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Chronicles of the Malcolm: Sexy Science Fiction Romance


Do you still miss Firefly, with its ensemble of slightly shady characters who suffered from alarming moments of being big damn heroes? Did you enjoy the Canadian show Farscape, with its own cast of fascinating miscreants and bizarre (and sometimes bizarrely sexy) aliens?

Did you find yourself wishing the sexual and romantic tension underlying these shows got resolved as a more important part of the plot, as important as the heroic and/or criminal science-fiction shenanigans? Did you appreciate the way the wonderful Babylon 5 explored personal relationships along with political intrigue and interstellar mysticism? Then you should take a ride on the independent freighter Malcolm. Yes, it’s a deliberate tribute to “Captain Tight-Pants” from Firefly, the tormented but delicious Malcolm Reynolds, played by Nathan Fillion.


In the 26th century, humans and numerous alien races share the galaxy. Technology has advanced massively. Old Earth is a vast preserve and museum, and humans have spread to the stars. But some things remain the same. Love, lust, and money are the forces that motivate both humans and other sentient species. Politics can get ugly. And crime can pay very well indeed.

THRILL-KINKY The Malcolm, an independent interplanetary freighter, prefers to steer clear of both politics and crime, at least the kind of crime that doesn’t involve rescuing the occasional slave or exploited child on planets where such abominations are legal. Captain Mik and his loyal, if eccentric crew—Mik’s overprotective alien husband Gan, adventurous human mechanic Rita, bouncy cat-girl (and trained assassin) Xia, and PTSD-haunted ex-soldier Buck—usually succeed in keeping things only a little bit illegal. (One planet’s cash crop, after all, might be another’s favorite illicit recreational substance, and as long as no one’s getting hurt, why not get a cut of the profits?) But when a seemingly legitimate job goes supernova, the crew finds themselves working with Drax Jalricki—reformed (mostly) art thief, former (mostly) Banjali covert operative, and all-around winged hunk. They’re up to their armpits in interplanetary espionage, art theft, and spies, and on the run from an infamous assassin. What a time to fall in love!

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Only cat-girl Xia could get bored hiding out from assassins on dangerous Cibari.  Until an insanely sexy warlord borrows her skills to take out slavers.

Rahal suspects Xia is his mate, but the human-raised female is clueless about felinoid rituals. The solution: play dirty.

Hired to determine if Xia is the felinoid prime minister’s missing granddaughter, Cal is mistaken for a notorious arms dealer. And finds himself the object of Rahal’s and Xia’s seduction.

When Xia’s repressed memories surface, she realizes she’s fallen for two men who don’t exist. Running away, however, could be her deadliest mistake.

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BuckNaked_DigitalFINALv2BUCK, NAKED

Security expert Buck’s senses are inhumanly keen, to the point he can see through time and space, and that’s just the start of his odd abilities—thank you, alien captors. He also experiences paranoia, flashbacks, and the occasional hallucination—thank you, PTSD. No wonder he fears he could hurt one of the crewmates he lives to protect, the closest thing to family he has left after the destruction of his home planet.

Brilliant scientist Aleema can teach him how to use his modifications without triggering  PTSD. She’s survived the same meddling aliens and suffered even more dramatic alterations. At least her unwanted immortality means she’s had time to figure out how the modifications work and use the knowledge to aid other survivors. Helping Buck means spending some serious time together. Time enough to fall in love.

Just as happiness seems within their grasp, Aleema realizes one of Buck’s modifications dooms him to an unthinkable future. To save him, she must place herself in the hands of their common enemy and leave Buck to face his worst fears without her.

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Secrets and mysteries from Mik’s past resurface and threaten them as much as a certain Banjali traitor. An alien stranger offers answers to Mik’s mysteries and to the Malcolm‘s little problem with a Banjali traitor … and unexpectedly, holds a key to both men’s hearts, if they’re willing to open that door. (Book Four, Triple Threat)


Shirtless Nathan Fillion (from "Trash" episode of Firefly)

This is gratuitous male nudity. No character in this series resembles Nathan Fillion. But I like looking at him and thought you might too.