1 Apr 2017

My Sexy Gentleman (a roguish alien, in this case) for My Sexy Saturday

Posted by Teresa Noelle Roberts

It’s time again for the My Sexy Saturday blog hop, where authors bring you 7 paragraphs, sentences, or words that fit a sensual, romantic theme.

This week’s theme is “My Sexy Gentleman”, so it seemed like a good time to introduce you to Drax, the winged, wicked hero of Thrill-Kinky (Chronicles of the Malcolm 1).  For some of you, this may be a reintroduction. Thrill-Kinky was previously published by Samhain, but I’m re-releasing it and book 2 of the series, Bad Kitty. (Book 3, Buck, Naked, wasn’t a Samhain title, so nothing’s changed there.) They’re up for pre-order now and go live on 4/3–and Thrill-Kinky‘s just 99 cents to get you started on this adventurous, sexy SF romance series.

In this selection, the human heroine Rita has just met her “sexy gentleman”–who was dumped in a bin of industrial waste, bound and naked, after being tortured. Like an alien James Bond (except he’s not a sociopath), he manages to charm her even in such rough shape.

“Hush. I’ll get you to the hospital.” She reached for the com-pad at her hip, meaning to call for the emergency squad and the police.

Faster than she would have expected a Banjali to move in such high gravity, he grabbed her wrist. “No authorities. Please. Can’t risk it.” His grip was strong, the color of his skin extraordinary. Having ancestors who’d hailed from Old Earth’s every region, Rita was sometimes described as golden-skinned, but in contrast to his, her complexion was more of a light tan, pleasant but hardly exotic. His was actually the warm yellow of burnished gold.

“You in trouble with the law?” That wouldn’t necessarily be a problem. It all depended on what he’d supposedly done. What was fine on your home planet might turn out to be illegal somewhere else and get you into accidental trouble. And the Malcolm did its share of operating within the gray areas of interplanetary law, one planet’s perfectly legal cash-crop being another’s valuable contraband.

“Long story. I’m on the side of the law, but I need to stay undercover for now. My government sent me to San’bal on a joint mission, but they’re not ready for it to be public and neither are the San’balese.” He somehow managed to produce a roguish smile, swollen lips and all.

The smile was enough to set Rita’s coveralls on fire.

His story might be utter glaspoid crap. Then again, it might not be. Every nation on every planet had its covert operatives and undercover cops. Mr. Hot, Winged and Naked might be one. More likely he was a tourist who’d been in the wrong place, or a petty crook who’d gotten in over his head. But even so, she couldn’t just leave him in a recycling bin, injured.

Especially not when she was one legit job away from the petty crook designation herself and some of her crewmates couldn’t even claim that much legality. Besides, a guy who came up with a story about being some kind of spy on the spur of the moment while tied up and injured in a bin full of industrial waste deserved her help for being clever.

* * *

When spacer Rita stumbles upon a injured, naked, and absolutely gorgeous winged man during a routine cargo pick-up, things get dangerous—and steamy—fast.  Sexy alien Drax Jalricki is a covert operative whose cover has been blown, but he still needs to finish a mission that will protect three planets. Hiding in plain sight in the middle of a local fertility festival, Drax and Rita discover they have a lot in common, including a shared kink for risky, exhibitionist sex.

Could be a stars-made match, except for the people trying to kill Drax.

Unable to use his wings and suspecting someone in his own government betrayed him, Drax needs help with a crucial step in his mission. Swapping a real artwork for a reproduction loaded with a tracking device so enemy operatives can steal the fake should be nothing Rita’s friends on the space freighter Malcolm, with their diverse and slightly shady skills, can’t manage.

But an infamous assassin is on Drax’s trail, a highly placed traitor is paying the assassin, and Rita’s cat-girl best friend has just revealed her own lethal secrets. Rita and Drax’s feelings for each other may not matter if they don’t live through the night.

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2 Responses to “My Sexy Gentleman (a roguish alien, in this case) for My Sexy Saturday”

  1. lol – utter glaspoid crap – love it.


    Daryl Devore

  2. I’m glad he was found by someone willing to help. Sounds like he needs it.


    Angelica Dawson

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