28 Oct 2013

A bit of silliness

Posted by Teresa Noelle Roberts

that’s vaguely related to Cougar’s Courage.

Cougar’s Courage features a number of Warner Brothers/Looney Toons references, since shamanic magic, in the Duals and Donovans world, has a certain cartoonish quality: no fatalities, but a lot of instructive–and funny–mayhem.

And Coyote, as in the Trickster figure, is a prominent character in the book. He likes watching his hapless cartoon namesake. And he’s a dirty old man who flirts without regard to species or gender. Or even being alive in the usual sense of the word:

To Cara’s surprise, Gramps leaned forward and patted Grand-mère’s arm. “Love makes everyone stupid. One time Coyote fell in love with a rock with a hole in it.” Coyote covered his snout with his paws in what looked like genuine embarrassment.
That got Cara’s curiosity going. “Please tell me it was a magic rock?”
Gramps laughed wheezily. “Nope. Just an ordinary piece of granite.”


I think he’d approve this cartoon.


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  1. *cackles*

    Oh gods, the look on his face is PRICELESS.



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