Posted by Teresa Noelle Roberts

Knowing the Ropes

cover of book Knowing the Ropes. Attractive bearded young man in open flannel shirt, with a woman's legs draped over his lap.

Five Angels from Fallen Angel Reviews: “Selene is a wonderfully, three-dimensional character. […] Nick is a perfect dominant for her. […]The kink and sex between Selene and Nick was scrumptious and had me turning virtual page after page.”

No strings attached—but plenty of rope

Domestic-violence counselor Selene wants to explore her BDSM fantasies safely and sanely. She recruits handsome Dom Nick to help her learn the ropes (and floggers, and paddles). Neither one seeks more than a kinky good time. After a fiancé Selene didn’t love enough and a slave Nick loved too much, they’ve both sworn off romance temporarily.

That trick never works. Erotic bondage leads to an emotional bond they both try to ignore. But they agreed to no commitments. Right?

Helping Nick’s ex Natalie escape a situation that’s anything but safe, sane, and consensual makes them realize they’re a great team outside the bedroom. But can this fragile, still unspoken relationship survive damaged, needy Natalie?

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