22 Feb 2013

Sexy Excerpt from Knowing the Ropes

Posted by Teresa Noelle Roberts

Out Tuesday, 2/26!


Who said the sub always had to be the one on her knees—or that she wasn’t getting a kind of power out of being there? Giving pleasure could be a way of claiming someone, and he intended to claim Selene. Still kissing her, Nick steered Selene to the couch, then broke off the kiss so he could order her to sit down.

Lips swollen from kissing, damp hair in Medusa-like tendrils and tangles, Selene shook her head slightly, less a negation than a clearing, before saying, “Uh, wet bathing suit, sir?” her voice small but not exactly humble—more kiss-dazed.

“Well, take it off.”

A lazy grin wakened and spread across her face as she solved the problem. The bathing suit bottom made a satisfying plop as it hit the floor.

He gave her a gentle shove, and she sat back on the couch. “Spread your legs,” he said, trying to sound authoritative but to his own ears sounding more eager. Greedy, even.

Was that a bad thing? No, he decided as he gazed at her pink folds, lightly slicked with moisture. Her dark curls were matted from her swim, and it made her look wetter yet, as if she’d just been licked into oblivion.

Like she soon would be.

“Wider,” he commanded, and without waiting for her to comply, he knelt down between her splayed legs.

“What are you…”

“Hush.” With one hand, he pulled back her outer lips, bringing the inner lips into greater prominence, making her clit stand out, ready for attention.

“Wait a minute, is this some kind of dom trick? I lie back and enjoy and then get punished for being greedy or selfish or something?” She sounded skeptical but not particularly alarmed at the prospect of punishment.

Good, she’d figured out that at this point “punishment” was just a code word for “an excuse to play harder”.

A sharp slap on the inner thigh left a pretty red handprint on white skin, made her wince one second and smile dizzily the next. “That’s for trying too hard to be clever,” he said, grinning as he did to make it clear he wasn’t annoyed, just seizing an excuse. “I wish I’d thought of that, actually, but now you’d be on to the trick.”

“But…shouldn’t I…”

Nick resisted the urge to snort with laughter, because it wasn’t fair to Selene. She’d figure out for herself, with a little more experience with him, why it was funny. “Selene,” he said, forcing his voice into what he thought of as DomSpeak. “We’ve agreed that today you’re to do what I tell you. I’m telling you to relax and enjoy yourself, because right now I feel like tasting you. I like making you scream, Selene. Will you scream for me if I lick you?”

Eyes wide with anticipation now that it had finally sunk in this wasn’t a test or a trick, just good old-fashioned oral sex, she smiled and nodded.

He positioned himself, gave a slow, sensuous tonguing from the juicy opening of her cunt up to her eager clit, savoring the combination of her sweetly smoky juices and overtones of chlorine. Usually, pool water wasn’t on his list of favorite flavors, but blended with essence of Selene, it was damn tasty. “There,” he said, “not so hard to handle, is it?”

Then he set to work to carry out his threat-or-promise.


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