1 Mar 2017

I just updated all my old Samhain titles

Posted by Teresa Noelle Roberts

on this site, so their pages say “BACK SOON.”

I know a couple of those titles will be available again quickly. Expect the kinky stories and the Chronicles of the Malcolm books back in the next month or so. The Duals and Donovans series, on the other hand, has been submitted to another publisher, so that may take a while to get an answer. If it’s a no, I’ll get to do it my way. If it’s a yes, it’ll be less work for me and it should get a lot of pampering and promo if it’s accepted. Either way–pretty new covers!

Keep your fingers crossed; while indie publishing is a wonderful option and I’m getting to enjoy it more and more as I learn more about it, I like the idea of being a hybrid, keeping a foot (and books) in both indie and traditional camps. There’s a lot to be said for the control (and higher royalties) of indie publishing, but it does take time from writing new words. And writing is the part I love. Creating covers and teasers is quite fun, but really… I’m in this for stories.

In any case, yesterday was the end of an era. Today, it’s a beginning of a new one. Wish me luck!

Photo credit: (c)4masik/Depositphotos


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