contain his moan of arousal.

He adjusted a lever and the stool position altered slightly. It didn’t move far, but it was enough to stretch her legs and have her standing on the tips of her toes. The position would allow her little advantage against him. She would have no choice but to submit to his mastery of her body.

She gave a small whimper and he stroked her back gently. “It’s alright. There’s nothing to be frightened of.” He continued to caress down her back and across her buttocks in a very non-sexual way as he waited for her to calm down. “Do you remember your safe word?”

“Yes, sir.” His heart lurched at her continued use of the phrase and he wondered if she was truly coming to accept him as her master.

“Good girl.”

He had to remind himself that she was new to all of this and to slow things down. He crouched at the front of the stool and lifted her head in order that he could look into her eyes. “The lesson I was aiming to teach this morning was about control. As your Dom it is my right to grant or deny your pleasure.” Her eyes widened as if he had shocked her, but she didn’t say a word. “When I tell you to close your eyes, I don’t expect to see you gazing at me. When I demand silence, I don’t want to hear a word. When I ask you not to move, I expect you to keep still. In here, you call me Master. Do you understand?”

“Yes. But–”

“No buts, Chloe. Those are the rules of this game.” His tone was harsher than he had ever used with her before, but he wanted to make sure that she understood his intent. “What I demand, you give. Unless of course,” he quantified his statement, “you decide to safe word.”

He held his breath as he awaited her response. When she said nothing he released his hold and stood up moving out of her line of vision.

He continued to talk to her as he wandered over to his cabinet to withdraw several of his favorite toys. “We’re going to have a little session where you will practice self-control.” He ran the anal beads that had so fascinated her, through his fingers. “I am going to teach you some new pleasures, sweetheart. You can move as much as the stool allows. You can scream as loud as you want, this room is soundproof.” He had returned to her side in time to hear her gasp aloud and he bent and whispered in her ear, “The one thing you are not allowed to do is cum.”

She turned her head and looked him straight in the eye. “That’s cruel!”

“Wrong, sweetheart.” He leaned forward and kissed her softly. “It’s control. Its pleasure beyond what you can currently imagine. It’s an exquisite form of torture.”

Book 1 – Playing for Keeps is on Sale at only 99p / 99c until 8th March 2015.

Available on Amazon: http://ow.ly/JQRMC

Author Bio:

Glenda Horsfall was born and brought up in the beautiful city of Edinburgh.

From an early age she was an avid reader. She became engrossed in reading romance novels in her early teens and promised herself that one day she would sit down and write her own.

Glenda is now living the dream… and enjoying every minute of it. She writes romantic tales with light BDSM overtones. They may be tales of Domination and submission, but you are guaranteed a romance with a Happy Ever After ending!

Glenda now lives on the Fylde Coast of England with her own hero. She has a grown up son and four beautiful grand-daughters – the fourth born last month.

Having worked for many years as an Accountant, she loves being able to let her creative imagination run wild as she creates romantic stories for you to enjoy.

Author Links:


Facebook: http://ow.ly/JTkh9

Twitter: http://twitter.com/GlendaHorsfall

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/glendahorsfall/

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/GHorsfall

Website: www.GlendaHorsfall.com

Blog: https://ghorsfallblog.wordpress.com/

3 Mar 2015

Thrill-Kinky is up for pre-order! Plus…celebratory excerpt

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Not long ago, I showed off my cover for my science fiction romance Thrill-Kinky, a book so new it wasn’t even up on the publisher’s website yet, let alone on any of the usual retailers. I’m delighted to say that’s been rectified. The book won’t be available until May 12, but buy it now while you’re thinking of it. Then, if you’re anything like me, you’ll get a lovely surprise on May 12, when a new book wafts onto your ereader. To celebrate, I’m giving you a brief teaser excerpt.

This post is part of the March Science Fiction Romance Brigade Showcase. Please stop by, click the links, and show the other participants some love. Not all the posts will be live yet, as the Showcase “officially” runs March 6,7 & 8.

Book Cover for Thrill-Kinky: embracing heterosexual cover with an overlay of stars

Buy Links: Samhain / Amazon / B&N / Kobo /All Romance eBooks / iBooks (iTunes)

Chronicles of the
Malcolm, Book 1

Sexual freefall is like a game of chicken, except the first one to let go wins.

Humans may have expanded to the stars, but they still have the annoying need to work for a living. Which is why Rita, crew member of the space freighter Malcolm, is stuck collecting recyclable slag rather than attending her favorite festival celebrating love and sexuality.

Things go from boring to interesting when she discovers a badly injured man who’s been thrown into a recycling bin to die. The catch, he’s gorgeous, winged, and naked.

Drax Jalricki, reformed (mostly) art thief and reluctant covert operative, is on an undercover mission to protect three planets when someone in his own government brands him a traitor. By virtue of association, Rita and her crew are going down with him.

From their first, hide-in-plain-sight quickie, the erotic spark between Rita and Drax is fueled by danger and adrenaline. But their growing suspicion that there’s more to their connection than lust may not matter if they don’t live through the night.

Warning: Hero and heroine who straddle the line of criminal behavior—and definitely violate public indecency statutes. Exhibitionist, dangerous sex. Dark, sordid pasts. Wild risk-taking. Giggly cat-girl sidekick who’s not just another pretty…tail. And the greatest risk of all: true love.


What a delightful way to spend a holiday on the exotic planet of San’bal Prime—collecting garbage. Rita Anteres couldn’t imagine anything more thrilling. All right, she could imagine a number of more thrilling things, including recharging the fuel cells of the Malcolm, the small independent freighter whose mechanic, backup pilot and general space-grunt she was. At least there would be natives of San’bal to meet at the recharge center, maybe some local snack food she could try. And failing that, at least she could read a book while she was waiting.

The “collecting garbage” wasn’t as bad as it sounded in her grumpy mental soundtrack. The Malcolm had gotten a lucrative contract hauling industrial slag from San’bal Prime to Blemond. Rita wasn’t clear on the actual process, but San’bal’s waste product was a key component in a new kind of neurorelay they were developing on Blemond.

Boring though it was, Rita was all for highly paid, legal jobs. For that matter, she was all for a new kind of neurorelay. Maybe the competition would drop the price enough that she and the rest of the crew could afford them instead of relying on old-school com-pads. Only Mik and Gan had neurorelays, and her captain and his husband had early models that sometimes caused migraines.

But she’d drawn the short straw and she was out with the floater collecting bins of slag while everyone else from the crew was celebrating Kenu Aram, the local “celebration of the gods’ gift of love and desire”, in the ways you’d expect. Gan and Mik planned to check out the shows, eat whatever wasn’t still wriggling when it hit the plate, then shag each other’s brains out. (As long as they didn’t encounter anything that smacked of a child being hurt. Her boss had a highly developed sense of outrage, and Gan just liked to smack down bullies.) Xia was looking for a chance to get laid or, failing that, to cause some amusing trouble or pick the pockets of distracted lovers. (And then buy them presents with their own credit chits, because that was what felinoids did when they stole, and head back to the ship to have a drink with Buck.) Buck was getting drunk, which was pretty much the way he celebrated every day he woke up and no one was shooting at him. For that matter, he drank on days someone shot at him, though fortunately that didn’t happen much. A low-level buzz, he said, helped keep the horrors away. When you were a broke veteran of the losing side of a war, it wasn’t easy to get a better treatment than that.

Poor Buck—the wonderful, crazy big brother she and Xia never knew they had until they signed on to the Malcolm.


And now for those links again…

Samhain / Amazon / B&N / Kobo /All Romance eBooks / iBooks (iTunes)

1 Mar 2015

Cover Reveal: Savannah Sins by Jenna Fox

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Cover Reveal Banner


TITLE – Savannah Sins
AUTHOR – Jenna Fox
GENRE – erotic/horror
PUBLICATION DATE – March 3rd 2015
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 15,300 words
PUBLISHER –Dark Hollows Press
COVER ARTIST – 3 Rusted Spoons


Her prison became his hell.

The only thing standing between Beverly Price and a prison cell is her well connected attorney, Jackson McNabb. Jackson pulls some legal strings, getting Beverly sent to his family’s plantation to work out her sentence at an isolated setting- the perfect place for sexual escapades. When Jack and Beverly act on the pent-up lust burning between them, their passion rouses an angry spirit, setting off a series of frightening paranormal events and sending Beverly fleeing the arms of her lover, leaving Jack to fight for both of their lives.

Where will you run when your sins come back to haunt you?


Male model outdoors


It took her higher than any drug. Deeper, harder and faster. Each thrust was more determined than the last. Beverly’s pussy was zinging with sensitivity, stretched wider than ever in so long, with a man balls deep inside her. The inferno burned higher and hotter as she tightened around him, his cock expanding with her clasping heat. Jack began a merciless onslaught, holding nothing back, breaking down the fibers of her being. Her world was on fire and her emotions were spinning. Their bodies exploded, mouths agape as they came out loud together and she reached around him, clutching his ass to grind more of his hard flesh into hers.

Savannah Sins - Author Photo


Jenna Fox is a civilized hillbilly, mother, wife and multi-published author of erotic romance residing in Eastern Tennessee. Besides juggling a busy family life, Fox reviews and critiques for other authors and crafts her own dark erotic tales. Stories always feature a mysterious alpha male with unexpected twists to shock the reader. She believes in HFN and HEA endings, although not always in a romantic or conventional way.

Her work is born from real life experiences, an overactive imagination and a consuming caffeine addiction. Fox is a listener of bad-ass music and a watcher of classic slasher films. In short, she’s a multi-tasker – a writer, a storyteller, able to make a boo-boo all better with just one kiss and a proud, world class expert at screwing up recipes and scaring away closet monsters. She believes in ghosts and God and is absolutely convinced chocolate soothes the savage beast.




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27 Feb 2015

Introducing Kayla Lords and “Madame Gretchen”

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Get your copy on Amazon today!

Get your copy on Amazon today!

Madame Gretchen:

Six kinksters want to join the most exclusive BDSM club in the area, The Iron Maiden. The first requirement? Survive Madame Gretchen. Join them as they navigate six weeks of kinkiness led by a sadistic, crop-wielding Domme who loves forced orgasms and demands total surrender. Their limits will be stretched and their desires uncovered.

Where to Find Madame Gretchen:



Available for free on Kindle Unlimited!

Excerpt from Madame Gretchen:

Facing the room, she allowed a mischievous smile to appear. Most of her submissive clients cringed and dripped when they saw this smile. She was about to push boundaries and expand minds – her favorite part of Domination.

“Ok, partner up. Missy and Pup, for tonight, you may stay together if you choose, but understand this will be the last time I allow it.” She crossed her arms, leaning back into her heels, watching how they paired off.

Ivory, sweet, sweet Ivory, went right for Drake. Madame Gretchen liked her even more. She was confident in herself, and it showed. Drake could see it too, as his smile widened as she reached out to shake his hand and introduce herself. She could see Ivory’s dimple from here, deepening as she giggled and flirted.

Bella looked confused and awkward. Randy Boy reached out to pat her hand and looked only at her face. Madame Gretchen sensed he was trying to comfort her and help her feel less conspicuous. She admired him for it.

“Ok, we’re boy-girl, huh? Well that does make the instructions easier, doesn’t it?” She couldn’t keep the evil grin from her face or the humor from her voice, nor did she try. Things were about to get interesting. “Ladies first! Men, arms at your side, eyes forward. Ladies, I want you to look at the man in front of you from head to toe and back up again. Just your eyes, no matter how tempted your are to touch your partner. We’ll get to that later.”
She ignored the furtive glances from the room at her last statement.

The moment the men knew someone’s eyes were on them, their cocks begged for attention, twitching and jerking, coming to life, filling, leaning forward, begging for attention. She could hear the men’s breath hitching in their throats as their bodies betrayed whatever their faces attempted to convey. The smell of desire and fear filled the room and it made her wet with desire. Missy smirked as her eyes blazed a trail up and down Pup’s wide body. Madame Gretchen could feel the submissive switching to her Domme side. Her eyes changed first, becoming hard and glittery, then her posture changed from unsure to commanding. Ivory giggled and licked her lips over and over, her dark skin becoming impossibly darker as she blushed.

Madame Gretchen didn’t blame her, she might have done the same if faced with Drake’s perfect beauty. Bella was going to be a hard one to crack. Madame Gretchen watched as she started at Randy Boy’s face, gazed down his chest and stomach and then skipped down to his knees. It was the same on the way back up.

“Bella! I think you’re missing a very important part of this exercise.” Madame Gretchen could see the flush in her skin from across the room. She made no move to join the couple. “Try again. Don’t make me resort to harsher methods.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” Bella licked her lips and tried again. She still averted her eyes away from Randy’s cock.

“Bella, on your knees, eyes forward.”

The shy submissive looked as if she would argue with Madame Gretchen for a split second. One look into the Domme’s eyes changed her mind. She shook as she fell to her knees, her head bowed, her hair a dark curtain covering her face.

“Eyes up, Bella. Don’t make me say it again.”

Bella forced her gaze up and stared straight at Randy’s groin. Her gulp and subsequent gasp were audible. Her eyes widened as she watched his body respond to her proximity and her attention. There was easily three feet of space between them, but his body reacted all the same.

Madame Gretchen continued the exercise until the women began to squirm slightly and lean closer to their male partners.

“Ok, now it’s time to switch! Bella you may stand again. Eyes forward, ladies. Men, look to your heart’s content.” She sang out the command as if she were sending children out to recess.

As she expected, the men completed the task differently. They didn’t simply stare at the women’s faces, torsos, tits, pussy, and legs. Like wolves, they prowled around the women, leaning in, inhaling their scent, taking in every detail they could. Drake licked his lips every time his eyes touched Ivory’s full breasts. Pup couldn’t keep his eyes from Missy’s slit and mound. Randy Boy was the least obvious of the three men, but Madame Gretchen noted how his eyes were riveted to Bella’s hips and the globes of her ass.

As if on cue, the women’s breathing became raspy. Madame Gretchen could smell the desire in the room. Whether it belonged to the women or the men mattered not, the affect was the same. The voyeur and Domme in her was ready for the last part of tonight’s lesson.

About Kayla Lords:

KaylaLordsI discovered my love of writing at age seven and my sexual fantasies by age 13. It took a divorce and re-entry into the dating to world to find my sexual power and voice. I am a sexual submissive in the BDSM lifestyle which is not as extreme and terrifying as it may first appear from the outside looking in.

I write BDSM-themed erotica with a focus on dominance and submission (D/s). I not only want to turn my readers on, but I want them to realize that D/s is more than just a kink and isn’t scary or degrading.


A blogger, tweeter, and talker, I love interacting with my readers as much as possible!

Follow Kayla Lords:


26 Feb 2015

For my UK friends: Kinkify your weekend with Smut Luton 7th March 2015

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It’s enough to make me want to buy a ticket to the UK. Of course I’m in a traveling mood and we have more snow predicted for next week, so getting out of town sounds like a plan. Luton, UK isn’t a tropical paradise, but it’s not Alaskachusetts, so I’ll take it. And kink does a lot to keep one warm.

Smut Luton 7th March 2015

smut factory luton

The Hat factory, Luton will host the first smut event of 2015 sponsored by House of Erotica. Smut Events are fun, safe, inclusive days out when erotica & erotic romance readers and writers get together to socialize, exchange ideas and inspire one another.

The theme for Luton is Kinkificasmut factory book shottion. We’ll be adding a little kink to your life with some great workshops, demonstrations and performances. Not to mention the book stall where you can pick up some sexy reading material and the erotic raffle where you’ll be able to win prizes from Bondara.co.uk , Segzi.co.uk and a special something from Smut UK.

Charlie J Forrest will be showing off some rope tricks and answering your questions on getting your lover all tied up, Zak Jane Keir will be talking about taking your hobbies and giving them a naughty spin for your erotic writing and sexy play and Victoria Blisse will be exploring all the senses and how they can heighten your sexual arousal on the page and in the bedroom.

We’ve got readings from Lucy FelthouseJennifer Denys, Charlotte HowardBella SettaraCharlie J ForrestMeg PhilipAnna Sky, Cara Sutra and Victoria Blisse that are sure to tempt and tease.

Pick up your tickets at Smutluton.co.uk and join the facebook event to keep up with all the event news.
smut factory logo




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25 Feb 2015

The Year of Bountiful Snow

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witch hazel-001


So far, my Year of Bountiful Possibilities has turned into a year of Bountiful Snow. After an open early winter and a green Christmas, we’ve gotten enough snow in the greater Boston area to bury Rob Gronkowski (we’ve had more snow since February 10, when this piece was written). Most of my readers, regardless of how they feel about the New England Patriots, will agree that hiding someone who looks like Gronk is a damn shame and snow deep enough to hide a 6’6″ man, whether he’s handsome and buff or not, is excessive amounts of the white stuff.* But today it actually got above freezing, I heard the steady drip-drip-drip of melting icicles, and over along the south wall of the house, there’s a tiny patch right next to the house where some terribly bedraggled daffodil leaves are poking up. (Tough little guys. Not only are they sprouting despite snow, they’re pushing aside the cardboard mulch we laid down in that bed. We hadn’t wanted to sacrifice the spring bulbs, but the bed was so weed-ridden it seemed easiest to smother and then replant.) While not even the posts from the garden fence are visible, today’s thaw compressed the snow enough I can see the shape of the raised beds. They’re still buried, but I see they’re out there, and that’s reassuring.

I live with Seasonal Affective Disorder, but most years, I deal with it by spending as much time as possible outdoors. Since mid-January, when there hasn’t been an active snowstorm in progress, it seems like the wind chills have been well below zero, making even a walk around the block a scary prospect. And with the snow as deep as it is, hiking is iffy. I’ve gone snowshoeing once and had a blast, but since I have to rent the snowshoes in another town, and the store isn’t particularly near any of my favorite parks, it’s not something I can easily run out and do for an hour before or after the day job. I know: excuses, excuses! I’m going out this weekend, though: snowshoes on Sunday and maybe a short walk in the woods on Saturday. I wouldn’t call it a hike, but the main path around the pond at the state park near my house should be pretty tromped down by now. And I’ll feel much better.


Snowshoing shadow selfie (my husband’s hands were so cold he couldn’t work the camera)

January and February haven’t all been holing up in the house cursing the snow. We attended a grand party held by our SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) household–good food, good company and even a tiny bit of snowshoeing thanks to a friend who’d brought hers along. I read from Out of Control at the Fetish Fair Fleamarket in Providence and got to spend some time with other erotica/erotic romance writers, although we ended up leaving early due to, you guessed, snow. Last weekend we attended the Rhode Island Flower Show and saw green! growing! things! and actual flowers still attached to plants. It was smaller than we expected, possibly because the winter has been so dreadful even greenhouses found themselves challenged. But it was still a good time, topped off with a fondue dinner.

Espaliered fruit trees in bloom at the flower show

Espaliered fruit trees in bloom at the flower show

"Tiny house" style gazebo and spring flowers

“Tiny house” style gazebo and spring flowers


Brightly painted pallet fence

A wonderful fence idea, made of pallets, with planting space at the top

Vintage bike being used as a planter, on a garden shed roof

Bicycle art!










Angel's trumpet--it's HUGE!

Angel’s trumpet–it’s HUGE!






















And of course, I’ve been writing, although I have to admit not as much as I would have been were I not in the grip of Seasonal Affective Disorder and wanting, deep down, to spend a lot of time eating sweets and sleeping. I actually got a novella and my samples for the NECRWA Conference pitch session in before the deadline, and I’m discovering that my work in progress, tentatively called Overdrive, doesn’t actually stink like carrion. I had to sit on the first draft for almost a month before I dared revisit it, but I’m pleased to say it’s good. Rough, as is the nature of first drafts, but good.

You know, I think I may survive this winter after all.

* If you don’t live in snow country, you might think I have this much snow stacked in my yard. I don’t. It compresses under its own weight, and some melts or sublimates away, so it’s more like 3.5-4 feet  at this point. But that’s still a lot, and the drift at the end of the driveway is about 8 feet tall.

11 Feb 2015

Sexy vampires — C.P. Mandara introduces DESIRING DEATH

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Today’s visitor is C.P. Mandara, a skilful writer of things dark and erotic who’s telling us about her new, sexy (kinky, even!) vampire book Desiring Death. It’s the first in the Evading Death series (though there’s a prequel available as well), so I imagine we’ll be hearing a lot more about this sexy paranormal world. And don’t miss the Rafflecopter at the end of a post. You could win books and an Amazon gift card!

desiring death coverTitle: Desiring Death

Author: C.P. Mandara

Series: Evading Death (Book 1)

Genre: Paranormal/Vampire/Erotica

Publisher: Chimera Books UK

Release Date: 22 January 2015

Edition/Format Available In: eBook / Paperback


Imagine a famed vampire huntress with a taste for death, so successful not a single vampire has ever managed to escape her wooden stakes or evade her silver knives. Her name is Violetta, and all that is about to change.

Monsieur Martinet, vampire extraordinaire, is a master of his kind and can exert the kind of control over humans that Violetta has never seen before. He is a powerful force. He may well be unstoppable. And that’s going to be a problem, because Violetta has killed every single one of Martinet’s monstrous family – and he has a score to settle.

He’s going to abduct her, imprison her, and then tie her down until she begs for mercy. And that’s only the beginning…



‘You bit me,’ she accused, aghast, and her mouth was pulled back in a grimace of horror.

‘Oh, do keep up,’ he said with a tired sigh. ‘I pretended to bite you. That little morsel of fun happened only inside your head. The real thing is far better, and if you’re a good girl, I might even give you a demonstration.’ There was no accompanying smile after that sentence, and didn’t that say it all?

‘No, you bit me, earlier.’ Her voice was rising and sounded slightly hysterical. ‘My knife,’ she pointed to the blade below her feet, ‘is covered in blood. My shoulder stings. You bit me.’

‘Pumpkin,’ he sighed. ‘You’d know if I bit you. There’d be a post-orgasmic, flashing blue lights, shocked-at-the-brilliance of the world type of aura about you. All you’ve had is a knife plunged into your shoulder. If you’re hankering after a set of puncture wounds, though, I’m sure I can oblige.’ He used his index finger to beckon her forward and displayed a set of prominent fangs for her benefit. ‘It’s jolly good…’

‘Fine.’ She managed to get her trembling hands under control and she used them to smooth her auburn waves carefully around her face. Rearranging the long folds of her dress, which had become decidedly rumpled as she’d worn them dangling around her face for the duration of the spanking, she then took great care to pick up the knife by its unsullied handle and looked at it with displeasure.

‘You be a good girl and give it to your friends, now. You know exactly what will happen if you don’t, princess.’ He waved her back into the ballroom beyond, where a lively orchestral tune had just struck up. Her face turned to the lights streaming through the open doors and he knew she wanted to make a break for the safety of the walls within. She had much to learn. Nowhere would be safe for her anymore. In fact, safety would not be a usable word in her vocabulary from this night forth. ‘After you’ve finished with your death buddies, come back here and we’ll go party at mine. I’ll show you what you’ve been missing all these years.’ He unearthed his fangs again for good measure, and curled his tongue around a sharp point.

He knew she had to bite down the urge to scream at him. It would have been immensely entertaining had he not been coping with third degree burns.

‘You wouldn’t want to give me any hints or tips on how to remove that arrogant head of yours from your body, would you?’ Her voice held a simpering, sweet quality, and her little girl antics made him want to throw her down on the ground and cover her entire body with grass stains.

‘What can I say?’ He shrugged. ‘You’ll probably need to take a step over into the other side of life to find out though, precious. You’ll never kill me as a human.’

‘You’re the most vile and loathsome creature, I’ve ever met, Martinet. Using my fantasy was a low blow. Sexy stranger you may be, but you were hardly a knight-in-shining-armour. Next time you grope around for fantasies inside my head, make sure you do the job properly,’ she barked.

‘You came didn’t you? What more do you want? Rose petals and a fanfare? Tell you what, next time I’ll get out the horse and carriage and we can go for a proper ride…’ Martinet didn’t bother continuing. He was presented with her back as she stomped off and damned if she didn’t have a mighty fine ass to ogle.

‘Your performance was appalling, by the way.’ She did not raise her voice to utter the condemning statement, but she was well aware that she didn’t need to. What was it with women who always needed to get the last word in?

He cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled, ‘Good thing I’ll be getting plenty of practise in later then, isn’t it?’ He had to raise his voice quite significantly to make sure he could be heard by her inferior ears. No reply was forthcoming, but he knew she’d heard him by the stiffening of her neck and the tightening of her fingers.


Book Links

Amazon / Goodreads

Sexy woman in red dress (lap and legs only) with "Ooh! C.P. Mandara" superimposedBio: Christina (C.P.) Mandara was born in the UK, but has spent most of her life travelling the world. She speaks three languages and has been chiefly employed in the fields of finance and travel. Her favourite city is Sydney and her favourite holiday destination is the south of France.

She loves keeping fit and enjoys running, cycling and water sports. No, not those kinds of water sports; think surfing or sailing. That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t enjoy BDSM in all of its glorious forms, be that pony girls, bondage, edge play, orgasm denial or a damn good spanking. Her favourite item in the toy closet (a box simply isn’t big enough) is her riding crop.

In her spare time she’s usually cuddled up with a good book, exploring the countryside or baking in the kitchen. In fact, she loves her kitchen so much she’s one of few woman who wouldn’t mind being tied to it! Her first and foremost love is writing, however, and more often than not you’ll find her on a laptop spinning tales of romance, erotica or dark, paranormal fantasies.


Author Links

Amazon Author Page

Barnes and Noble Author Page

Blog {Blissful Blog}




Twitter {@naughtynell101}

Twitter {@cpmandara}


Other Works by C.P. Mandara

 Pony Tales Series

The Riding School (1)

Learning the Ropes (2)

Hot to Trot (3)

Named and Shamed (4)

A Rough Ride (5)

Evading Death Series

Dancing With Death: Ensnared and Enraptured (Prequel)

Desiring Death (1)

Rafflecopter Link for $20 Amazon Gift Card and 3 eBook copies of Desiring Death:

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NSFW Excerpt from Witches’ Waves

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Reads "Masturbation Monday: where getting off is half the fun"

Click here for more juicy excerpts and other erotic fun.

It’s Masturbation Monday, and you know what that means: hot scenes you shouldn’t read at work because they might inspire you to … well, you know! That’s why, despite the “Monday” in the name, this is going live on Sunday. If you’re “enjoying” some snow, this steamy M/M scene should keep you warm. I figured it was time to bring the cast of my sexy paranormal romance Witches’ Waves out to play again. This very naughty excerpt show Kyle the serious otter dual and Deck the surfer-witch reuniting after commitment-shy Deck bolted. Kyle’s back because he’s just rescued beautiful witch Meaghan and needs Deck’s help to keep her safe–but right now neither of them are thinking about much except each other.


Witches' Waves book cover

With each step forward, Declan told himself no. But he kept walking. It didn’t help that Kyle met him halfway.

Declan froze at the last second. He’d rejected Kyle once, run like a rabbit from something he realized too late he wanted. Just because Kyle was still attracted didn’t mean he’d want to take the chance of being hurt again, especially not with the lovely, mysterious Meaghan depending on him.

But when he opened his arms in invitation, Kyle was in them, pressing his slender, sinuous body against Declan’s more solid one, drawing him down into a kiss.

Almost as soon as they touched—certainly as soon as their lips met—Declan’s cock snapped to awkward attention.

He needed. Lord and Lady, he needed. Something about Kyle made everything feel all right, made him feel like whatever challenges they faced, whatever the Agency might do, they’d be able to handle it.

He was pretty sure it wasn’t anything deep and metaphysical. He was on such a hormonal high that everything seemed like it was fine.

Kyle was in his arms, Kyle was kissing him, Kyle’s energy was caressing him everywhere and Kyle’s hands were doing their best to do the same. Declan slid his own hands down to cup the other man’s firm ass. With a muffled groan, Deck ground their crotches together. Arousal, sharp and hot and almost painful, shot through him.

Deck’s red magic was as squirrelly as his other powers, sometimes as erratic as a teenage virgin’s, sometimes nearly as strong as Elissa’s, though a lot more chaotic. Right now it was running so high the world turned red and crackled with energy, and they both had all their clothes on. Instinctively, he shunted the power the two of them were raising to strengthen Meaghan’s shields. The poor girl was almost as naked as a normy and more psychically open than his cousin Portia. At least Portia didn’t have seizures when she telepathically tapped into someone else’s thoughts.

Then Kyle’s hand snaked into his pants and Deck was glad that the red magic could do its thing without his brain involved now that he’d directed it, because his brain and his body both wanted to focus on Kyle.

It was all he could do not to start undressing in the garden, even though it was early summer in the Pacific Northwest, cool for naked shenanigans.

He’d forgotten that duals didn’t feel cold the way humans did—and otters spent a lot of time in the chilly waters of the Pacific.

When Kyle groped at the zipper of Deck’s jeans, Deck stopped feeling cold too.

“I think all the time about sucking you,” Kyle whispered, his voice harsh and throaty. “I dream about it. Even when I’m not wordside.”

Deck tried to find words for all the reasons this was a bad idea.

But with Kyle’s hands stroking his quivering dick, all Deck could say was, “Me too. I dream of your mouth and my cock. I just plain dream of you.”

Kyle grinned, his lips moist and red, his mouth a little toothy to be human. Then he sank to his knees—and he really sank, not the semi-awkward scramble or flop most humans would manage, as if Kyle surrendered fully to the moment without any thought for his kneesexposed in board shorts, or possible rocks and mud—and released Deck fully from his jeans.

The air was chill on Deck’s newly bared skin, but Kyle’s mouth was hot. Dual hot, hotter than a human’s, and he used it like it had no purpose other than pleasuring Declan Donovan’s cock.

Before he lost his mind completely to sensation, Deck set up a quick-and-dirty keep-away spell on the area. Kids would decide they wanted to play somewhere else. Adults might guess why they had this urge to be anywhere but the back vegetable plot, but would respect the wish for privacy. Akane and the duals living with or visiting the family would be oblivious to the spell—it took a lot to magic a dual and even more to affect an immortal kitsune like Akane—but with any luck they were busy.

He felt the spell rise up, an earthen wall surrounding a waterspout.

Then he gave himself up to the wet heat of Kyle’s mouth.

Demons and devas, even Kyle leaning against him was erotic. Deck couldn’t remember ever being as aware of his partner’s energy as he was now, twining over his skin, caressing places Kyle’s mouth and hands couldn’t.

Kyle’s body was hot, and his mouth was hotter, but his energy was deliciously cool. Blue and brown, ocean and shore, calming the earth, containing the lightning, dancing with the water of Declan’s magic, balancing it. Kyle felt different from another water witch. The water energy wasn’t flowing through Kyle. It was him, on a very deep level. Water energy and a predatory yet playful force that had a vibrant color Deck couldn’t name.

Pleasure beat inside Deck. One hand cupped the back of Kyle’s head. Deck couldn’t help curling his fingers into Kyle’s dense hair, as if Kyle was his to control—which he suspected Kyle wanted at the moment, from the way he went so readily to his knees.

He thrust into Kyle’s mouth at the thought, unable to contain himself, and Kyle’s energy flared in joyful response.

With his other hand he gripped Kyle’s shoulder for balance, since all the blood seemed to be draining away from his brain. Even Kyle’s muscles moving under his long-sleeved tee-shirt added to Deck’s arousal, as if the palms of his hands had become an erogenous zone.

Kyle’s tongue teased at the slit of Deck’s cock. One hand fondled his balls just the way Deck liked. Then Kyle engulfed him, taking him deep. The muscles of his mouth and throat worked, his tongue lapped at Deck’s shaft.

And Kyle’s other hand worked between Deck’s cheeks so his fingers touched the puckered opening of his ass.

It was almost too much, after such a long time with nothing but dreams of this man. For a fleeting instant, Deck managed to focus on the flow of magic and energy between him and his playmate to prolong his pleasure.

Then that clever finger infiltrated his ass. Deck shot into Kyle’s mouth, unable to stop, unable to do anything but cry out something that he’d meant to be Kyle’s name, but didn’t sound like English or Gaelic.

Head swimming from the explosive force of the orgasm, Deck wobbled on his feet and wished he’d taken the time to get Kyle to his place, an unoccupied guesthouse or anywhere there was a bed.

Of course, if they’d taken that extra time, he might have talked himself out of the blowjob, and certainly out of what he did next.

Which was to draw Kyle to his feet and hold him close, glorying in the feel of Kyle’s energy surging over his skin.

Intrigued as well as aroused? Here’s more info:

The ocean is on their side. But the fight is on land—and it’s about to get dirty.

Long held captive as the Agency’s secret weapon—a blind witch with visions—Meaghan has come to a line she refuses to cross. Rather than betray the infant “child of five bloods” to the Agency’s scientists, she chooses death. Except when she throws herself into the ocean, she doesn’t die. Her repressed water magic comes to life.

When the sodden, delirious witch drifts into Kyle’s arms, his otter dual instincts tell him to get her to the Donovans as fast as possible. Even though one particular surfer-dude Donovan broke his heart.

Declan Donovan continually kicks himself for pushing Kyle away, but his touchy combination of water, earth and lightning magic is too volatile, and Kyle wanted more than Deck was ready to give.

When they come together to help Meaghan control her new magic, it leads the Agency straight to the child of five bloods. They’ll have to dive head-first into total trust—in their magics, in themselves and in each other—to save the child and stop the Agency once and for all.

Warning: Contains an oceanful of sex between an ethereal blind heroine who swears like a pissed-off Marine, an overly serious otter shifter, a would-be beach bum who may be descended from a Norse god, in permutations as fluid as the sea – and themes of abuse and recover.

Amazon /Amazon UK / Barnes and Noble /iBooks(iTunes) / Kobo / Samhain

6 Feb 2015

Cover Reveal: Thrill-Kinky

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Book Cover for Thrill-Kinky: embracing heterosexual cover with an overlay of stars

At last I can share the lovely (or as the heroine’s best friend, Xia the felonious felinoid, would say, “pretty-pretty”) cover for the first book in my new science fiction romance series Chronicles of the Malcolm. (Yes, I’m a fan of Firefly. What makes you ask?) Thrill-Kinky won’t be out from Samhain until May 12, 2015. It won’t even be up on Amazon or other sites for pre-order for a few more weeks. But I couldn’t wait to show this off and give you the official blurb.

Chronicles of the
Malcolm, Book 1

Sexual freefall is like a game of chicken, except the first one to let go wins.

Humans may have expanded to the stars, but they still have the annoying need to work for a living. Which is why Rita, crew member of the space freighter Malcolm, is stuck collecting recyclable slag rather than attending her favorite festival celebrating love and sexuality.

Things go from boring to interesting when she discovers a badly injured man who’s been thrown into a recycling bin to die. The catch, he’s gorgeous, winged, and naked.

Drax Jalricki, reformed (mostly) art thief and reluctant covert operative, is on an undercover mission to protect three planets when someone in his own government brands him a traitor. By virtue of association, Rita and her crew are going down with him.

From their first, hide-in-plain-sight quickie, the erotic spark between Rita and Drax is fueled by danger and adrenaline. But their growing suspicion that there’s more to their connection than lust may not matter if they don’t live through the night.

Warning: Hero and heroine who straddle the line of criminal behavior—and definitely violate public indecency statutes. Exhibitionist, dangerous sex. Dark, sordid pasts. Wild risk-taking. Giggly cat-girl sidekick who’s not just another pretty…tail. And the greatest risk of all: true love.



28 Jan 2015

Welcome Normandie Alleman

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Fireman in full gear and fire. Caption: "He fought fire every day but training her would be his greatest challenge yet. "

Today I’m welcoming Normandie Alleman to the blog to talk about sexy firefighters and Daddy Doms and their adult “little girls.” If this is a new concept to you: it’s a style of kinky relationship between consenting, non-related adults that involves a nurturing, guiding style of dominance. It may also involve a good dose of playfulness and maybe brattiness from a sub who acknowledges her inner child. (From the excerpt, it sounds like Normandie’s heroine Charmaine has the brat part down but, at the beginning, not in a way that’s fun for her or anyone else.) Normandie, I hope I’ve explained this well!


Plus, she’s hosting a Rafflecopter giveaway for two $50 Amazon gift cards.

Thanks for hosting me today. Who doesn’t love a firefighter? These brave men are our quintessential heroes, and women love them. But what makes them so irresistible?

Top 10 Reasons We Love Firefighters

  1. Firefighters are strong – both physically and emotionally.
  2. He performs heroic acts on a daily basis. You can count on him.
  3. Men are sexier in uniform.
  4. Firefighters run into burning buildings. He’s unlikely to flee when the going gets tough.
  5. He can literally sweep you off your feet.
  6. They constantly put others’ needs above their own.
  7. He probably knows how to cook.
  8. Everyone you know will approve, including your parents.
  9. Firefighters protect people. He’ll make you feel safe.
  10. Have you seen the CALENDARS?!!

Book cover for Poor Little Daddy's Girl. Buff, shirtless firefighter carrying pretty woman.

The Daddy’s Girl Series is about a group of girls who gravitate towards Daddy Dom/little girl relationships. The hero in my new release, Poor Little Daddy’s Girl, is a sexy firefighter. Here’s a sample:


It was then he heard the screaming. He entered the apartment, ran down a hallway toward the noise, and quickly located a girl crying in the corner of a bedroom. Even through the haze of the fire, Hunter noticed the pure luxury of the apartment. The silver gilt bed frame looked as if it belonged at Versailles, the craftsmanship was so detailed and over the top.

“Fire department,” he said identifying himself. “Are you all right?” He took the girl by the arm.

She looked up at him with arresting blue eyes. “I think so.”

“Good, let’s get you out of here. Anyone else here?” he asked guiding her back to the door where Mitch was controlling the inferno with the fire-hose.

She shook her head no. “Just me,” she said, a startling loneliness shining in her eyes. He shook it off. He must be imagining things.

Mitch waved them past, “Anybody else?”

Hunter shook his head, “Negative. She’s the only one.”

“Take her down. I got Johnston and Pulaski on their way up. We got this.”

Hunter gave Mitch a thumbs up, put his arm around the girl’s waist and led her into the stairwell.

He took the stairs two at a time and she tried to keep pace with him. Once they reached the first landing, he turned to make sure she was following. She had no apparent injuries, except for possible smoke inhalation, but she was ambulatory, no need for him to carry her.

Taking her in he realized for the first time how beautiful she was. Her wild hair stuck out every which way. The unruly locks consisted of several different colors and it looked more like a mane than any hair he’d ever seen; she reminded him of a lion. Her blue eyes pierced his soul and mesmerized him at the same time. It was an unsettling combination. “Are you sure you’re not injured?” he asked.

“No, I’m okay,” she gazed up at him pitifully. “But my head hurts. Do you think they’ll ever turn off that freaking alarm?” She rubbed her temples.

“Once the fire is out,” he said.

“Crap! Can’t you make it sooner?” she pleaded.

He held out a hand to her and started down the next flight of stairs. “It’s not my job to see that it’s turned off. Somebody who works in the building will have to do it. Come on.”

She stalled on the top step, put her hands on her hips and stuck out a luscious bottom lip. “Can’t you carry me?”

He couldn’t have been more shocked if she’d slapped him. Carry her? Down sixty-something flights of stairs. Who did this bitch think she was, the Queen of England? Some people he’d rescued lost their mind in times of crisis and this girl was definitely one of them if she thought he was going to do that.

Remembering his position helped him control his urge to tell her where to stick it. He’d been passed up for captain once already due to his impulsive behavior in the field. The last thing he needed was the little rich girl making trouble for him. “You’re fine, you can walk,” he said calmly and began walking down the stairs.

She remained on the top step kicking it with her pretty foot, her toenails perfectly manicured with hot pink nail polish. “But my head hurts,” she whined.

“No,” he said firmly. “Now come on.”

“But if I were burned you’d have to carry me down, right?”

“Yes, but you’re not burned, are you?”

She scowled at him.

“Come on,” he ordered her testily.

But rather than complying with his request she sat down on the top step, crossed her arms and rested her forehead on them.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me! Ma’am, there is a fire up there. It is my job to see you to safety. Now let’s go!” His blood began to churn, and he struggled to keep his temper in check.

She didn’t budge.

Exasperated, he climbed the short flight of stairs to her. When he reached her he picked her up, flung her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, and started back down the stairs.

“What are you doing?” she asked, wriggling in his arms. She wasn’t specifically fighting him, but she wasn’t making it any easier to carry her either.

“My job,” he answered her through clenched teeth.

She tussled with him, but he held her tightly and she was no match for his strength. Frustrated little sounds bubbled up from her throat, but he kept going, determined to get her downstairs to safety.

After descending about ten flights of stairs she yelled, “Put me down!” and started kicking at him.

“No,” he answered, afraid her gyrations would send them both tumbling down the stairs.

“But this is hurting my head. All the blood is rushing to my head, plus that noise, it’s killing me.”

“Hold still or I will have to give you a spanking!”

He felt her stiffen. “You can’t be serious.”

“Oh, I’m deadly serious. If you don’t co-operate you’re going to hurt yourself or both of us.”

Bent over his shoulder, she squealed as she beat on his back with tiny fists.

She wasn’t going to behave. This was a woman who liked to play games, and he had little patience for people like that.

She wore a skirt and he knew he should leave her skirt down, but a need deep inside him got the better of him and he pulled it up to reveal two round, tanned globes interrupted by a thin strip of yellow fabric that served as underwear. His breath caught in his chest for a second as he admired her ass.

He knew better. The higher-ups and the paper pushers would try to take his shield if they ever found out about this. But they didn’t know. They wouldn’t last a day in the field and he smiled to himself picturing some of them trying to get this entitled brat down from her ivory tower. It would never happen.

Allowing his frustration to take over he gave her cheeks a smack, and then another. To his surprise his victim didn’t scream or cry out. In fact, he thought he heard her moan, though it was difficult to be sure over the ear-splitting alarm that still rang through the building.

Realizing she could take it, he struck her harder and harder until he felt her tense up and clutch his coat with a whimper. His cock twitched with arousal and he swatted her again with the same velocity. He’d transformed her bottom into juicy reddish-pink globes and realized they would be nice and warm by now.

He paused and removed one of his heavy gloves. The moment his skin touched hers the electricity in the air became palpable. Her smooth, baby-soft skin felt like velvet as he touched it with his fingertips. Then he grazed her bottom with his palm, wishing he were somewhere else doing this under different circumstances.

Remembering himself, he pulled down her skirt and delicately set her on the stairs, her blue eyes wide, her lips slightly parted.

She was speechless.

He had unnerved her, the lovely penthouse-dweller, and he liked it. This chick was probably used to ordering everyone around, always getting her way. Maybe his spanking would wake her up, teach her a thing or two. He stared at her evenly. “Now, you are going to walk the rest of the way down and you are not going to give me any more trouble. Do we understand each other?”

Her lips curled up slightly at the corners and she managed, “Yes, sir.”


Twenty-four-year-old Charmaine Bainbridge appears to have it all—beauty, fame, and tremendous wealth—yet behind all the glitz and glamor hides a sad little girl who has been abandoned by every man she’s ever loved.

When firefighter Hunter Baldwin saves Charmaine from a fire in her penthouse apartment—a blaze started by her own carelessness—he’s appalled by her nonchalant attitude. Forced to carry her to safety, he throws her over his shoulder, but not before correcting her behavior with a well-deserved spanking. Something about Charmaine arouses him deeply, and it isn’t just her gorgeous looks. This girl needs to be firmly corrected and thoroughly dominated, and a part of Hunter demands that he be the one to take her in hand.

Though he’s used to charging into burning buildings on a daily basis, Hunter knows taming Charmaine’s wild ways may prove to be his greatest challenge yet. Undeterred, he takes on the role of Charmaine’s daddy dom in hopes of breaking down her defenses and healing her wounds. But can she bring herself to open her heart to him, or will she remain the lonely little rich girl forever?

Publisher’s Note: Poor Little Daddy’s Girl is the third book in the Daddy’s Girl series. It incorporates characters from the first two books in the series, but it is a stand-alone novel. This book includes spankings, sexual scenes, BDSM content, and more.

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Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/pccx2yz

Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/pccx2yz

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B&N: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/poor-little-daddys-girl-normandie-alleman/1121019104?ean=2940150120051

ARe: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-poorlittledaddy039sgirl-1720961-147.html

Kobo: http://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/poor-little-daddy-s-girl

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You can watch the book trailer for the Daddy’s Girls Series, Books 1-3 here: http://youtu.be/HKslEJO9tGI


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Author Bio: A former psychologist, Normandie has always been fascinated by human behavior. She loves writing quirky characters that are all too human. Fiber arts, baking, and Pinterest are a few of her favorite pastimes. She lives on a farm with a passel of kids, an adorable husband, and a pet pig who’s crazy for Red Bull.

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27 Jan 2015

Hot News on a Snowy Day

Posted by Teresa Noelle Roberts. 1 Comment

Golden Flogger Award -- Nominee

While Winter Storm Juno apparently “disappointed” New York City, we’re getting plenty of snow here in SE Massachusetts, and it’s supposed to continue all day and into the night.


out the basement slider

Our wood pile is under there somewhere.

jeff footprints

My husband had to work this morning (life in law enforcement), but our road hasn’t been plowed. He trudged to the main road and someone else from the police department picked him up.

Luckily, I have some red-hot good news on this blustery day! My novel Out of Control has been nominated for a Golden Flogger Award for Best BDSM Romance. Check out the list of nominees; it’s quite impressive and I’m honored to be among them.


My husband is threatening to make an actual gold (or gold lamé or faux gold fine chain) flogger to commemorate this happy event. My cats, on the other hand, remain unimpressed, which is about typical. They’re far more interested in the crazy weather…but even that is mostl of interest because it means we have the wood stove going.

31 Dec 2014

2015: A Year for Magic and Bountiful Possibilities

Posted by Teresa Noelle Roberts. 6 Comments

2015 A Year for Magic Photo

It’s 9:30 PM EST on New Year’s Eve 2014 , and being a writer, I’m at the computer, stringing words together as a way of making sense of the year that’s ending in a few hours and looking ahead to the one that’s to come.

2014 was my “Year of Yes,” and I’ve reviewed it in two posts (one with lots of photos.) I’ve declared 2015 to be “the Year of Bountiful Possibilities. I’d originally thought of Boundless, but decided Boundless was too daunting because then I’d feel obliged to follow up on all of them. Bountiful implies so many one can pick and choose in a semi-sane fashion. Bountiful also implies abundance, and that’s something I want to encourage in my life. Or more to the point, I want to encourage my belief in abundance. The Cat-Herder and I have a lot: a comfortable house, enough land for a lavish garden, a loving family, amazing friends, exceptional cats and the opportunity to do work that matters to us. We’re far from rich, but we were able to spend two weeks in Italy in 2014 and we’re still eating on a regular basis. We’re truly blessed. And yet I’m always focused on what we don’t have, when I need to remember that my life is…well, abundant, bountiful and full of possibilities.

When some of my writer friends decided to do a New Year’s Day blog stopover on the theme of 2015: A Year of Magic, I decided Magic and Bountiful Possibilities work well together. After all, I do write paranormal and fantasy romances, as well as contemporary erotic romances, erotica and SF romance. (See what I mean about going for bountiful, but not boundless possibilities? When faced with many options, I try to choose them all. If I tried to write every genre or subgenre I like to read, I’d be even crazier than I already am.)

My plans for this new year are still nebulous. Normally I set goals for the coming year on Samhain (Halloween), which marks the year’s turning for many Pagans, but at that time I was still thick in 2014, my head full of Italy and a book in progress, and couldn’t really look ahead. I have a long list of books I’d like to write this year, but haven’t completed a work plan to get even some of them done. I haven’t started sketching out my vegetable garden. I haven’t sat down with the Cat-Herder to discuss “couple” plans, goals and dreams, though we’ll do that tonight. I know one of his dreams is to see me relax sometimes, take more time to have fun with him and still manage this whole self-employed writer gig, but we need to figure out strategies for that. I’m a planner, so all this makes me a little uneasy. But I’m trying not to let it. After all, we do know one thing about 2015, and it’s pretty damn magical.


Pebbles on the sea shore.

This has nothing to do with anything. I’m just fond of the picture.

Our big vacation will be in New Orleans in June. The Year of Bountiful Possibilities actually started in late December of the Year of Yes, when things came together very quickly to allow us and our traveling buddies S&P to set up a trip to this amazing city; we hadn’t thought a return visit was in the cards for a few more years. Interestingly, one of the books on the 2015 to-write list is set in New Orleans, so the trip will be productive and possibly tax-deductible  as well as amazingly fun. Since New Orleans is a city with a strong magical heritage, as well as a place we all love very much and have been hoping to revisit for several years, and the New Orleans book I have in mind is a paranormal, I think that fits.

As for the rest of the year, I know it will involve mountains and beaches, gardening and times with friends and the Cat-Herder, good food and wine, yoga and hiking, and of course a lot of writing. Maybe in the spirit of magic and boundless possibilities, I should let the details sort themselves out. But in the paranormal universes I create, magic takes both spontaneity and planning, so a plan will happen, knowing it will not survive contact with the boundless possibilities of reality.

I wish you all a 2015 full of magic and positive possibilities. If you want some inspiration, stroll through my friends’ blogs and see what their goals, plans and wishes are for the coming year. Knowing them, you’ll get to enjoy some sexy snippets and hear about some HEAs as well.